Blow Hole (Hummanaya)

Blow Hole (Hummanaya)

The Kudawella Blow Hole or Hoo Manaya is an wonderful, rare geological formation of nature. It's situated at the southern coast village in Sri Lanka named Kudawella. The Kudawella village name means small beach, it was unfortunately very badly hit in the Tsunami in 2004.
The blowhole itself is a natural crack in the rocks, and when the wind blows in the right direction the water shoots up the cliff and into the air The water shooted up above the cliffs in the monsoon seasons more than 30 M. The first part of the name Hoo-maniya comes from the wooshing sound of the water volume of sea water whistle through a natural fine hole from beneath a massive rock in the sea. Located on a rock about 40 ft above sea level. The Kudawella blow hole is most probably world highest blow hole.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 1 h

Tourist reviews about Blow Hole (Hummanaya)

Nice walk up to the blow hole
Klara2536 [TA], , Budapest, Hungary

Interesting, but not something that you cannot miss.
You need to walk up on a slopy path through a fishing village with a lot of dried fish, pineapple stands and very kind locals selling. The trip upwards is worth just as much as the blowhole itself.
Don't stand on lowest level if you are afraid of getting soaking wet !!:)

Worth a visit if you are around.
Konrad Ż [TA], ,

We needed to wait 15 minutes for a real blow. But it was worth waiting - the photos are spectacular.

Only if you are close
poul49 [TA], , Aarhus, Denmark

this is waste of time, but if you are anyhow close to this 'attraction' then go.
if was suggested by our driver and we accepted - before entering we had a very nice and fresh juice at the shop - this was maybe the best with this attraction.

Don't waste your time...
AKILTOPU [TA], , Antalya

It is just a frustration. Watch you tube film and decide all the way come and climb up. When you park people ask money. You don't get ticket but pay 250 rupees... Money collected I suppose goes with the man. If a stormy weather maybe some spectacular scenery....

Thar she blows!
Gilbert19... [TA], , Rome

It was raining as we parked which made the ground quite muddy and not great in open toe sandals (note to women!!!) but it was a very cheap entry fee. A short 5 minute walk through barrow streets selling all sorts of bits and pieces (including drying fish!!!!). The blowhole itself is impressive- water spouting up quote high and beautiful views from the cliff top. We saw some great water spouts while there.

Shivani A [TA], , Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

access to the blowhole is very narrow, people and tiny shops selling few things, people along the narrow stretch pester the travellers to buy something

there she blows
debshal [TA], , Sheffield, United Kingdom

clearly all dependant on wave strength but my 9 yr old loved it , worth the trip out of tangalle ....water shoots up through the rocks

Great but not in dry season
kopacekj [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

Natural geyser created by the pressure of sea water through narrowo hole. During weekends and public holidays it's a bit overcrowded.

Not something on the Bucket list
Justin-ca... [TA], ,

Went here on a clear dat with some wind. 250 entrance fee for forneigners.

You see water splashing up from the rocks.
Locals said it would go up to 30m in september.
In augustus nothing special.

460kismet [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

bowl hole is grate location can consider as one of the greatest beach can consider as one of the greatest beach corner in world. The bowl hole only happening in seasons time. so before you go there please make sure to check about date.Be careful dont go inside the bowl hole even if you can swim.

John4017 [TA], , Brisbane, Australia

It costs 250 rupees (in April 2014) for foreigners to go up to see the blow hole though the modest information centre is free to go in and have a look around. There are not too many a steps up to the viewing area and some nice views on the way. Unfortunately it was fairly calm the day we visited but it was still worth looking at.

Nice trip
Annika_H9 [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

Nice view over the water, the blowhole is just a hole in the rocks where, when the waves hit correctly, water splashes up into the air.

loved this place & ....
DEUCE66 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

I'd've liked to have stayed longer but we were on our way to Yala so we had to had to get a move on. It was quite a nice trek to get there, lots of steps & amazing views, & as you can see I got a decent photo of the hole when it blowed.

Amali W [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

We visited Hummane Blow Hole recently. It was amazing to witness this unique creation of nature. With a sound like a underground train approaching the sea water is thrown dozens of feet up in the air. The surrounding rock formations were very different to what you normally get to see near the sea. On way to the blow hole you have to climb quite a bit of the way but due to steps this is not hard for the average person. Before the climb starts from the visitor centre there was a lovely patch of beach that was filled with soft sand and isolated. It was a good photo point.

Blows well
Mykej [TA], , Jakarta, Indonesia

Make sure there is a decent swell and its spectacular.
Bit of a hike but worth it. I suggest go in morning before busses arrive with hundreds of people and school kids

A freak of nature
Sanka W [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is the only blow hole which is available in Sri Lanka & it's without a doubt a beautiful freak of nature. Due to the unique positioning of many rocks, water gets accumulated in a tank like rock pool & with the next wave of water, this entire tank of water gets pressurized & gets pushed above through a small opening on top of the tank creating the blow hole.

The road leading up to the Blow Hole is in a bad shape since we had to travel through a shanty area. But this was well worth it once we saw the Hummanaya with its loud hissing sound.

Blow Hole (Hummanaya) : Dikwella.
ImalF F [TA], , Battaramulla

Not such a well know attraction and not marketed well at all, but having visited the blow holes in Australia, embarrassingly before seing the one in Sri Lanka...i was amazed at how close to the blow hole one could you can get splashed from the close..and the height of the blow is amazing..the dryer the weather the higher it is. The local Municipal council manages the spot and the attending employee is very knowledgeable to read the waves and indicate when one is about to occur and weather its going to be a large one or small...a must visit on your way down south. The only criticism being the initial approach thru some people backyards..its like walking thru a slum..some sort of clearance needs to be done at that stage but once you get up its nice and pristine.

Natural Wonder!!!
Treshi [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Super Natural wonder in Dikwella and a must see if you are passing by. A bit way in from the main road but worth a visit if you have the time. Amazing to see the water spray naturally depending on how hard the wave is. Much loved by the children as its something new to them. A nice relaxing place to be.

AsithaG [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

I enjoyed this natural phenomena. When the sea is rough you could experience very high pressured water jest blowing between the two rocks.
Be cautious... never go beyond the safety fence.

Blow Hole in Kudawella
Sue C [TA], , Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

A pleasant spot to stop off and stretch your legs if you are on a long car journey. For the small cost of Rs 200 you gain access to the blow hole. Depending on tides you will get to see and hear the crashing sound of waves hitting the hole in the rocks and shooting up water high in the air. We were lucky to see this sight and got wet each time the water shot up high. There is a small shop where you park the car (small fee) so you can get refreshments and there is a bathroom behind the small information centre.

Worth the wait for it to Blow!
calmly [TA], , Switzerland

We have visited the Blow Hole twice and in each case it was worth waiting to see it blow, if you watch the rocks below you will be able to anticipate the next time it blows as they disappear under water.
Needless to say winds and a high tide make for a wonderful show.
They have made quite a few improvements to the area making the site safer but still need to put wire netting round it as the gaps between the rails are a little worrying.
If taking small children make sure you keep a tight hold of them.
The entry fee is not expensive and remember your entrance fee is going towards better facilities for us tourists in the future. The Environment Centre is interesting and certainly worth a visit but the main attraction is nature's own Blow Hole and no one has any control over when and how high she blows. We were lucky!

rare view
Dushmanth... [TA], , Hong Kong, China

many local & foreign attraction. It is worth to view. It could arrange boat trip where can see from sea side while enjoying boat trip.

Charming and interesting
HenryTraf... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Obviously completely dependant on the tide and the swell at sea. It requires two big waves from different directions to smack into each other at exactly the right place just at the mouth of the channel for a good "BOOM" and a jet of water, spur, steam, to shoot up to 30 m into the air.
If its low tide and calm, forget it. If its June monsoon storms, get down there. We were lucky, we saw big stuff in Jan.
Lots of crumbly steps, look out.

blow hall a nice experience
buddhika... [TA], , colombo

The natural blow hall is in awesome stage during the monsoon rain season.The place is located on 183 km post from Colombo on A2 main is advisable to visit this place before 5.00 pm and avoid going passing the steel fence for safety reason.

it will take only 4 hrs from Colombo via express way one way.

An impressive place
smilygirl... [TA], , Versailles, France

Very impressive place when you have the luck to see the "big wave". You can hear a "hoooo" sound and you can see water like a geyser !
I advise you to go there when there is wind, you will have more luck to see the wave.
The price is very low, and you can see the wave every nearly 10 minutes (or maybe it was a good day for us...)
I recommand this place and you have a beautiful view.
Be careful for people who has leg problems, because you have to climb, it's not a big cliff but you have some stairs.
Think to take good shoes or not to wear shoes on the rocks.

Nice way to support local tourist industry if you are in the area
reynardri... [TA], , Brno, Czech Republic

The blow hole was blowing the day we saw it and the kids thought it was grand. We were staying in the Dikwella area, so it wasn't much of a drive to go see it. Overall, I think it is important to support local tourist venues when possible, and this sort of thing, being a natural phenomena is nice enough to see if you have the chance. So, while it's not the thrill of a lifetime, it is an interesting thing to see if you have an afternoon and are in the area.

was not lucky
malleus6 [TA], , Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

the day was not very windy so we did not see anything unfortunatelly. the blow hole did not show any blow :) the fee is 200 rupies per person

Truly Exhilarating!

The “Hummanya” blow hole is a well-known attraction in the Dikewella region of Sri Lanka. We have to turn right at Kudawella and keep going for about 1 km. Next, we have to climb quite a few shallow steps to reach the point from where this blowhole is visible. On the way up there is a tiny museum and some wash rooms. The view from this point is breathtaking. You can see beautiful rocky cliffs and blue green expanse of water. The blowhole itself is a natural wonder created in the middle of this cliff. There is a gap through which seawater comes gushing up with a loud hoooooooo sound. At that precise moment it gives the impression of a tall fountain. The water pressure builds up more or less every 15 minutes and sometimes the stunning spray can rise as high as 100 feet. Seeing this blow hole is a really heady experience.

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