Boating and sailing in Mirissa

Sail in Sri Lanka along the beautiful coast. Charter our catamaran for an unforgettable sailing cruise. Rent a speedboat for high speed trips. Join our sunset cruise along the beaches of Sri Lanka. Get a sailing training on a keelboat. Organize your company event on a catamaran. Join a regatta and race against your friends.
Everybody will find a program to their likings. Complete beginners with an interest in sailing can take one of our courses. Experienced sailors improve their skills with our advanced trainings. For the thrill seekers we offer speedboats with powerful engines. You just like to relax on board of a catamaran? Then join us for a cruise along the coast of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has the perfect conditions for sailing: sunny weather, good winds and beautiful landscapes. From October until May Mirissa is the place to be. From June until September Trincomalee is the perfect spot for sailing. We are always mooring our sailing boats where the weather is best.

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Our small sailing boat fleet, is especially designed to learn sailing easily. During a  training we teach you how to handle a sailing boat. Rigging of the boat, setting of the sails, steering and navigating, knots and maneuvers: it is all covered in our course. The advanced sailor can improve his skills on this fast and fun keelboat.  The small keelboat is the perfect size for a private trip with friends, to learn sailing quickly or for an exciting regatta. With its perfect outline and complete set of sails you discover a new sensation of gliding and freedom. The deck layout has been optimized for sailing in a tropical climate. The simplified design allows fast learning while preserving each important setting. You quickly understand how to use a sailing boat and will be able to move to larger vessels.


Discovery: Sailing exploration and coastal cruise with skipper (4+1 passengers), 3 hours, at 9:00 and 15:00, per adult 25$, per child 5-12 years 15$

Renting: Full and private boat hire with or without skipper: full boat, per 3 hours 80$, per 1 day 150$

Training: Learn to sail or improve your skills with European qualified instructors, 3 passengers; per 2 days, per adult 120$, full boat 350$; per 5 days, per adult 240$, full boat 700$

Regatta: Race at sea with friends, rates start from 2 boats (1 RIB included for organisation), 1 day 400$, 2 days 700$

Children under 5 are not allowed!

The catamaran is a spacious boat and has been designed for someone who is looking to relax. Sunbeds, delicious bites, a refreshing cocktail and amazing sunsets. On every sailing cruise we anchor the boat at one of the many beautiful locations. There you have the opportunity to snorkel, canoe, play with a stand-up-paddle board or swim around. On our modern catamaran with excellent stability and soothing comfort you’ll have an unforgettable time. Families, friends and small groups relax and discover the richness of the ocean in a unique setting. Half sails, half engine, the catamaran takes you out for a 3 hour fun-filled trip. Bask on a couch and sip a refreshing drink or enjoy an exquisite snack. Dive in the ocean for snorkelling and swimming, get a stand up paddle board and play around or just enjoy the magnificent coastline of Sri Lanka. Golden beaches, waving palmtrees, the feeling of freedom and the rhythm of the ocean will be the only things on your mind. Maximum 30 passengers.


Day cruise: Full-filled cruise along the coast, 3 hours, at 10:00 per adult 30$, per child 20$ 

Sunset: Afternoon cruise and toast to the sunset, at 15:00  per adult 35$, per child 25$ 

Charter: Tailor-made offers for all parties and events, full boat, 3 hours 600$, 1 day 1400$

Children below 5 are free!

Our speedboats, or rigid inflatable boats, are equipped with a powerful engines. You drive along the coast of Sri Lanka at speeds of over 20 knots. This is a thrilling experience you will never forget. During the 2 hour cruise you’ll also get the chance to snorkel or take a dip in the sea. Surfers can take their board. They can go to a distant break to discover new surfing waves. The speedboats are the perfect spot to take the best surfing pictures. Are you already imagining the wind in your hair and the excitement of the speed?


Discovery: coastal cruise with qualified pilot inclusive of fuel, passengers 7+1, 2 hours, at 9:00 and 15:00, per adult 35$, per child 20$

Renting: Hire and a high speed RIB with or without pilot inclusive of fuel; full boat (5+1 passengers),  2 hours 135$, 1 day 350$; full boat (7+1 passengers) 2 hours 150$, 1 day 400$

Children under 5 are not allowed!

Use of water toys (snorkelling equipment, SUP's...) is not included in price.

For renting without skipper a refundale deposit applies.

The mini marina in Mirissa fisheries harbour is the perfect spot for mooring a boat. Sailors, crossing the Indian Ocean or on a trip around the world, can use our marina on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In Mirissa they can stock up on supplies. Our sister companies can do repairs on the hull, masts and sails. In our marina, one of the few in Sri Lanka, we can deliver ropes, pullies and all kinds of spare parts for your boat. The mooring facilities are secured and can provide water and electricity from 2015 onwards.



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