Things to do

Bird Watching

Sri Lanka has 25 endemic birds and many other migrant birds looking for warmer climate and food. Travel in prime bird watching locations in Sinharaja, Kitugala, Udawatta Kale, Minipe, Minneriya Forests as well as Kumana, Bundala, Willpattu, Bellanwila Bird Santuaries.

Elephant and Wild life Safari

Safari in to Sri Lankan Jungles with well experienced and courtiers Elephant Trackers in Safari Jeeps and Do Camping in Jungles of Sri Lanka

Scuba diving

Dive along the many destinations in west, south and east coast reefs and wrecks. If you are not yet a diver you can get a training in four days in a Sri Lankan Professional Diving School by the Beach. Spend your day in Diving and at beach. Make videos , photography or write.

Adventures, Sports and Recreation

If you like Adventure Travel around the country with Biking, Canoeing, White Water Rafting, Water Sports, Surfing, Horse Riding, Para Gliding, Rock Climbing, Cliff Abseiling that increase your adrenaline flow.

See Culture, Ancient Art & Architecture

Sri Lanka has great locations fro a art lover, Ancient paintings, sculpture and huge rock statues built by Art loving Kings of Sri Lanka. Visit Worlds 8th wonder Sigiriya a Technical City of Ancient times built on a solid rock by King Kashyapa. See Kandy Temple of Tooth Relic of Load Buddha, Polonnawruwa Rock Temple, Anuradhpura Dagabs, kaleniya, Gangarama, Ridi Vihara and many other Locations.

Writing an Travel Working

Has a good idea for a book, a great travel article, documentry, come to Sri Lanka to do it at a Relaxed beach, By a River or Water Fall.

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