Elephant Freedom project

Wash, feed and walk with elephants at the unique Elephant Freedom project in Sri Lanka. A great place for a one day visit or longer with the option to stay overnight. The project is open from 9 am till 5 pm for one day visits.


The Elephant Freedom project is a sanctuary where much has been done to improve elephant welfare: No riding, protection from the sun, natural food elephants can eat when they want, elephant enrichment games, lots of playing and socializing time and most of the time the elephants are unchained..

More improvements are planned to create an area where the elephants can roam free day and night so they won't need any chaining anymore, have a constant supply to drinking water and have the life they deserve.

At current we got two adorable baby elephants. With us they have a great life and don't have to perform all sorts of tourist attracting, unnatural, tricks to earn money for their keeper and owner. Instead they will be able to roam the project grounds free without chains and enjoy a wonderful life.

Day visits and volunteering for one or more weeks will help us raise the funds to keep the elephants and improve the grounds. Please come join us to enjoy quality time with happy elephants.


At the elephant freedom project you look after the elephants.

  • Bathing and feeding are basic activities.
  • Join on great walks with the elephants through the surrounding area, enjoying paddy fields, jungle area and the local village.
  • Play enrichment games in which elephants have great joy discovering new toys.
  • Help clean the elephant beds and keep the elephant area clean to ensure a great and safe place for our elephants.
  • Play education games with kids in the village
  • Grow food for elephants in the eco - garden
  • Learn how to cook Sri Lankan food.


Adult - 1 day visit  105$

Child 6 to 12 - 1 day visit  102$

Child under 6 - 1 day visit 8$



Recommended review time for sightseeing: 8 h

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