Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a small village, located between Weligama and Matara.

The history of the village is quite interesting, actually it's even hard to find in on the Sri Lankan map. It was completely unknown for the tourist even 10 years ago. The main business of the Mirissa citizens   is fishing, there is also a small harbor located there. At the moment, Mirissa getting more popular each year. Wide and beautiful sandy beaches, small guesthouses, and a feeling of a real wild-nature-living, drive a lot of tourist there.

Mirissa looks especially good  during the High season from November to April, during the low season the waves getting bigger and the beach smaller.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 15 m

Tourist reviews about Mirissa Beach

Awesome beach
Siya C [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Blue waters and quiet neighbourhood.It is just like dreams.You can see the fisherman fishing some miles away on a rockier coast.

barasedla... [TA], , Castelo Branco, Portugal

we took basic lessons. the waves are perfect for begginers. we were all able to stand up at the first lesson - a motivational start!

Mirissa and surroundings vs. Unawatuna
saabisti [TA], , travels light

Mirissa beach is better than the over commercialised and not so clean Unawatuna beach. Here is my mini itinerary if you stay for a few days. Do visit the nearby fishing harbour for colourful photography. Continue your walk uphill to Welligama Bay Villa. Once there you can spot the Secret beach. worthy of its name.

Picturesque beach
Matt W [TA], , East Grinstead, England, United Kingdom

Picturesque beach across to lines of coast, plenty of bars and restaurants. Rock juts out into the sea that you can climb for views of surfers and looking back at the coastline

Paradise within a paradise
Carmeline [TA], , Doha, Qatar

Unbelievably clear, clean water, with hundreds of shades of blues and greens, hills and white sugar sand beaches. Picture perfect! ideal for whale watching and Mirissa takes pride in being one of the best surf spots in the world at the moment.

Nightlife is thriving yet the atmosphere seems unaffected (I hope it remains the same) Best beach in Sri Lanka, without a shadow of a doubt.

So beautiful
algongar [TA], , Tokyo, Japan

Great beautiful beach. The sea is a little bit rough, with strong currents, but the beach itself is gorgeous. There were many people surfing in a nearby beach, next to the main one. The main beach is lined up with restaurants offering the day catch and you can get ok deals after bargaining a little bit.

Great crowd and spotlessly clean beach
kalravmis... [TA], , New Delhi, India

I loved how clean and pretty this place was. Much like Goa, theres a lot of shacks and restaurants on the beach but its really clean and inviting.

Tim S [TA], ,

Amazing climate incredibly hot but with the constant breeze you're not breaking a sweat. White sand, GREAT food and surf! One of the best beaches I've ever set foot on

Iveri M [TA], , Tallinn, Estonia

Stunning beach to relax after hectic days and weeks of exploring Sri Lanka!! Very clean with some excellent restaurants of the beach!

A marvellous beach with activities for all
yummyyumm... [TA], , Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Top beach for surfers or just to relax on the sand. Lovely bars and curry places all around. Excellent base for excursions to secluded bays nearby. Some pubs are a little noisy at night (yeah, I know, I am getting old...)

Great beach
hrpurdy [TA], , New Glasgow,Nova Scotia

Great beach, good beer(Lion,ice cold) huge surf(be careful,but lots of fun).Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.Sunrises and sunset are beautiful on the beach.

Best beach of Sri Lanka!
Mark V [TA], , Helsinki, Finland

After seeing Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Talpe and jungle beaches, we arrived to Mirissa and what a bliss - Beach is conveniently sized including many restaurants and bars. Nice, white sand with calm waters where you are actually able to swim, unlike in Hikkaduwa and other beaches which were only for surfers. Definitely a highlight in Mirissa, here you can easily spend whole day!

beautiful waters!
africanbo... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

As I said the water is beautiful and lots of people swimming, you can rent a jet ski and a small area where there were surfers. lots of restaurants around but be careful about eating meals as in a heav meal as thy specialize in drinks and seafood so if you eat get seafood..Also it is a touristy area so beware of prices... Nights is more a club like atmosphere on the beach. Lot of foreigners..

Nice beach but little space to place a towel
Mar L [TA], , Mainz, Germany

There are more peaceful beaches in the south, but the whole area is quite nice to stay for a day or two

Nice beach
Kamil S [TA], , Stavanger, Norway

It's a very nice beach, long and good to swim, no big waves. It has a lot of restaurants, bars, surfing rental and everything you need. For me it was too much. I prefer quiet places.

Great beach
Kimber198... [TA], , Tilburg

Mirissa beach is really nice. We only planned to stay 2 days in Mirissa but extended this to a week because we liked the place so much. Especially the nights are really nice with the candle lights and fresh fish stalled on the beach.

nice village to stay not more than 2 days
martola_s... [TA], , milano

Mirissa is a nice small village, starting point for the whales watching. if you have time you can spend there 2 days (not more I think), so you can go one day to see the whales and stay another day in relax on the beach.
The beach is quite, small and split in 2 areas, one on left with really warm water and one on right with water fresh.
you can spend one day in relax on the beach and in the evening try one of the beach restaurant: you have only to choose which one!

Mirissa Beach
Hans H [TA], ,

Amazing beach with a calm atmosphere and beautiful waves. You can grab a bite to eat at several beach clubs and there are also some activites for the restless people. You could sign up for surfing lessons, whale watching and scubadiving.

Prindle15... [TA], ,

This beach was awesome! A long stretch of golden sand with palm trees and beach bars on one side and a pounding surf on the other. The waves were big, but easy to swim in and a lot of fun. Not good for surfing though. Lots of free beach chairs to sit on and no one constantly trying sell you their crap like Unawatana. ( I know these people are poor and just trying to make a living but lets be honest - its annoying)

At night there is fresh seafood where you pick out your fish and they cook it for you. Everything I tried was outstanding! Cheap cold beers to go with it too.

Nice beach but many people in the season.
Chamil V [TA], , Matara, Sri Lanka

I am with my friends they a happy about vacation near mirissa beach. People are good and helpful but different people are everywhere.

Good beach but overpriced seafood
Alexander... [TA], ,

Nice place to stay for 3-5 days or even more if all you need is a beach and a sun. Pn a side note restaurants on this beach offer few days overpriced seafood which they cant even cook well. You will also hardly see salt and napkins unless you ask for them. As for the ocean - it has waves, so you cant snorkle.

Great wawes, great beach, great stay
Jaroslav... [TA], ,

This place is just awesome. Big wawes, I surfed few of them, saw a turtle in the sea, had few beers and great dinner on the beach. Just awesome. Definitely don't miss this place !

nice place for family
Marek S [TA], , Tallinn, Estonia

Small wawes, nice snorkling. Beach cafes in the evening are overrated, go to eat on the street where local eat. Chocolate roti and devilled chicken is a must.

Great beach, exceptional seafood restaurants!!!
Rockydogz... [TA], , Madison, Wisconsin, Usa

As the speech was very close to our hotel we had the opportunity to eat at a couple of the beach restaurants which were truly extraordinary. In fact the one where we had the best red snapper did not even have a name. We ordered it grilled with garlic and it was truly extraordinary. The beach is terrific and the waves are constant and there is a huge undertow so unless you are a very strong swimmer I would not go out to far!

Angry beach best for surfers
Mamba_11 [TA], , New Delhi, India

Its a beautiful beach and awfully long. The waves will make it difficult for a non swimmer to even think about going near the beach. Hence its a paradise for surfers. Very long and uneven beach, but promises best sunset from the small hill in the start of the beach. A must go in case you in Unawatuna.

Perfect Place to Stay
Nikkis27 [TA], , Auckland, New Zealand

We stayed at Poppies for the first 5 days of our stay in Sri Lanka/Marissa. Mahesh and his staff were extremely helpful on what to do and where to go, and what is the best value for money. The excellent bonus is his brother Madu is a tuk tuk driver ready to take you up to Weligama surfing, or to Galle, or slightly longer trips to Tangalle all for best prices, so you know you're getting a good deal and keeping your rupee's in the family business. The accommodation is clean and tidy, best of all quiet and friendly. Good value for money for budget accommodation. Anything you need Mahesh can arrange he's a super nice guy and 100% trustworthy...one of the nicest places because of genuine owners that we experienced in Sri Lanka! Definitely recommend to anyone interested in chilled atmosphere, and only minutes away from the beach.

Fabian A [TA], , Wurzburg, Germany

It is perfect wether you want to swim or having a seafood bbq on the beach!! The waves are not too high so it easy to going for swim.

Still one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka - if you find the right spot
TiggerInI... [TA], , Forest Row, UK

It all depends on what you are looking for, doesn't it?

I am not very interested in beach nightlife, surfing, or tanning myself on a sunbed. Guess I am just too old for it. But I love to stroll on a beach, watch the sea, go for a dip ,and sit at a restaurant table watching life go by.

Mirissa has changed a lot in the 12 years I have been coming here. The east end of the beach is now largely infested with sunbeds, mountains of baking bums and bellies, and loud russians who seem to be here for the cheap booze.

But there is still a wonderful haven at the far west end of the beach, hidden behind a bend in the bay. There is a beach restaurant with shady trees, a safe paddling area for kids, a conspicuous lack of loud rock music, and a civilised clientele. (Psssssst.....don't tell anyone about it! I don't want it to get crowded!)

Good beach with ok bars and a bit of nightlife
rj88 [TA], , brazil

Not as quiet as guide books say. There are 20 or so beach cafés and bars and it's a fairly busy place. Nice and clean. Big waves but you can swim if you are careful.

Most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka
Atieh A [TA], ,

Out of all the beaches we saw in Sri Lanka, this one was our favorite.
The beach is very picturesque with white sand, an island and big waves.
I don't recommend this beach for swimming, but if you enjoy hanging out on the beach, jumping waves and having beautiful, candle-lit, fresh fish dinners then go there! We saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in our lives there, everything was bathed in pink - I will post the pictures once I upload them!
If you want to go swimming Bentota is probably best, but it is not as beautiful as Mirissa. My kids enjoyed both places. Tangalle is also very beautiful, but not as much to do on the beach there.

Sandy Beach
Anne C [TA], , Redcar, United Kingdom

Plenty to watch with 2 good places for surfers. People enjoying the swimming where the waves are & the calmer waters where I preferred to go. The sand is soft & a long enough stretch to walk around the bay for exercise. It is a very clean beach, no litter.Lots of places on the beach to eat. We enjoyed seeing all the fresh seafood on display at evening time, making your choice of meal both easier & harder.

Best beach I've been to so far
AllenBrad... [TA], , Minnetonka, Minnesota

Water is just perfect!. Waves are not great for advanced surfers but GREAT for amateurs and boogie boaders. I have been to many beaches in the world, I think this is one of the best because of the perfect water temperature (like bath water) and the fact that the sri lankan sun does not burn.

Not bad beach
Елизавета... [TA], ,

The beach is ok. Great waves and clean enough! But the sand is too small. It is everywhere and nothing can be done to clean yourself from it.

"The" Beach to visit but don't forget to dress properly on the land side
Annasdott... [TA], , Gothenburg, Sweden

A wonderful beach lined with restaurants. Very noisy at night so if you are looking for a peaceful time pick a guesthouse on the other side of the road. The village is charming and give yourself a treat and stroll around.
Remember to get dressed before leaving the beach. That means NO Speedos with a t-shirt or bikini/ bikini top with sarong if you are entering the village. I wonder if people would walk half naked in their own home towns? The local people of the village get embarresed and the behaviour is looked down upon.
Smoking is forbidden in public places and (can be) fined with 5000 rupees. So be a responsible guest to Sri Lanka. Dress according to the local tradition and don't smoke in public.

Best beach in Sri Lanka
anish2212 [TA], , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

We did a 5-day road trip across Sri Lanka and this probably is the best beach of the country. Due to being in southern-most part of Sri Lanka, it is not very crowded and is very clean. There are lots of places to stay very close to the beach but nothing high-end.

Would advice all to visit this beach and skip all other 'dirty' beaches. There are lots of shack on the beach and couple of them host beach-side parties on Friday/Saturday night.

Good spot for dinner
DF26 [TA], , Boston, Massachusetts

Although the servers were obviously wasted and running around in circles, dinner of fresh local fish in the sand is always great. There is a strip of a dozen spots which are all substantially similar. Pick one, pick out your fish from the table, order drinks and enjoy the scene. Just be prepared for a long wait. which shoould be fine given the setting.

Fantastic Beach
HamishSau... [TA], , Hoi An, Vietnam

The beach itself is amazing - it is not too crowded unlike other Sri Lankan beaches we found. Avoid some of the tacky hotel cafes on the beach and you will have an excellent time. In January the water is very warm and clear the surf is spectacular. Highly recommend.

Great beach
Noel C [TA], , Hereford, United Kingdom

Plenty of sand and rocks to keep you going, undercurrents can be strong and waves large so beware.

Still quiet enough to give you space and some smaller beaches within easy walking if you need them.

avoid the marrissa eye restaurant unless you are happy with bad service and waiting over an hour on average for your food

Very crowded and touristy.
Rosie M [TA], , Hoi An, Vietnam

Not a great beach to swim on- dumper waves and dubious colour. Fun bars on the sand to sip cold beers and watch other tourists getting dumped. Bars become restaurants at night with fresh seafood.

Nice beach with many restaurants
Nael S [TA], ,

During the day, you can enjoy the sea and the waves swimming or doing water activities. Or just lie down having your drink. If already at the beach so have lunch there and enjoy the view. When it's dinner time, there are many restaurants serving freshly grilled sea food that you select and pick yourself. Don't miss out on this fresh seafood grill but make sure to bargain for the best prices.

Ace beach
Jimsneak [TA], ,

Stayed in Mirissa for 3 days - wish we'd stayed longer. Ace beach with a few basic but friendly places to eat and drink. There's a few quieter small bays to the left if that's your kind of thing. Not as idillic as some of the guide books would have you believe but excellent atmosphere and a beautiful beach

Stunning beach, great for surfing & chilling out at one of the many beach bars
Duncan O [TA], , New York City, New York

Dinning on the beach is amazing with most restaurants giving the options to choose your own fish / seafood that is laid out each night along the beach

Pavl0 [TA], , Minsk

Handagedara Colonial Villa is the best hotel in Mirissa.
Excellent clean Mirissa beach and ocean good for swimming and surfing.

Idyllic, even in the rain!
MaryJames... [TA], , London

This is a beautiful,scratch of coast, well served with hotels, restaurants and guest house without being overcrowded. Plenty of surfer hangouts and more upmarket places to,eat, drink and watch the world go by. It was raining when I first arrived and still managed to impress so when the sun came out things just got better.
On the downside, service tends to be very slow in the beachside places and if you're swimming rather than surfing the waves dumping over a sandbar can be challenging.

Just what we were looking for
Chris M [TA], , Manchester

If you're deciding whether to stay here or Unawatuna - stay in Mirissa, the beach, sea and town are much much nicer.

Our favourite beach in the world is Patnem, Goa. Mirissa is the closest comparable beach we've found.

Golden beacg with a lot of bars
Pieter J [TA], , Mirissa, Sri Lanka

The beach is very nice in the good season ( nov-mar). After this period the beach becomes very narrow, up to 4m. In the highseason the beach is packed with tourist. A lot ofplaces provide sunbeds. In the left and right side is a surfspot for advanced surfers. When waves are high, you need to be carefull for undercurrent. When sunset is comming, the big rock on the beach is the place to be!

Buzzy and lively beach
B M [TA], , Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

A good selection of accommodation and resterants along the beach front. There's an excellent value for money resterant on the main road' called, "I & I" the food we ordered was the best meal we've had in any of the tourist area's we,ve visited, beaware, it shuts at 9pm

Good choice of resturants
tazy02 [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lovely setting for dinner making it a romantic meal out, fresh fish for you to choose cooked to your choice..would definatly eat there again..

Nice little beach
Phulst81 [TA], ,

Not as noisy as I was expecting from the other reviews, nice place to visit for a few nights, shame it rained the whole time we were there

Great seafood
ajitkommi... [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Nice beach though quite crowded. Lots of shacks / cafes / restaurants on the beach with fresh seafood

Really nice beach- the favorite for several of us
nlaguiler... [TA], , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I was under the mistaken impression that the only reason to come to Mirissa was for the whale watching. We started hearing so many great things about the beach that we backtracked to spend some time there and we were glad we did. The beach was clean with plenty of places to grab a chair and sunbathe. We were traveling off and on with a bigger group and many of them said Mirissa was their choice for best beach. It was one of my favorites- the top three in Sri Lanka being Mirissa, Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna.

Our favorite beach in Sri Lanka
LizardBli... [TA], , Zaandam, The Netherlands

We loved Mirissa beach and found that it had everything to offer that one could want. Lots of beach bars/restaurants with free sun loungers. Best cocktails and 4 hour long happy hour prices at some places. Amazing fresh caught fish, shrimps, crabs and lobster on display at night that one could pick from at multiple restaurants. The beach itself was one of the cleanest we visited in Sri Lanka and as it's a very long bay, there's is parts of it that has the prefect ocean for different activities. One end has amazing surf for the better surfers, the middle has great swimming and play in the waves areas and the other end even has a little area with coral, even though it was quite damaged in the Tsunami 10 years ago, it is still a nice area to snorkel around and see some nice fish and on some days even beautiful turtles.

We didn't find it overly crowded with tourist, but the locals did tell us that there where less tourist around than usual (probably due to the upcoming elections). What we also loved here is that the locals would come down for a refreshing cool off in the ocean or a nice surf and the locals boys sure rocked those waves. Which was great for watching in awe.

We came here 6 days in a row and still wanted more after that, so we are definitely coming back again for another amazing visit in a few years time.

Lovely beach but overcrowded
annrose20... [TA], ,

Postcard beach with beach bars and great fish but packed with tourists and all night Techno Music. Doesn't feel SriLankan and not a place if you want quiet

great beach, a bit touristy
WWTreesh [TA], , Truckee, California, United States

this was a very nice beach, clean, lots of overpriced relative to the area restaurant options, places to sit, overall very nice, but there are lots of other nice areas along the coast that may be less crowded, still, a nice beach.

Nice beach
KatyStepa... [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

Waves were good, which is not so usual in Sri Lanka. The beach is safe even for children and for all humans who do not want to fight for their lives.

Perfect beach
Giles H [TA], , Hong Kong, null, Hong Kong

Clean, soft sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. The sea looks so pure. Could stay there for days and days.

Great beach to sit and relax
Ariadne23... [TA], ,

Small clean beach with nice areas to relax, plus there are plenty of restaurants and hotels right on the beach to sit and relax and a have meal or a drink. The waves were rough whilst we were there and much calmer at Wiligama Bay a short distance away if you wanted to swim or surf.
Overall though it was a nice place to spend some time.
The only negative was the quality of restaurants as we had three meals at different beach restaurants and two were very average with slow service and only one was good. See the restaurant reviews.

plenty of action
Prasanna... [TA], , Singapore, null, Singapore

variety of restaurants to choose with delicious cousin to match Getting traction for surfing and safe sea bathing.

Best Beach in Srilanka
ashphi198... [TA], , Chennai (Madras), India

This has to be the best beach in Srilankan down south area if you want to just relax and unwind. Plenty of shacks nearby offering seafood and beer at a nominal rate. I went with a party of 4 and we stayed nearby the beach itself (sorry, forgot the name of the place). The beach is face compared to other beaches , less beach boys and people who try to rip you off.

You can do that whale watching but the sea can be pretty rough , so hope you have a strong stomach. But personally I much rather prefer sticking to the discovery channel. Its a bit of a rip off they can charge you anywhere from 5k to 8k for a morning trip.

Over all a very nice beach to relax and chill.

Nice long crescent shaped beach
seafare74 [TA], , SF, California

Beautiful beach with surf spot at west end and hotel restraunt tables set-up in the sand where you can select your fish dinner from the days catch. Parts of the beach may be a little rough for swimming at times so watch the locals for best place to enter.

Nice beach and big waves
PetraAndA... [TA], , Vagnharad, Sweden

This beach is really nice and the waves was really big when we were there, if you are here with children you need to be very careful since the currents in the water are very strong. But this place was really beautiful and there are lot of places to eat and drink. The place we stayed at offered free parasols and beach chairs if we stayed and eat.

White sandy beach and fresh fish
Stefanie... [TA], ,

Beautiful beach which turns into one big fresh fish restaurant at night. There's parties at night, at different days a diffrent location. Happy hours start from 16pm and at several bars cocktails are offered.

Spectacular Beach
Gabriel B [TA], , Vina del Mar, Chile

The beach is amazing, great for catching waves and laying on the sand. There's a surfers area and a lot of restaurants with amazing seafood, definitely the best beach in Sri Lanka.

Beautiful and uncrowded
OxfordKK [TA], , Oxford

Only a few locals enjoying beach, seemed very deserted. Saw surfers out early mornings. Great place to relax

Lovely Clear Warm Water
COLIN M [TA], , Sale, Australia

Had a great time swimming here. Spent our time eating, drinking, sunbathing and relaxing! Everyone was friendly and helpful. you are not pestered as you relax.

Beautiful beach
PramodKSr... [TA], , Bangalore, India

We could not fully experience the beauty of the beach here as our stay was quite short. During our evening walk around the beach, it was very pleasant. The beach is quite clean and good for entering the water. The water was quite choppy in the evening.

Lots of waves!
NomadicBo... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

This is a beach ideal for surfers! If you're not a surfer like me, then this beach is a lot of fun to play with the waves and watch a lovely sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Lazy days and sand castles
Tony D [TA], ,

A beautiful beach which has been lightly developed however has not reached the saturation point that most good beaches succumb to.
The sand is fine and clean, and ideal for the young ones to build sandcastles and the water is clear blue. This said the surf rolls in almost constantly and although it wouldn't provide a challenge to surfers it is overwhelming for small children, so if you have young ones in tow, be with them in the water at all times.
Restaurants all serve similar fayre. A few western dishes, curry and rice and the usual seafood, grilled fish, chips, salad etc. The staff are surprisingly relaxed and do not jump on you as you take a sunbed, infact in most restaurants we used we had to approach them to get some service!
Cheaper food is available on the main road but it obviously lacks the chilled atmosphere of the beach.
The only downside is the close proximity of the main road to the beach. This is something that is unfortunately common in many sri lankan beaches, so you will inevitably hear some road noise.
Definitely worth a look if you like a quieter beach without too much hustle bustle.

Beautiful beach with good but not overwhelming nightlife.
MayLilyMa... [TA], ,

We've loved our time in Mirissa more than anywhere else. So beautiful, and great food. Would definitely come back here again and Palm Villa Mirissa where we stayed looks like the best place in all of Mirissa.

Beautiful clean beach
kristinab... [TA], , moscow

big waves, beautiful beach. To have fun, not for relax swimming. A lot of restaurants and hotels on the beach

whales and dolphins
Christina... [TA], , Ulverston, United Kingdom

excellent trip saw 3 whales loads of dolphins and flying fish would highly recommend. take sea sick tablets as seas choppy and out for about 4-5 hrs. geeth and crew great and very good at spotting whales and being in the right place whilst keeping a respectful distance.

Super beach
Iva82 [TA], , Bratislava, Slovakia

Excellent, clean, wide with very low number of people. Great for long walks, running or just suntanning. The waves are big so more suitable for surfing than swimming. Stunning sceneries around.

A little bit of paradise!
ali m [TA], , Glasgow, United Kingdom

Beautiful, quiet beach. Loved having our dinner on the beach at night with the waves coming under the table!
Definately not as many beach touts as Hikkaduwa

Lovely beach
SJGM2004 [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Gorgeous little beach. A good variety of beach bars and restaurants. Not too busy. Avoid on the weekends if you don't want to hear nightclubs.

Party beach
vertical... [TA], , Grenoble, France

Belle plage où malheureusement les restaurants bars et boites de nuits (qui font souvent les 3 fonctions) empiètent sur la plage. La journée reste correcte mais le soir et la nuit impossible de dormir dans les hotels en front de mer car la musique des partys fait vibrer mes murs a des kilomètres de 22h a 6h du matin...
Dommage et cela se degrade d année en année.

If you like waves...
edgut [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

If you like jumping up and down or boogie boarding in big waves, sometimes up to 2 meters or further down the beach in front of the lifeguard stand seemingly up to 2.5 or 3 meters, you'll like this beach. To escape the harsh sun I liked that a local bungalow let us sit under their sun shade of a hut for free and we bought food from nearby beach stands.

desilva l [TA], ,

I like beach and go whell watching, boat trip for fishing. Looking big fish selling and buying, i love beach side more fun and more interest.

Luna Park
hannesk19... [TA], , Seeham, Austria

Mirissa beach hat sich in den letzten Jahren durch den Massentourismus verändert hat und gleicht abends einem Luna Park. Die Stille ist verloren gegangen.

Perfect place to do... nothing :)
Steem2000 [TA], , Krakow, Poland

Great food, every night dance party in different restaurant at the beach, very interesting gulfs around Mirissa.

Beaches not only for swimming
YTCHENG [TA], , Hong Kong, China

You can find different activities along the coastal belt of Mirissa, including swimming, stilt fishing, boat riding, photo-taking, relaxing and eating. There are many sea-food restaurants on the way and you can find a seat there to watch the beautiful sunset views along the coast. Really relaxing.

Mirissa - a perfect beach to lounge
Dipanjali... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Mirissa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Witness the sun rise and sun set from atop the little mound that separates the beach into a green part and a blue part.
The green side with no waves is marvelous.
Enjoyed lounging there for hours.
The food served along the beach is terrific, excellent sea-food and other options.
If you come to Lanka, do make a trip to the beaches at the south.

A 9 yo love store
IvanStock... [TA], , Colombo

I came to Mirissa for the first time in 2005. Then it was trying to recover from the tsunami - now 9 years later it is still one of my favorite places in Sri Lanka. Just relax and see the ocean.

Aliwallac... [TA], , bangkok

What a beautiful place. The waves are awesome, and the hospitality is fantastic. If you are looking for a place to stay I would highly recommend Sira's Chalets.

Nice beach, surf and restaurants
Oliver M [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Liked - surf/waves was enough for body boarding, surfing and playing in the waves. Nice bars at far west of beach to watch experienced surfers. Nice vibe to beach bars.
Disliked - narrow beach (possibly due to time of the year). Not many natural shade areas.

Peach of a beach
David D [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Good waves, great bars, great fish. Mirissa Beach has a great reputation and rightfully so.
Not so afflicted by litter as some of its neighbours, this golden stretch of bay has a good choice of fresh fish diners and bars, with romantic sunset walks to be had.

Rips/Strong Currents in Ocean
xsurffami... [TA], ,

Mirissa Beach is beautiful however there were many rips and currents in the water. Be careful where you swim as we nearly had to rescue two Japanese Tourists today. Thankfully the locals jumped in.

Best beach experience ever!
BFerdinan... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

This has been rated one of the best beaches in the world. This is a very happening tourist areas. Long stretches of golden sandy beaches. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Kande Pansala’, an ancient temple and climb ‘Gira Gala’, a rocky mountain on the beach - both places will give breathtaking views of the area. For swimming, whale watching, surfing or just relaxing ... this is the best place!

Very nice beach
Snookystr... [TA], , Australia

Mirissa beach is lovely, clean sand, clear water and a lovely place to stroll along with numerous local restaurants / hotels lining the shore line. The beach can be a bit rough so if staying here choose a beach front hotel with a pool. This is one of the nicest beaches in Sri lanka.

One of the better beaches in Sri Lanka
TomBaul [TA], , London, United Kingdom

The beach here is excellent, not too much has been built on the coastline (for now) so you still get a decent feel of tranquility with the palm trees stretching along the beach. The waves are good fun and the beach bars, in particular the Reggae Bar, are excellent. Most do sun beds and it is a very easy place to spend a day sunbathing, swimming and feasting on good seafood and cold beer.

One of the best beaches we've ever enjoyed
Emily S [TA], , Toronto, Canada

This beach was very clean (cleanest we saw in Sri Lanka) and not too overrun with tourists. It is stunning with beautiful colours and fringed with palm trees. It is a perfect place to relax.

Go out of season.
mcpinder [TA], , kent

I travelled to Mirissa in June, had excellent weather, and wonderful food. The small selection of bars and restuarants were very quiet, but all the better for it! Lovely beach, soft sand, and I enjoyed watching an impromptu cricket match on the beach with a long cool beer.

beautiful beach
debbyian [TA], , Kingston-upon-Hull, United Kingdom

fantastic stretch of beach, the water is shallow for a good distance making it good for kids, a good mixture of bars to relax and eat at most having sun beds on the beach in front of them

wonderful beach
Tom2507 [TA], , Stockerau, Austria

Marisa's beach is awesome. It's beautiful, there are high waves and nice as well as tasty restaurants. You can rent big and small surfboards and will have a relaxing time here.

Beautiful beach with gorgeous sunsets!
Queenmatr... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Loved the fact that the water was not too saline but gorgeous sand and waves...
Beautiful sunsets too!

good but...
DL_Nicole [TA], , Beijing, China

high wave, not good for swiming but for surfing. also more for tourists, not for local people. there are other beaches better than here, like Unawatuna.

Stunning Place
Sam B [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Amazing beach. Has to be one of my favourite places in Sri Lanka. Want to go back. Greet place to stop and ear and drink.

Awesome beach
Duncan G [TA], , Doha, Qatar

I spent two days at Mirissa Beach and it is a magnificent beach. Highly entertaining if you like big waves, garb a board and surf all day. On the left of the beach is a lovely lookout rock which allows you to view several bays at once and the surrounding jungle. Just a great place. The beach restaurants are also fairly decent and a great place to relax and enjoy a good curry and a few Lions. Highly recommend a visit.

Once upon a time it WAS a dreamlike beach.....
Lilien C [TA], , Switzerland

I know this beach since more than 10 years and unfortunately it has become more and more a Party beach with Party Music, which can be heard along the whole beach as well as to some of the hotels and guesthouses on the Inland side throughout sometimes the whole night. The people who run many of these places are mostly uneducated and have arrogant and harassing business practices while the ones who do a god job are in the minority. Fortunately on the inland side there ares still many friendly restaurants and guesthouses. The enchanting dreamlike beach with palmtrees all along is only nice for your eyes but not any more for your ears. It would help the place if more of educated business people with a borader view would start.

Cracking relaxing beach good facilities
yebenny [TA], , Newcastle Upon Tyne

Nice clean beach with good atmosphere good bars and restaurants on it sunbeds available excellent for relaxing and minutes away from most guest houses.

Story of a Super Clean Beach
Anuj-Rank... [TA], , Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Mrissa beach is very clean and still not so popular among the travelers..According to me its on of the finest beaches in the world ...I like the fact that its still known to very few travelers which makes it a kind of private beach....

Lovely surf, long and wide
Beverley... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Great beach. Good surf for boogie boarding. Lifeguard on duty.
Numerous bars and restaurants with good fresh, but expensive, fish.
Not too busy and no pesky hawkers!
Highly recommended.

Gorgeous Beach
Kairho1 [TA], , Ocala, Florida

Narrow but clean. High surf but picturesque. And no pesky vendors!

All in all, an excellent place to while away a few (or many) hours.

Gorgeous relaxing place to watch the sun go down
annettet [TA], , Camberley UK

I could have stayed longer than our 3 nights in Mirissa dont forget a trip to The Shack on the beach such a chilled place. loved watching the wind surfers with a cocktail in hand, soaking up the sun, just bliss

Best place in Sri lanka
adventure... [TA], , Galway, Ireland

Was so happy with this beach, relaxing beach spend 3 days on hotel on beach. Only problem was the waves too big so we couldn't really swim in the sea but I think all beaches in Sri Lanka are the same during rainy season.

nice beach but so crowded
KrishSL [TA], , Negombo, Sri Lanka

very nice place as a beach & specially for night parties on the beach. many many restaurants are conducting beach parties on each days. so enjoyable, but so crowded in this season time. also a best place for whales watching.

Gorgeous beach!!!
vilgail_s [TA], ,

One of the best beaches in Sri Lanka! Beatiful sights, a lot of sand, big waves, nice places to eat! Will defiitelly come back to Mirissa!

Another beautiful spot 30 min away from Galle
Alex P [TA], , Montreal, Canada

I would highly recommend the spot. Mirisa offers one of the most stunning beach that I have seen. The spot might be a bit touristic after lunch, but who cares. Anyone will remain speechless in front of so much beauty.

strong waves not good for small children
risingsta... [TA], , Luzon, Philippines

beach is nice but waves are strong for small children swimming far is not advisable if youre nota good swimmer.

Relax Beach
Kalum L [TA], , Lucerne, Switzerland

This is a beautyfull and relaxing beach.one of best beach in Sri Lanka.gold sand and bluewater,Once when you are there you will enjoy.sure !

Clean, pretty but touristy
LSam13 [TA], , Luang Prabang

The beach is clean with turquoise waters and it's nice for sunbathing and sipping a cocktail in a sun lounger - if you like that kind of thing that is. Other than that, it is lined with bars and restaurants and swimming isn't great due to the waves crashing onto the beach and both food and drinks are overpriced. It is very touristy. This can be annoying but at the same time it makes it ok to wear bikini.

There are some beautiful beaches just a little further east with good snorkelling and turtles.

Beautiful Beach
Tamf1 [TA], , Bangalore, India

Its really pretty and clean. The water is blue and very clear. its a really beautiful beach and everyone is super friendly.

triandswi... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Great beach, good waves for surf down one end as well. Amazing sea and loads of laid back cafes and bars leading onto it with a v chilled out vibe.

Nice yet over exploited beach
Samuel L [TA], , Tangalle, Sri Lanka

One of the few places on this island where you can actually get into the water and not drown. Very beautiful location indeed (if you bear with the crowds).

Beautiful, uncrowded beach
Carol J [TA], , Epsom, United Kingdom

The beach is beautiful but pick your sunbed wisely if you don't want to be blasted with some rather varied music! Providing you get a peaceful spot the only thing that will trouble you is trying not to burn and, on windy days, possibly trying not to let the parasol get away.

little slice of paradise
kmh1 [TA], , Munich, Germany

fantastic beach, clear water (before the rainy season), great food, great prices. if you go, tread lightly and don't ruin it!

Loud unpleasant atmosphere
Waltbrixt... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Had booked to spend 4 nights here and was really looking forward to relaxing by the beach and trying some surfing. On the 1st night there we were kept up until 4 in the morning by the bass of a tacky rave next door. There were drunk people walking up and down the beach and the whole place had an aggressive atmosphere. It's such a shame as the beach is wonderful.

Pretty but far from the best
l1ttlem1s... [TA], , London

Don't go to Mirissa for the best beaches in Sri Lanka. For that you need Tangalle. Go for the whale watching and, in season, the beach parties. Having said that, the beaches are relatively pretty and clean and the sea is suitable for paddling and surfing. There are also a few restaurants on the beach.

itravelju... [TA], , India

Pretty beach with lovely clear waters , watch out for the waves can be quite strong! so some caution! can't wait to visit again!

A piece of good touristic place to rest from treks!
alexissch... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

The beach of Mirissa is a very nice and not so big place to rest after discovering all the wonders of Sri Lanka!

a pretty bay with lots of beach restaurants
dianagray [TA], , East Sussex

A lovely clean beach with many cafes and restaurants which have chairs and loungers. You can relax and watch the waves, the swimmers and the surfers. The trees along the shoreline provide some natural shade in places and there are no hustlers or sellers on the beach. In the evenings the restaurants and bars get livelier and offer freshly caught fish and seafood for dinner. A great place for a beach break.

Great for body boarding
Seb-trott... [TA], , Montreal, Canada

Was there today with my wife and two kids of 11 and 9. The beach is very wide with golden sand. Waves are good enough to body board. I saw people surfing at one end of the beach where the waves were a bit stronger. In general we found it less crowded and better than Unawatuna.

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