Ridi Viharaya

Temple dating from the 2nd century BC. Built by King Dutthagamani (Dutugamunu) of Anuradhapura, in gratitude for having found this place silver he needed to complete the construction of the great stupa of Ruwanwelisaya Anaradhapura, on the occasion of his victory over Tamil King Elara who invaded the region.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 40 m

Tourist reviews about Ridi Viharaya

Very interesting site !!
Yashen [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

This site is about 45 minute (approximately) drive from the Kurunegala Town. Interesting Buddhist site with history and beautiful views. I would recommend you choose a weekday to visit this Temple as in most weekends and religious holidays, the site can be crowded with local pilgrims. Use socks to walk in the temple during the day time since it is burning hot in some places. .

Ancient cave temple
Danushka... [TA], ,

Little bit away from all other site, yet a place worth exploring...ancient cave temple dating back to the days of King Walagamba... over 200years legends and tales are with the Ridi Viharaya, you can go into peaceful walk and see,explore, discover the architecture and the calmness within ....

Historical Place to visit
kasthuri7 [TA], , Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Highly recommend for every traveler to visit this Buddhist temple. this place having long historical and cultural value to study.

Antonio M [TA], ,

Per gli amanti dei templi buddisti è una tappa obbligata.
All' interno del tempio non è possibile scattare fotografie purtroppo.
Merita comunque una visita anche il tempio di fronte con 10 minuti di salita.

A deifinite attraction for Sri Lankan History lover
Kalana_Me... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

An ancient historically valued temple with a story to be found. Silver Temple 'Ridi Viharaya' is said to be built in late 2 Century BCE by late King Dutugemunu, probably the most legendary king of Sri Lankan History to date. This picturesque location is located away from the city clutter and the environment is surrounded by green trees.
The Stone built temple 'Varak Valandu Vihara (The temple where the Bhikkus had Jackfruit)' and its stone carvings are miracles that represent the past serenity of this country and its culture. This is a place which will a definite attraction for history & culture lovers who would like to see in depth history in Sri Lanka

very ancient temple in sri lankan history and must see place
sakukiden... [TA], , Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

this is the place where king dutugamunu find silver for the building up of Ruwan vali maha saya so it is a historic place in sri lankan history

A tiny gem of a cave temple.
Margaret... [TA], , Toowoomba, Australia

It's a little hard to get to unless you are in a car. The temple is well kept and the cave temple is tiny but interesting. A young monk showed us around the place for a donation. Maybe even better value than Dambulla and no one else there.

Ridi Viharaya (Silver Temple)
Wasantha... [TA], , Glen Waverley, Australia

Situated just within 8 kms from Kurunegala on Keppitigala road, this is one of the oldest temples in Sri Lanka which was built by King Dutugamunu who unified the island under his control. Temple was built in gratitude, according to legend a group of traders travelling to hill country wanted to rest their cattles (bullock carts pulled by bulls) went in search of fruits, found a riped jack fruit. They wanted to offer a portion to meditating arahaths (monks). After accepting the jack fruit, one arahaths show them a way to an area where they found this silver ore. Traders took a sample to king and he used the silver to pay his workmen who were building the King's masterpiece Ruwanweliseya Dagaba in Anuradhapura.
You can see the glass encased Gold plated Buddha statue and old paintings together with ivory and crafted gem inserted doors which supplied sun light to the inner temple.

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