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Do you know how to properly tie Sri Lankian sarong ? Look...   more


Once again I made sure how much Asian and European cultures differ. We were invited to a big and hilarious feast of a little twelve-year old girl, who became a maiden. And immediately there came to my mind the sounds of unmortal hit from Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” - "Girl, you'll be a woman, soon".   more


And in night time, in Tangalla, big turtles comming from the ocean t put thier eggs in the sand   more


Oh, how much interesting I have been reading about the Eastern part of Sri-Lanka! During my first trip to Sri-Lanka I failed to come there and thought it was a big omission. Having settled down here for the second time and for long I categorically decided for myself – I am coming.   more


Accommodation First thing you need to think about is surely accommodation. When choosing the place for living it is better to base upon the following factors.   more


Right side of Unawatuna beach, in Buddish temple. You will find a nice viepoint. Many people comes here to enjoy the beautiful sunset.   more


Imagine yourself in a hiden place between jungle and ocean. Making barbeque on the beach.   more


All of us have a problem of chauvinism, this is such a nation, VIGOROUS, MIGHTY, DEFEATED BY NOONE... an so on and so after by the text of the song*, but some people sometimes have a click in their heads and they start thinking that may be except of us there is somebody else in the Universe?   more


The notion ‘guest-house’ I saw first on the forum. Theoretically I imagined what is this, but practically I got the point only during my second visit to Sri-Lanka.   more


Do you know, how to prepare a barbeque from fish and checken Sri Lankian style ?   more


My eyes are shut. Fresh sea breeze is saving from the noonday heat. The mighty and impersonal ocean impinges with roar against the sandy beach. I am sitting in the cushioned wicker armchair on the terrace.   more


What do you think is Buddhism? I am not asking for encyclopedic reference, I am asking for your personal opinion? And most important I would like to know what made you think like this?   more


As is the saying of my father-in-law, the former major of militia, “you want to know a person – you need to fuddle him”. Today was the second time we were boozing together with the Lankans. From the first go, two days ago, there was an idea to put pen to paper, but likely emotions was not enough, and today the vessel is overflowing and I will splash it out at you.   more




Bad luck – we have been getting to Unawatuna almost for 8 hours. We got stuck in a big traffic jam in Colombo and it took us 3 hours to get out of the city. But I will freely confess that after two-month longing for Lanka, it was quite a pleasure to drive through the city overfull with energy of the Lankans.   more

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