Galle Fort

Galle Fort

Galle (pronounced as one syllable in English, /ˈɡɔːl/ "Gaul", and as two in Sinhalese, [ɡaːlːə]) is a city situated on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, 119 km from Colombo. Galle is the capital city of Southern Province of Sri Lanka and it lies in Galle District.
Galle was known as Gimhathiththa (although Ibn Batuta in the 14th century refers to it as Qali) before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, when it was the main port on the island. Galle reached the height of its development in the 18th century, during the Dutch colonial period. The major river is Gin River (Gin Ganga) which starts from Gongala Kanda and passing villages such as Neluwa, Nagoda, Baddegama, Thelikada, and Wakwella, reaches the sea at Ginthota. In Wakwella over the river there is Wakwella Bridge, which is the longest bridge in Sri Lanka.
Galle is the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in south and southeast Asia, showing the interaction between European architectural styles and south Asian traditions. The Galle fort is a world heritage site and the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European occupiers. Other prominent landmarks in Galle include the natural harbor, the National Maritime Museum, St. Mary's Cathedral founded by Jesuit priests, one of the main Shiva temples on the island, and Amangalla the historic luxury hotel.
Galle is the main city in the most southerly part of the island, with a population of around 100 000, and is connected by rail to Colombo and Matara. On 26 December 2004 the city was devastated by the massive Boxing Day Tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that occurred a thousand miles away, off the coast of Indonesia. Thousands were killed in the city alone. Galle is home to a cricket ground, the Galle International Stadium, rebuilt after the tsunami. Test matches resumed there on December 18, 2007.
Galle offers a unique opportunity to create a visible demonstration of the conservation of its inheritance. Galle is also an exciting, internationally famous visitor destination.
According to James Emerson Tennent, Galle was the ancient seaport of Tarshish, from which King Solomon drew ivory, peacocks and other valuables. Cinnamon was exported from Sri Lanka as early as 1400 BC and the root of the word itself is Hebrew, so Galle may have been a main entrepot for the spice
Galle had been a prominent seaport long before western rule in the country. Persians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Malays, Indians, and Chinese were doing business through Galle port. In 1411, the Galle Trilingual Inscription, a stone tablet inscription in three languages, Chinese, Sinhala and Persian, was erected in Galle to commemorate the second visit to Sri Lanka by the Chinese admiral Zheng He.
The "modern" history of Galle starts in 1505, when the first Portuguese ship, under Lourenço de Almeida was driven there by a storm. However, the people of the city refused to let the Portuguese enter it, so the Portuguese took it by force.
In 1640, the Portuguese had to surrender to the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch built the present Fort in the year 1663. They built a fortified wall, using solid granite, and built three bastions, known as "Sun", "Moon" and "Star". After the British took over the country from the Dutch in the year 1796, they preserved the Fort unchanged, and used it as the administrative centre of Galle.
Rumassala Kanda in Unawatuna is a large mound-like hill, which forms the eastern protective barrier to the Galle harbour. Local tradition associates this hill with some events of the Ramayana.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 1 h

Tourist reviews about Galle Fort

The most incredible place in Sri Lanka. So historic and filled with great shops and cafes!
Billy M [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort is enchanting. You have to go. The history of the place is quite something and its buzzing these days. Stick No Bills Poster Gallery was our favorite store and this is one of the first ones you get to as you walk down Church Street but there are heaps of others including amazing jewelry shops and boutique fashion stores. Try and go before 1030am or after 3pm as it gets so hot in the middle of the day.

A must if you are any closer than 150km
saabisti [TA], , travels light

A most impressive place! You can easily spend hours on end walking (daytime) around, admiring early colonial buildings, visiting maritime museum, lovely restaurants, do shopping or just breathe the air from times gone by.

Not What I Expected !
Terry M [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

I was so happy we chose to spend the day here at the Fort. Museums, churches and walking along the Ramparts was all wonderful. I did not realize it had been so lovingly kept up and the pride is abounding. From the Guide in the Dutch Church full of info to the Tuk Tuk driver, the Sri Lankans were very happy for people to participate and visit their Fort. Great restaurants, coffee shops, curio shops and easy walking added to the charm and the feeling of the times. I can see an issue for parking but it's best to explore on foot. Be sure to check out the Dutch Hospital which has been restored for a leisurely lunch, seating with a great breeze facing the sea! A great alternative to the wonderful Beaches in the southern province.

Cosy Historical town
Lieselott... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

I enjoyed visiting Galle Fort. The town's cosy with souvenir shops, bars and restaurants and it's got a real European look.
It's nice to visit the remnants of the fort.

Nice place for a morning visit.
Herman H [TA], , Schilde, Belgium

Galle is just a standard Sri Lanka town, messy and busy. The only thing that makes a visit worthwile is the Dutch Fort. The fort has been renovated in the last few years. It looks good and there are quite a few nice looking shops and restaurants.
There are quite a few guesthouses in the fort area where you can stay.
We stayed in one of them but we found out that in the evening there is not much to do in the fort area.
On top of this you can only have an alcoholic drink in the so called Hospital area. This area could be called a tourist trap. Prices of food and drinks are high. Wine is difficult to obtain. A place called "The Wine Bar and Bistro" for example does not even serve wine. When wine is served it is not on the menu and/or very expensive (700+ Rps)
Best is to visit the fort in the daytime (morning) while staying in a hotel in Unawatuna (approx 10 minutes by Tuk-Tuk (400 Rps).
A great hotel there is "Nooitgedacht". It has a huge swimmingpool and a beautiful garden with a lake at the back. Take a superior room!

Visited March 2015

Enjoyed the breeze and colonial surrounding
Fahadh N [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

It's quite a nice feeling when you walk along-side the mini streets within the fort. The rock paved roads are interesting to walk through. The breeze! that will definitely refreshes every step you take.. Overall I really enjoyed my walk. It's preferred to go there either soon after dawn or few hours before the dusk.. avoid mid day as the sun would be almost on top of your head at that time..

Galle Visit
Debashis2... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

The trip was enthralling. The fort, the sea view and the sunset splendid. The colonial ambience was great. The color of the sea is something we can spend hours to see..

Easily seen in one hour
seastream... [TA], , Helsinki, Finland

Fort itself was pretty but nothing too special - it takes less than an hour to walk through. View is nice but it's almost complitely open air attraction so pre-bought bottle of water is a must (in the end, close to the light house there are sometimes ice cream-trucks and oh boy it tastes amazing after a long walk in the heat!).

Almost in the end there is a public toilet which (for foreigners) costs 25RF.

deserves unesco world heritage listing
ron P [TA], , Mildura, Australia

great place to stay for say 2 nights . wander the streets good shopping and cafes . interesting history and Architecture . good vantage point for sunset

Splendid location but could be more tidy...
Devonrill... [TA], , Axminster, United Kingdom

Well known spot for tourists and locals alike.

The views are fantastic and the whole area makes for a great way to stretch your legs but one cannot help but feel that more effort should be made to keep the location better, clear some litter and perhaps trim the grass?

That are in Galle and who wants to be over fastidious when it is often 40 degree + ?

Enjoy it for what it is.

Wonderful place for wondering
vgriswald [TA], , aust

Enjoyed my time here walking around and enjoying the history and architecture but disappointed at the tourist trap it's becoming. entering a historical place and then getting harassed to buy gems! Still would highly recommend it but care needs to be taken in keeping it clean especially the ocean side which was totally forgotten and littered with plastic bottles!

Nice place- but
Kamil S [TA], , Stavanger, Norway

After traveling through Sri Lanka, staying in small viliges, meeting people, eating with them, and becoming friends I was just shocked how tourist-oriented Galle Fort is. It feels like all of the places in the world with gift-shops, caffeteria, and people that just want to suck as much as they can from you.

Fort itself is very nice place, great view, nice buildings and s***, but seriouusly- no climate at all.

Don't be tempted to stay anywhere else
Sebmack [TA], ,

Visit the fort and stay inside the fort - you'll be entertained for the entirety of your stay in Galle.

Maybe nip out for some watersports and mass beach experience - but Galle itself is a cultural buffet. You will not be bored.

The walled city
MissGeege... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Me and my husband (fiance still when we went here) walked into this fort! The view is astonishing. you could view the sea from the top of this fort. It was very lovely here! The lighthouse was a nice sight as well! Shops of gems and souvenirs are nearby too. I enjoyed every bit of time I spent here!

Great - for a day only
Prindle15... [TA], ,

Walk around the fort walls and see the sights is really spectacular. There are great views of the waves crashing against the stone walls and of the city down below in the other direction. Then tour the old town within the walls.

This can all be done in one day though. I stayed two and half days and it got kind of boring. Exploring the rest of Galle was kind of fun.

Nice day out
RobynSmyl... [TA], , Jersey, United Kingdom

We stopped at Galle fort on a day trip and spent the morning walking along the outer walls. It has some lovely views of the coast. Nice place to visit if you want to wander around.

Very nice town
Jaroslav... [TA], ,

If it was not for the colonist, there would be nothing interesting in this town. Take a walk around the fort and have tea/ice cream in one of the many restaurants around.

A very nice place to spend a night!
sveva051 [TA], ,

You should stop in Galle if you are going through the south even for 3/4 hours or for a night. Not more . An historical place ( British and Dutch) just walk around have a tea gather through the walls and in to the little shops. Nothing extraordinary but it is nice and pleasant if the weather is not to hot'

Interesting churches and buildings
richardso... [TA], , London

My second time to Galle and was a little disappointed with the shopping or lack of it like last time but there are lovely things to see. Both of the churches, a few nice hotels to stop and have tea. I do think that two days are enough though.

Beautiful old dutch fort
Jamie Neu... [TA], ,

It is a very beautiful and scenic old fort with a lot of restaurants and shops. There is a nice atmosphere and a walk along the walls are a great way to take in the atmosphere and watch a sunset

Great vista
Drew M [TA], , Sydney, Australia

Great vista's and lots of cafe's, trinket shops, galleries and museums. Head up past the lighthouse and pay a few Rupiah to watch the Galle Fort divers, scary.

Nice enough historical site
GrumpsDC [TA], , Cheltenham, United Kingdom

We spent a couple of hours here today, including taking lunch at the Rampart.
There are quite a lot of interesting historical sites to view - it is very pleasing to see that most historical buildings have been preserved despite their change of use.
Yes it is something of a tourist trap, but still worth a visit in my opinion.

Galle Fort
crbarton [TA], , Liverpool, United Kingdom

A cute smallish fort just seconds away from the chaotic town centre. Cute jewellers and clothes shops and eating places but not worth spending a lot of time there.

Galle Fort
mantracha... [TA], , Barnsley, United Kingdom

Love this place.
Visit every year.
Delightful experience wandering around, shopping and sampling the eateries.
Fort Restaraunt is a must. Fantastic seaview and awesome Sri Lankan curries

Varsovie... [TA], , Warsaw, Poland

Very beautiful old town. It's small, walking distance everywhere. Full of gift shops and nice restaurants/cafés.
Worth to see the sunset at the boulevard - stunning views.

An oasis in the town
PATRICIA9... [TA], , Somerset

Very European with little boutique hotels and cafes. The lighthouse has a keeper and is still working. There are small areas for safe bathing

U have to go there
Munsif M [TA], ,

Great walk with amazing scenery and Dutch architecture.
Plenty food places
Calm and relaxing. Close to beach. Been there most times when in Galle

Old dutch fort
Joy31_12 [TA], , Norwich, United Kingdom

Built in the 1500's by the Dutch, it surrounds a town with thick walls and protected the town when the Tsunami struck 10 years ago, only one wall was breached by the water. Some nice shops in the old town.

Obvious tourist enclave but nice just the same
fitbin197... [TA], , London

I liked Galle Fort. It's obviously a tourist enclave but the architecture and pace of life suited me - far more than Colombo anyway. There's not a great deal to do, unless shopping for jewellery and cutesy tourist stuff is your thing.

There's a selection of good restaurants and only one bar, as far as I could make out.

The highlight was a day watching cricket with the local guys who kept the score board ticking over at the international stadium.

Surprisingly unspoilt
Vivalasve... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Galle has been on my list of things to see for a long time. I was not disappointed. The place is a living area and not a museum. Many of the buildings are fascinating and the history of the place is important and unique. I enjoyed it a lot. Some of my family enjoyed it less. The museums are average at best and ironically, what I liked about it, that the area is not covered in signs, filled with bars and fake antique shops, was not appreciated by others.

My only criticism is the outrageous prices in the shops. Do yourself a favour and take snacks with you. To purchase a snack each for my two children I had to sell a kidney on the black market.

Galle Fort will no doubt change in the coming years and I would encourage everyone to have a look at this site before the global corporations get their claws in to it.

Almost European in feel - a lovely surprise
Anne W [TA], ,

We only spent a morning in Galle, but loved it all the same. Yes, very touristy, but a good place to pick up presents. The fort and buildings are in amazing condition and you feel like you have just had a day trip outside of Sri Lanka. Great little museum, good restaurants and watering holes. A couple of ok antique shops, and just a lovely place to wander, wish we had of spent one night there.

Galle History
robert p [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You travel here for the history and you are rewarded in spades - it is a fantastic place to really get a feel for living in a fort!!

Great place !!
Renoir999 [TA], , Lincoln, United Kingdom

We spent a couple hours here wandering around and loved it, Would have loved to have stayed longer. We walked into the Galle fort hotel for quick shufty amazing place to stay, maybe next time.

Busy old town inside the walls
hamfams [TA], , Sydney, Australia

Walk all the way around the old ramparts to get your bearings. Very busy at sunset, but very beautiful. Best in the early morning, no crowds and only locals getting some exercise, plus wedding groups being photographed in all their beautiful finery. Loved walking around the old streets, lots of restaurants and shopping if you want it. Locals going about their life as well as lots of tourists.

Fort Area
Rosamond... [TA], , Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom

Nice to walk around and wonder at how this was built so many years ago. Beautiful sea views from the fort walls . A must see in Galle.

Great historical sites
Goetzed [TA], , Shanghai, China

Really nice to spend a day walking around the fort and get an understanding of the different eras of Galle.

Nice to walk around
maldare [TA], , Bangalore

I have seen several forts in India this was not the greatest, however its a fun place with loads of good food and places to have a drink. Walking around in the evening after the sunset is great. Very safe and clean too....

Walk around the town
RetiredCo... [TA], , Hampton

Travelled to Galle by Train cost only 40p one way Short walk from station the Dutch Fort and town complex with view over the Galle bay.

What a gem
Travelgur... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

This must be one of the best examples of a living Fort in the World. When compared to places like Malacca, There is no comparison, Galle Fort really is special. The atmosphere is quaint and if one spends time searching out the gems, it really is a great experience.

Beautiful Fort overlooking sea - Picturesque
Hemans970... [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Nicely built by, had profound history behind it. Fort wall Has great protection even from Tsunami. Excellent sunset, must spend sometime here during sunset. The view of Galle Cricket stadium is too good, - It's picturesque & must visit place. No double No# 1 place in Galle, surely top 10 in Sri-Lanka

One of the most interesting sights in Sri Lanka
Елизавета... [TA], ,

I really advice you to visit this place if you are on Sri Lanka! It is so different from other places there! Please don't grudge you time for this place!

Rachel M [TA], , L'Etang-Sale, Reunion Island

There is not much to do in the fort except walking on the ruins. The beach around the fort are not clean. The restaurants are quite expensive and apart from tourists nobody else is there. Yet It is a nice way to get some calm away from the hectic city.

Interesting day trip
Amanda H [TA], , Paris, France

Interesting place to visit, lots of history and fine buildings. Good to walk all the way round the ramparts as well as through the many narrow streets. Pedlars is good for a drink (interesting ice teas and coffee) and snack. Be aware of scams around the bus station outside ie. hi I'm your hotel's cook, security guard, gardener with day off and I can take to see...... only ..... Rupees, etc.

A bit of history
StanleyPu... [TA], , Pune, India

Galle Fort is right in the middle of Galle town and is a place well worth visiting. The fort essentially houses a small walled town inside wherein there are shops, hotels and restaurants, apart from the churches. Our car driver acted as a guide and told us a little about the fort which was quite fascinating.

Looking at the fact that there are little gradients, steps and some of the walk is on the grass, would recommend that shoes be worn while visiting the fort. It is easily accessible and hence old people can also visit the fort as vehicles go right inside it.

One can walk around the fort and have different views of the surroundings - the cricket stadium, Galle town and the ocean. Not very difficult walking around.

Sanitation facilities are not very good and one has to visit some of the hotels within the fort.

The clock tower is simply beautiful and is maintained today, showing accurate timing. One can even walk down to the lighthouse which also functions today, though going inside is prohibited.

One may need umbrellas, caps to protect against the sun if going in late mornings.

Nothing like having a king coconut after a walk around the fort.

Beautiful place
Patricia... [TA], ,

Beautiful place, kind people, quiet place. Galle is an incontournable city in Sri Lanka, very different from others City.

Fascinating experience
anish2212 [TA], , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

We were a group of 3 people on a road trip across Sri Lanka. We stayed for a night in Galle and absolutely loved it! It is basically a town with huge 20-30ft wall built across it. There are hotels, restaurants etc. all inside the walled town. You can roam around on foot and explore the entire area. There are very nice cafes and places to just chill. The entire place has a bit of European-feel to it and sometimes you totally forget that you are in Sri Lanka.

Overall, a must go place on your trip to Sri Lanka. We didn't do any prior reservation but found a really nice place by just looking around. There are tons of hotels in this area.

Loved it
becky t [TA], ,

Such a cool place to see. Full of little shops and restaurants. There are lots of choices for diff types of food. The architecture is very interesting although watch out for school trips as it gets crowded with little kids.

99Lynda [TA], , Sunderland, United Kingdom

I liked - the history and the setting right on the coast.
I disliked - the ground was a little rough in places so you need stout shoes.

Rosie M [TA], , Hoi An, Vietnam

A delightful stroll around the walls. Lots of people and things to see. Lovely historically and great views over ocean. Lots of places to eat and drink and shop.

Nice Fort & Views
John D [TA], , Orlando, Florida

The Galle Fort is a nice *free* sight where you can walk around and enjoy the scenery, and after you can walk on to the lighthouse. There's nothing spectacular about the place but it's something to do in Galle.

A chraming place in Sri Lanka
Fernand R [TA], , Lausanne, Switzerland

Probable the nicest place we saw in Sri Lanka. A charming small city inside the fortress with several shops and restaurants. A good cultural mixture and fairly organised for the region.

Minis85 [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Definitely worth a visit if you are near Galle - take a stroll along the colonial style fort surrounding the old town. Beautiful views of the city and the ocean!

Great place to walk, shop and eat for a day.
F3ralwomb... [TA], , Kununurra, Australia

Well worth a day or more of your time while in Sri Lanka. Easy walking and much bigger than you might expect. There are several nice museums and a huge range of shopping to help you part with some rupees. A wide range of restaurants will also suit even the fussiest of eater. The history of the place is amazing and it is worth the effort to explore the whole fort and walk over the ramparts. Take plenty of water and sunscreen or get an umbrella like the locals to keep out of the sun.

I was surprised how big a place it is
Lidsor [TA], , Bremen, Germany

Its not just a fort! Lots of people live behind the walls and there are some really nice shops, restaurants and even small museums to be explored in the fort. Its a must go place. And take your time. You should plan a stay for at least 4-5 hours. Little children might get bored after a while though

Nice and quiet place to walk
William_D... [TA], , Belgium

The fort is an impressive place, very nice views from the walls. The old town is perfect to have a walk: narrow colonial streets with old coolial buildings, lots of bars and restaurants, lot of shops to buy the souvenirs you want to take home. We walked there in the afternoon, and it got very hot. So dont forget your hat, sunscreen and bottle of water.
William, Senta & little Ella.

Take some sunscreen..
tazy02 [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lovely fort with no entrance ticket, need good shoes and alot of sun screen as its very hot and if you want to walk round the whole fort will definatly need a big bottle of water !!! Beautiful walk outside round the little alley ways to feel and enjoy the area to the full..we then went on to the market area which was alive and buzzing with shops and markets..loads of cafes to sit and watch the world go the shade..

Its a nice town, full of expensive shops
James M [TA], , Reading, England, United Kingdom

The town is ok and worth a visit. Its a very busy place and definitely a tourist trap. Lots of jewellery shops an lots of other shops filled with imported tat at huge markups.

Great veiws.
B M [TA], , Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

The fort is well worth the visit, we got some great photos of the bay and surrounding area, its exposed with no shade so be aware. As we walked around the internal wall and streets, we came accross a beautiful Dutch church that's a must to visit. You can see the church from the fort wall to get the direction.

Historical, beautiful
MaryJames... [TA], , London

On a beautiful seafront. Perfect architecture. A touch of class. Laid back, quiet, romantic. Wander narrow streets and visit open squares. Shop hassle-free in the craft shops and boutiques.

Possibly my favourite place in Sri Lanka
NishDe [TA], , Leicester, United Kingdom

I love the Fort. I always have. The beach is lovely! The old colonial houses add so much character to the place. I like the museums too. If you're lucky you'd get to see some Cricket being played at the adjacent international stadium. Don't forget to take an umbrella with you.

Nothing great
Riddhima [TA], , London

Nothing great! You can take a walk along that place in the evening. It gets very crowded. If you do plan to take a walk - take the entire circle and come back to the centre clock tower.

Travel back in time
Colliec21... [TA], , Barcelona, Spain

Well worth the experience, from the Moment you enter the fort outer wall you feel like you've travelled back in time, the small shop lined streets, the architecture, and the ramparts, the snake charmer, and the variety of restaurants, are well worth the walk and time to fully enjoy the experience. Then, you reach the ocean and the view is amazing, with superbly situated colonial style bar/restaurants overlooking the ocean. Wow is the only word to describe it

Picturesque town
ajitkommi... [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Cute little shops, cafes and restaurants. Lots of historic sites - the Dutch reformed church was nice

Galle Fort Walk
Abudhabib... [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We visited in November 2014 and were really impressed with the location. The mixture of it being a fully functioning government area, with court and civil buildings the blend with it being a tourist area work well. The shops are varied and the restaurants and cafes are plentiful and good value and have excellent menus.

Watching the sunset is mesmerizing
i_pallavi [TA], ,

Walk along the fort's wall and watch the sunset - that is mesmerizing. To add more zing, get some icecreams from the local vendors.

The fort itself is a good place to roam around. There are lot of shops and the place has a lot of character. Definitely worth spending a day at.

A must see
defragger [TA], , Mumbai

Best part of my SL trip was a visit to Galle Fort. Amazing Restaurants, Shopping, Sunset points, views.

Out of the World
arsenalsa... [TA], , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

One of the best that one gets to see and one of the best views that one gets to see from it! Galle Fort has can get a splendid view of the Galle Cricket Intl Stadium, the Galle City landscape, Clock Tower, The vast unending Indian Ocean and The majestic lighthouse. Truly a classic blend of Dutch and Portuguese cultures. The wind simply blows into you and you literally feel that you're on the edge of the world!

One of the best!
WillTrave... [TA], ,

I've visited colonial forts in Malaysia, Taiwan, India, and China, this is by far the best and most well preserved! It is the best walking fort by far with stunning architecture spanning 400 years of its evolution.

Definitely hit up Trip Advisor for a restaurant review before you have a random go there are some hits and misses!

What a lovely place
Timothy W [TA], , Eastbourne, United Kingdom

We disembarked from a crowded train and found a friendly driver who gave us a whirlwind tour of Galle beaches and the fort. We were most impressed. Fabulous scenery and great beaches. We realised our mistake in staying in Bentota. The sea was calmer for swimming, lots of attractions bars restaurants and places to stay. The perfect place for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka. Not to be missed!

GimalD [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle fort is the main attraction in Galle. This the trademark of the Galle area. You will not get enough of the view you enjoy inside the Fort. The Beach around the Fort is really clean & clear.All high quality restaurants & lodges can be found inside Fort. This is a must place to visit if you are in Sri Lanka.

Wonderful Town to Roam Around
Rudi M [TA], , Bangkok, Thailand

Galle has seen a tremendous transformation in the last fee years, and most of it for the better. Just back this week for the forth time, we really enjoyed the newly found vibrancy and the many chic new eateries and Boutique Hotels. If you like strolling around and just let yourself drift, Galle Fort is an almost ideal place. Do some small souvenir shopping, visit the good museums and then drop in here and there to talk to the friendly owners of restaurants and boutique hotels. A lovely area that is only getting better as new investment and retail are moving in. WE will be back next year!

Historical, rustic and well maintained
Thomson-g... [TA], , Singapore

The galle fort brings u back in time. You can see the structures where the canons were placed and imagine how it was then. It's a nice place to explore for adults and children. There are a few different levels and the fort stretches quite a bit. It's nice to walk along the walls with the view of the sea. You get to climb on top of the wall( not for the faint hearted) and yes the winds can be strong, exercise common sense n caution. There is green open spaces, it was lovely to see a group of local boys playing on the green and tourists sitting around writing in their notebooks and enjoying the breeze n views. The calm n idyllic fort also juxtaposes with the busy bus terminal just beyond it. It's a great place to start exploring in galle.

Unesco Heritage
Uppu [TA], , Ahmedabad, India

Great place to walk around, shop, see the sea and galle environs and eating places, cafeterias.
The Old dutch hospital is a beautiful building housing many eateries.

Nice to walk
lgibson66 [TA], , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

just be careful of the drop boys are 10 years old and I was worried for them. If you travel with younger kids...........please take care.

interesting historic place with view
fansch [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

the place should be open all the time. When we went there some people told us that it's closed and that we can only enter after 2pm due to some political rallies going on. This was probably a lie because we just walked in like all the other people and shops/restaurants were open.

Just take a walk around the walls and dart into some of the alleys for food or souvenirs. There are beaches below the fortification but some seems to be only accessible if you swim there.
Not all parts where accessible although it showed on the map. Maybe we just didn't find it? Lots of birds and sometimes lizards.

Excellent place to visit.
Deepak_01 [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Galle Fort is an excellent place to visit & relax.With a mesmerising sea front & the old colonial charm of dutch architecture & buildings,it is a treat to walk on the elevated road alongside the sea.There are local experienced divers who dive into the gushing sea for a fee.
The quaint restaurants & other shops in the old buildings offer a range of choice to the visitors.The dutch buildings & their history makes the place worth a definite visit.

Amazing views of Galle itself (and the cricket club!)
dowewantt... [TA], , Derbyshire

We stopped here as a part of a bigger tour. Got some fab pictures,toilet stop, ice cream stand and a few small shops etc .....a fantastic reminder of when the Dutch colonised Sri Lanka in its turbulent past. Really glad our guide took us here. Galle took a huge brunt from the Tsunami, losing all of its transport system, looking across the town from here was a huge eye opener. AMAZING beaches in Galle too.

walk down the fort, and a glorious history uncovers in front of you
chathu03j [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Galle Fort always had been one of my favorite places to visit in Galle. During many previous visits, all we did was to get on the high walls of the fortress and look down at the amazing bed of water beneath it. It's only recently that I started exploring the inner fort, the lovely streets, and pieces of architecture including the church, mosque and the dutch flavored houses.

While we don't cherish a century long dutch rule, what they left behind - especially the glorious and long lasting architecture is priceless. Walk down those narrow streets inside the fort, where dutch architectural houses-turned-into street shops, restaurants and boutiques, provide a beautiful picture. You feel like you are in different part of the world.

It seems everything inside the fort is tourists oriented, and a bit expensive - even the few restaurants inside. But this shouldn't stop you from exploring the exotic Galle Fort.

Must see if you want a
Hallam_Gl... [TA], , Istanbul, Turkey

A nice break from temples and beach, definitely worth a day trip if not an overnight stay. The Fort has a 45-60 minutes battlement walk which offers picturesque views of the ocean. Inside the Fort you will find museums, old churches, mosques and traders houses. Safe place to walk around free from major traffic.

There are also Odel and Barefoot stores inside the fort which offer a nice range of Sri Lankan souvenirs in addition to plenty of places to eat and drink as well.

Wonderful rampart town steeped in history
Trudie W [TA], , Suffolk, United Kingdom

A place to wander and explore, holiday times join the local families and colour or visit quietly on a working day. Not the cheapest place in Sri Lanka but the gentle pace and charm, culture and variety of places to stay and eat with wonderful sunsets makes it a must.

A Land Like No Other
Shahmy I [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

Ramparts The Best Place To Chill
Beautiful Beach Around
Sun Rise & Sun Set
A World Heritage and A Land Like No Other
Proud To be in Galle Fort
We Call It Paradise :*

LebaneseB... [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What an amazing place. A wonderful place to walk through narrow streets and enjoy the Sri Lankan sun. A must do: watch the sunset from the ramparts :)

Just perfect!

Loved living in the Fort
PerthBob1... [TA], , Perth

Great shops, especially Barefort, restaurants and bars. Loved just walking around people watching and looking at the buildings. The fort is amazing. Walked around the outside walls and really appreciated the place

Nice walkthrough
Tusitha k [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

It is an experience, walk through the narrow streets, visit way side stalls and experience the F&B.
There is an ice cream stall - next to Peddlars INN a must try

Galle Fort
Aly G [TA], ,

A very interesting place to visit with apparently a few sunken ships off the coast that you can scuba dive to. Not being a scuba diver I never confirmed this but I did buy some lovely fake coins from the 1800s that were salvaged from the wreckage... Of course at the time I thought they were genuine.

A little history
ellieSurr... [TA], , Surrey

The whole area is interesting as it is full of history and you get great views of the coast and can imagine life way back in the 1600's. It also over looks the Test Cricket Ground, a great place to watch the game.

Not quite what I was expecting
1Peter_10... [TA], , Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

.....nevertheless worth seeing, but really not something that compares with the sights in many other locations or Countries. A bit ordinary/not that special

good for shopping!
Lucinda C [TA], , London, United Kingdom

I enjoy shopping, my partner enjoys historical sites…. Galle fort is perfect for both. Head to Barefoot for some lovely Sri souvenirs.

Lots of Maritime History
COLIN M [TA], , Sale, Australia

This is a place to wander around for half a day. Walk the walls or visit the museums, churches or shops. Even the churches are amazing to visit and reading the old tombstones will amaze you at the age of the area. Our Lunch was very nice here but is also a bit pricey.

Okay but not amazing
raushanah... [TA], , Hong Kong, China

Lots of shops but could be better kept. It was very hot when I went so I didn't want to walk around much. After a few snaps, it doesn't require a full day to explore.

Must visit in Galle
SSBIndia [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

An excellent place full of history, museums, old architecture building, small cobbled bylanes to walk. You can walk on the rampart to view beautiful view of the ocean and sunset. Walk for an hour to visit the entire area and you will really enjoy.

Interesting but not that special
Julie L [TA], , Hong Kong, China

I preferred walking in the town surrounding the Galle fort. Lots of cute shops and restaurants as well as little bars and galleries

be careful on the street
murzyn [TA], , Stockholm, Sverige

A nice old town can see a beatiful sunset from this place..but do not expect that you can be served a good food...

A good breezy historical walk
kitwander... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

The fort is beautiful. We had a good scenic walk and good photographs of the sea view and people playing cricket. Amazing that an entire town nestled in the fort. Town is charming and filled with nice little cafes.

Wonderfull spot
Jeroen J [TA], ,

We had a few marvellous days in galle: walking around the fortress walks, visiting the art shops, bookshops, handcrafts, Some backpackers cafés and cosy taverns but also chique hotels. A totally different world in sri lanka

Best place to enjoy the sea breeze
PBofc [TA], , New Delhi, India

Beautiful and scenic... Must visit to soak in the sea breeze and worth a million pictures... also can be very romantic if you have the right company

Historic and well preserved, this dutch fort is a must see
Ashish_Ad... [TA], , Gurgaon, India

The fort area is quite large. It has hotels, cafes, home stays, residential property and cricket ground surrounded by fort wall. This place is near the main station and bus stand.

Old fortification and nearby area are the most interesting one. Nice place to stay if you plan to spend night in Galle.

Takes you back in time
SupsS [TA], , Mumbai

You can't come to srilanka and miss this marvel of a place.
The sunset from this place is stunning and not to be missed.

nice ancient city
michael w [TA], , Rotterdam, The Netherlands

we have made one day trip to visit galle fort, we enjoyed to spend time in the old streets, there are some restaurants many western style and bit expensive, in the modern galle there are some local shops with good prices must bargain we bought some souvenirs and clothes

Wonderful place
anneEstep... [TA], , estepona

I loved galle. I ended up staying 3 nights there and I hadn't planned it! It was my last stop after a full month of touring sri lanka. I had planned to stay in mirrissa for the last few days but got bored instantly.
Galle is everything a real traveller would want. Great architecture. Great people. Good food.
The fact that over half the houses in the fort belong to foreigners is a good give away of the magic of the place.
It really has that special feeling only a few small cities have across the world.
For me it was a highlight of my great trip in sri lanka.

On the pricey side but a great historical detour
Jess H [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Expensive for SriLanka standards
Great place to wander and explore in the cool of the day
Peace and Plenty cafe do the best iced coffee in Galle

Worth an hour. Touristy.
AJCG [TA], , Ascot, United Kingdom

really just for tourists to wander around. Interesting; worth a quick visit for the architecture (Dutch with some British) and a little of the history. Nothing here is "local".

unique place
james k [TA], , Shanghai, China

special place, great history and amazing architecture. dutch walls are so special with out standing sunset.

history in an awesome environment
Carmel M [TA], , Johannesburg, South Africa

We loved it - we could walk around the fort, watch the sun set, admire the beautiful sea. What a perfect day.

World heritage site, International Cricket Stadium and Port city; Galle, Sri Lanka
lab G [TA], , Galle

If you go to Sri Lanka, you should never ever forget to visit Galle. Galle fort has a stunning beauty. Best time is sunset. If you are a budget traveler it is not easy to find a cheap place inside Galle fort. If you like to taste cheap good quality hoppers or a Kottu, go to small shop near the Gamunu army camp. Cheap tasty and reliable fresh food. but you have to order in advance or wait a little longer to get the food prepared for you. Don't forget to have a plane tea from them. You can walk around the Galle fort in about 2 hours. You can have dip in the sea near the light house safe place to sea bath but ask sometime there may be jellyfish (Bluebottle Jellyfish, Portuguese Man of War) present although it is rare ask a local artifact vendor they will tell you. No liquor allowed on the beach or on the port in open space. And there are police officers around and they are really helpful. A lot more to say about Galle fort pl contact me if you want any advices

The Best Living Heritage Site
Ruwan_Rat... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is the best living heritage site in Sri Lanka. The old building and architecture reminds me the colonial history in Sri Lanka. I like this place very much.

Advise for travellers
Supun P [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

One beautiful place to visit if you are comming to visit Sri Lanka. You will experience a similer setting you find in europe. Its good to park the vehicles and travel by foot because there is lot to see.
Renting a bike is another good thing they are not expensive afterall.

Bland, Boring Tourist Trap
gandke54 [TA], , Australia

Apart from looking at the poorly maintained, mildewy facades of old buildings and walking along the ramparts for the ocean views, paying a huge amount of money for a whale-watching tour and getting ripped off in B&Bs, shops and restaurants that provide mediocre quality food and service at triple the price you pay outside the Fort, there's little else to do. You can do the Fort itself in a couple of hours, but I wished we'd gone elsewhere was a waste of 2 days of our trip.

Galle Fort – pleasant and romantic. Keep coming back
Dipanjali... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

We went to Galle Fort once and came back again :)

We were staying in Unawatuna, took a bus ride in the afternoon and reached the Galle Bus station, the fort is just a couple of minutes walk.
Had intended to spend only an hour or so at Galle and get back to Unawatuna beach, but it was such a fantastic experience, we returned to our hotel only late in the evening.

And early next morning, back we came. There are excellent shops selling gems and a few cafes.
We didn't try those, instead kept walking along all the pretty lanes of this well-preserved hamlet. It was definitely a walk to remember. The sea out there is mesmerizing.
Sat on the fort walls with the legs sticking out to the ocean. Pure bliss

If you visit Lanka, don't miss Mirissa and Galle

Nice piece of history
TripMembe... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

This place reminds me quite a bit about Melaka. Very familiar. I feel very sorry for this country's heritage as conservation efforts are not getting enough attention. The fort area, imho, should be kept free of vehicular traffic. Very charming place to walk around and spend the day.

peej_girl [TA], , Bundaberg, Australia

Beautiful place with lots of history. Was my fave place in Sri Lanka. Photos don't do it justice. Stay inside the fort if you can an spend the evenings strolling around, chatting to locals and enjoying the salty ambience.

Charming place with an interesting look into Sri Lanka's colonial past
Preveen S [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Visited Galle Fort for the first time in November 2014, the fort is a very charming place. It's full of little shops, boutiques and a maritime museum. The whole place is steeped in colonial history dating back from the Dutch occupation of Sri Lanka to the British era. There has been a lot of work to renovate certain buildings and the wider area whilst retaining the old charm. Definitely worth a visit. Quite a few photo opps for budding photographers, and some great places to eat / drink.

Interesting and historic
Banwellan... [TA], , Banwell

We loved people watching on the ramparts and the lovely sunsets.
Interesting shopping and lots of history
The maritime museum worth a visit

Lovely piece of history
anura1961 [TA], , Rome

Galle Fort is a 17 century Dutch fort and is a wonderfully preserved piece of history. great place to spend an afternoon walking around cobblestoned streets and quaint shops and very good cafes and restaurants.

jc0691 [TA], , Brisbane, Australia

The Galle Fort is one of the must see things in Galle. We came late in the afternoon when it was uncrowded. Parking was easy, as was getting around the place.

BringBack... [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I checked three times I was in the right place as my experience bears no resemblance to the reviews on here. I was in the right place! What a disappointment!

Firstly, the walls. Take a stroll around them, pleasant enough but grassed over and pretty unassuming they are. Perhaps I've been spoilt growing up in York, those are proper walls! But there's lumps of concrete all over.
Loads of gem shops and tat within the walls. Just rubbish. Stick to the beaches.

Actually it'd be a good place to watch the cricket from. Otherwise, waste of time. People of trip advisor, stop lauding this place to convince yourself it wasn't a waste of time!

must see place
VOlesia [TA], , Odessa, Ukraine

I love lighthouses and of course i had to visit Galle Fort to see the lighthouse, all area of the fort is very clean and beautiful and in big contrast with the rest of the city

Historical Enjoyable Place
RoJa198 [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

This is a Dutch fort which was built in Dutch era in Sri Lanka. There is no entrance fees. It is located just aside the beach. There is a light house and good foot path. It has been renovated but most of the ancient buildings are still there.
You can have a sea bath, play a game, enjoy leisurely or even you can sit calmly and enjoy the view of the Indian ocean. There is no age barrier in there to enjoy.
There are delicious food houses even though price is bit high.
Anyway this is a must visit place if you are travelling to Southern part of Sri Lanka.

Historic Area
Mag0622 [TA], , Shanghai, China

This is a historic area in Galle. The wall, I believe, was damaged in the tsunami but this is interesting to see. Cute streets with shopping and some restaurants.

A good thing to see
Erin T [TA], , London, United Kingdom

It is worth seeing the fort if you are travelling through Galle. It is worth learning about the history of it to enjoy it. Most people have a guide, which I didn't, I had just read about it in my guidebook.
However, you don't need more than 2-3 hours there. I enjoyed walking around the shops in the fort and people were friendly.

Must see attraction in Galle!!
Nayalia S [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Old Galle Fort with great Monument of old Dutch and British military building, surrounded by breathtaking Indian Ocean. There's lots of history to explore.. And we enjoyed little shops and some nice bars and restaurants. We had a lovely day out at Galle fort!!

Must see in galle
Mark S [TA], , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a must see attraction in galle. But try to see if you could get hold of a guide who can provide you with the details which makes your visit more meaningful. Beware of what they are charging. They tend to charge whatever the prices they feel right. If you are a photographer there are plenty of places to capture.

Enjoy an afternoon stroll
abbeyroad... [TA], ,

A great place to take an afternoon stroll, relaxing and peaceful place. There are plenty of stores that sell handmade jewelries. Best Galle attraction.

Quite Unique
AdamBilgy [TA], , Trowbridge, United Kingdom

One of the best preserved examples of a colonial fort in Asia. Well worth seeing. I would see it early morning or later in the afternoon to avoid coach parties.

patjaniak [TA], , Warsaw, Poland

Old Galle Fort, great Monument of Dutch and British XVII century military building. Little Europe in Sea of Sri Lanka :). It really look strange in this climate and in this place. Wide walls, old XVII cent Houses. Bad idea to come there in the afternoon - it is tooo hot! Inside this old houses it is really cooler, but still. The best is to come there in the morning or in the evening

Nice walk
Casey S [TA], , London, England, United Kingdom

It's nice to walk around the wall and see the old city and the history. There's a few annoying sellers as usual, including one guy who claims he's the cook at your hotel and wants money for his sick wife's medication. Strangely enough he can't actually name the hotel where he works! Also Not much shade so take water and a hat!

Galle Fort
beverleys... [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Lovely little shops and some nice bars and restaurants; lots of history; markets outside the fort are interesting.

Great Galle Fort
Maar-itt [TA], , Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Galle Fort has a great atmosphere, the houses are wonderfully build. Perfect for a afternoon stroll. Within a few hours you are able to visit the whole fort. Too bad everything is overpriced within the fort.

It's a fort
Skypolice [TA], , Doha, Qatar

Old dutch fort which is well preserved. Worth a visit and a walk around the streets inside. Plenty of small boutiques and restaurants. We had a meal at Mama's which was lovely.

A must visit..
Amaranthi... [TA], ,

This fort stood tall against time and didn't even crumble when the Tsunami lashed out on it. Amazing how well people in the past could build..

Nice day trip!
RajHalve [TA], , Mumbai, India

The Galle Fort is actually a huge area populated by quaint restaurants, museums, shops, antique sellers etc. From the ramparts you can see the ocean. But the real fun part is walking around the small roads soaking in the atmosphere!

Katerie [TA], , Riyadh

Galle Fort is an awesome setup, an absolute must when in Sri Lanka. It's clean and the old buildings are magnificent. I went at 9am, tourist busses arrived from 11h onwards, believe me you want to dodge them!

Gem of Souther Sri Lanka
Jason H [TA], ,

One of the only (if not the only) walled forts still lived in, the Galle Fort is a must. Spend the day, walk the fort, and make sure you catch the sunset with the locals! I have to Sri Lanka many time and I always visit the fort.

very nice walk by the sea
Amehelba [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Should have a local guide to tell u the stories there , otherwise it will be just a walk as any beach.

Walls built by Dutch men
ronaldvic... [TA], , Halle, Belgium

Galle is a little town with a beaytiful harbor and from the Fort you have really nice panorama's.
The fort is nothing more then a wall to protect the ancient Galle. You must see it if you are in the neaberhood, it would take 30 minutes ' by car'.Later , after my visit to Galle i was told that behind the houses in their garden, there should be lot's of beautiful bars. Only known by locals . So i could not verify lease cheq it out.

Nice and clean
Oshani P [TA], ,

you must visit the fort if you go to Galle. there are plenty of restaurants where you can select and enjoy your meals. dont mis the fort jumper.

zkolex [TA], , Moscow, Russia

Nice old place to wander around in a free time. Historical buildings are in a great contrast with outer Sri Lankan city.

Galle Fort Dutch Hospital Reopening
Aruna I [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

Nice Place to visit and buy lot of memorable, Ceremonial gifts. As well you have a nice sea view. Its a place to visit

Worth a visit
Snookystr... [TA], , Australia

Galle Fort is well worth a visit. Certainly different to any other part of Sri Lanka that we visited. We stopped here between our trip from Mirissa to Hikkaduwa. It was a nice walk along the perimeter of the Fort. There are a few persistent locals trying to sell tablecloths, bracelets etc and get you to give money if you look at the Cobras in the baskets. Just say no and keep on walking to enjoy the scenery.

Surprising very cute town
Sheree L [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

It was a beautiful little town like being in Venice, Italy with all the tiny streets and beautiful buildings and some loverly shops and restaurants.

Nice and colonial
SammyDV [TA], , Lier, Belgium

The old city is surrounded by impressive fortifications and gates. Nice views from up there during a walk.
Half a day is more than enough to visit this place!

Retained its history
TomBaul [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Do not be deterred by the fancy hotels, upmarket coffee shops etc. This place is still fantastic. I suggest just strolling around the perimeter, breaking off to explore some side streets. Do it at dusk as there is a very nice sunset to be had and the cool breeze makes it an interesting and fresh walk.

Random Wanderings
JillFerg [TA], , Ashvem Beach, India

It was very clean and beautiful. Great place to go for a sunset stroll. If you want to see the churches and such need to come earlier though.

Lovely stroll
lisastamf... [TA], , Stamford, United Kingdom

We travelled by train for 100 rupees 2nd class about 50p from Aluthgama, we then spent the day wandering around the fort armed with the lonely planet guide, lunch at Mama Galles rooftop restaurant was outstanding.

Step back in time
supsleo [TA], , Bangalore, India

A walk around the Galle Fort is like taking a step back in time.. Despite the tourists and the cafes, the place has retained it's sense of history. With cobblestone streets and antique shops mixing with fancy hotels and bars, this is the place to go to experience another facet of Sri Lanka.

Beautiful walk along the old fort walls
markymark... [TA], , Manchester, United Kingdom

This is a great walk to do, especially in the late afternoon before dusk. Very popular with locals and tourists. Forget about a set route, just meander and explore the streets in the old town. It's not very big so it's perfect for this!

good city
weronikab... [TA], , Moscow, Russia

galle fort is a good for the visitors.that is a fotress .un believable creation.that is belong to dutch period..there are many kind of colonial style buldings ,church, and shopping molds in side of the galle fort.

wonderful place
shielanag... [TA], , Portsmouth, United Kingdom

This is a wonderful place to visit - great architecture, views, shops and restaurants. I would recommend getting there early when it nice and quite. Highly recommended!

It was an amazing place where you see the ruins of an ancient culture. A beautiful view of the Galle town from the top
Dharmasri... [TA], , Kuwait, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait

It is an unforgettable place to visit. Liked the ancient places as well as shopping areas and restaurants inside fort. I did not have anything to dislike

A jewel in history
Hillary L [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

It's hot so be prepared, plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent
Keep up the liquids
The architecture
The people such a mix of cultures
The food was amazing
The drinks well priced
The service was great

Loved it
BellaPete... [TA], , United Kingdom

Fantastic views visit during the week it is busy at weekends. Peaceful during the week. Great photo opportunities.

Fascinating architecture - interesting people
Simon B [TA], , Auckland Region, New Zealand

Galle Fort is home for 495 families. And is full of interesting shops, great restaurants and cafes. It is very compact so you can get around the whole place just walking and soaking up the cool atmosphere. The old buildings are from another era and are being lovingly preserved. It is a real place with real people - but as a tourist, I was well looked after - plenty to see and drink and eat. We spent 3 days here - and could have stayed longer. Galle town is an easy walk away past the international cricket grounds so plenty to see and do. And the railway and bus stations are very close too. Not close enough to walk with big bags so take a tuk tuk.

lots to see
debbyian [TA], , Kingston-upon-Hull, United Kingdom

a larger place than we thought it was going to be, with basically a small town inside the walls with shops, bars and hotels, great views from the top of the walls

A look at colonial Sri Lanka
Bruce W [TA], , Springfield, Massachusetts

Galle Fort is a cute place to visit if you want to get an idea of colonial Dutch Sri Lanka. It's very cute, and you can walk the whole place in about 2-3 hours. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and little coffee shops to visit. But, they were pretty full when I went. The best part of the fort is the climb up the fortress wall to see the ocean views. You have to politely decline A LOT of peddler's trying to sell you stuff, but it's worth it.

A Good Vantage Point to View the Indian Ocean
pinoytrav... [TA], , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Galle Fort is located in the Old Town. The area is filled with heritage buildings, churches, hotels, restaurants, coffeeshops and jewelry stores, this is a nice place to spend some time for a leisure walk around the Old Town. I climbed the fortress walls and enjoyed the view of the Indian Ocean.

Top spot
Richard P [TA], , Canberra, Australia

You can see it all in a day...

Walk is all so close...

They will offer tuk tuk tours but the whole place can be seen on foot really easily. Sunset-Evening walk around the ramparts is not to be missed.

CHRISTINA... [TA], , Athens, Greece

It is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument. It is beautiful to walk inside. There are many shops, restaurants, Hotels and beautiful churches.

Calm within a busy city!
LMR29 [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The fort is lovely for just strolling around, there are lots of coffee shops, restaurants, spas and shops, but nothing much else to do. The fort is a nice place to while away the hours and chilling out.

Well-Worth Your Time!
Sue R [TA], , Las Vegas, Nevada

Galle Fort, located strategically on the Indian Ocean, is a treat to visit. Entry to the fortified city is free. Recommend walking the cobblestone streets and enjoy the ambiance!

Sri Lanka highlight
EddyBee19... [TA], , Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Nice Dutch colonial fort that survived the ages and the 2004 tsunami (without damage to the buildings inside the fort).

Nice mix of buildings that are in their original state and buildings that have been restored.

The wall itself is quite impressive and offers great views over the coastal area.

Highly recommended!

Stunning landmark in southern city of galle
RatnaK-Co... [TA], , Sri Lanka

I visited the fort with my family for fun and education for my children. The fort is very well preserved and you can walk on the ramparts all the way and climb up to gun ports for stunning views of Indian ocean. You can see the light house also
The government has declared the whole port including the buildings inside the fort to historic landmark so the whole fort is preserved. Also you can visit the museum inside to fort to gain invaluable information on the Dutch occupation and it's impact on Sri Lanka

Meredith... [TA], , Perth, Australia

Stunning setting, felt like I was walking back in time. Beautiful Terraced gardens and lovely shops and restaurants. Very safe.

AlisonCil... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

You must see this place - so clean and so well patronised. On a hot day take a hat or umbrella to shade off the sun!

Worth visiting
rdominic [TA], , Mumbai

Galle fort town is like a little walled town around the fort. Its a little bit of Europe within Sri Lanka... They have a lot of accommodation options in there... By-lanes with dutch architecture this place is a must visit. Loads of tiny cafes around to sit by and relax on a a sunny afternoon.

Nice view, no entry fee
Viola S [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Great view over Galle and the cricket stadium. Interesting to see the old prison. Worth a quick visit.

Simply a must
PastorVas... [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

If you get off the plane and need to get a taste of Sri Lanka within a week... please do not miss out on Galle Fort! It's a place for quaint shopping, lazy night walks, bargain hunting (always suggest 50% less than quoted) and watching the world go by from the ramparts or visiting the numerous renovated houses by American and European expatriates!

Phillip W [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

It's like going back in time. Totally unspoilt. Wish we had more time just to hang out there. We enjoyed lunch at the Rampart Hotel. Get in early and reserve a good table in the morning and head back there for lunch

DelorisG4 [TA], , Providence, Rhode Island

Inside the fort at Galle was Anglican experience. There were many little shops and friendly owners encouraging you to visit their shops. We arrived during Poya, evening of the full moon. During this time we were given treats to celebrate the full moon rising over the fortified fort. There were schools and churches and muezzins crying prayers from a distance. I felt like I had been thrown back in time. This little fort is worth the visit.

Lots of history
767Crusad... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

We'll worth a visit

Go later in the day when it is cooler and less people

You can easily spend a few hours wandering around the shops

Great views

great little shops and cafes
roamingjo... [TA], , wiltshire

the beautiful buildings and the quiet little streets. A great place to be based for Galle and great views on all sides of the sea.

amazing slice of history
asiantrav... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Enjoy now with a wide choice of restaurants and cafes. Take your time and walk the ramparts as well as some interesting shops in the fort streets

Like history? This ones for you!
mpsm [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Fascinating history of this fort. It's vast and a good walk around. The only concern is if you have active children keep a close watch on them - it can be dangerous. There are no barriers to keep people from falling off the fort into the sea or ground below.

Beautiful Fort
MVRicky [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Very beautiful place and shopping and food heaven. There are so many Restaurants in this area. Must visit place.

nice fort
jeni p [TA], , Scottsboro, Alabama

nice, but dedicateci only a few hours, does not deserve a lot of time, beautiful and lively town fortification and happy to shoot yourself quietly, taking just a few precautions

childhood memories
kalyani_g... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

I have visited Galle Fort on umpteenth occasions as a child & later on lived in Galle in 1986/1987
The memories of childhood is always stronger, The walks along the ramparts,watching the sea from the high walls, quaint looking houses in equally quaint narrow cobbled streets,secretive Harbour Master,s bungalow where we smuggled in our Tamil colleagues long years ago, Dutch church, light house, all these are remaining as it was so many years back.
It's one of the most attractive places where time has stood still & you can let your imagination take you to times rest of the people have forgotten.

Galle Fort
KJW008 [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

This is a must and you need to have lunch or Dinner at Amangalla - this is the equivalent to Raffles in Singapore.

ashan-tra... [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

gall fort is absolutely brilliant.that have nice wive and buildings are very old.the gall city is very beautyfull.

Best Attraction in Galle
Mcenroy [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

The best attraction in Galle with the Lighthouse and Fort. Try visiting the plave at around 4 to get a sunset view and to avoid the heat of the sun. Highly recommended visit if staying in Galle.

Great Place for Wandering
Kairho1 [TA], , Ocala, Florida

Not too big and not too small, Galle Fort can be wandered in half a day, not counting visiting the several museums. Just the right mix of quaint, shopping, upscale and downscale.

Old World Charm
HushidarK... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Galle fort is a must see if you like old colonial architecture. Most of the houses date back a couple of hundred years, and some are very well maintained. People are friendly and welcoming, many of them have started small restaurants where you can sample local cuisine. There's a long stretch of sea wall that's fun to walk on, and the blue ocean and orange skies make for some pretty pictures.

Colonial times!
Sanduni T [TA], , Kotte, Sri Lanka

It truly felt like I have traveled back in time. The architecture is well preserved and maintained. This is an excellent place for an evening walk or a photo shoot. There are plenty of cafes and restaurant to grab a quick bite. And if you are here, don't forget to try an ice cream cone from Pedlar's Inn Gelato.

Walk to the 17th century
Agampodi [TA], , Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Not changed for 3 centuries the original dutch architecture in Galle Fort make it one of the top tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. It is a safe place to walk in night time (and you should do this in night)

Great walk
Nigel B [TA], , Rotorua

Amazing historic structure with lots of fine colonial building .
Worth several hour walk
Fort Dew was a great spot for a beer overlooking the green,which was used for cricket and soccer

World heritage - Well preserved
Udupasubb... [TA], , Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Must see - Mini dutch colony - Super clean and friendly people -spent lot of time near lighthouse and court complex

Surprisingly interesting
jimbo657 [TA], , Portsmouth, United Kingdom

We were driven down from kalutara for a day trip to Galle. This was one of the main events on the itinerary, we weren't expecting much, after all, once you've seen one fort/castle/battlements/military establishment, you've seen them all. What this military fortification offers; stunning views across the Indian Ocean, unbelievable stupidly macho young divers who deserve every tip you give them for the mad dives they do, it's right next door to one of the worlds most beautiful cricket grounds and finally the history of the place itself is very interesting. Add to this the fact that it's the only place in Galle untouched by the 2004 Tsunami and you have a destination that is worth visiting. The journey here was also very worthwhile as you get to see the scene of the infamous train disaster, be warned it's very moving!!!

Walk back to Dutch Era
Nirmana [TA], , Colombo

Old colonial buildings, few old churches and museums .
You can watch a nice sunset if the sky is clear and there are many restaurants with a variety of cuisines.

Wayne B [TA], , Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand

Can't miss this - must see. Great place to see in the evening. Excellent history and views of the ocean

A must in Sri Lanka!
BathAndy [TA], , Bath

Entering the fort is the closest you will get to taking a step back in time. It is possible to walk the majority of the way round the walls, which provide a fantastic view of the old town and the sea all around the fort.
The highlight for me was see 2 different types of turtle in the shallow water around the fort. Absolutely magical!

jiffryi [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Quaint little seaside town with the old world charm. A must when travelling to Sri Lanka. Great lodging, friendly people, delicious food.

Charming town
CelesteSG [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

My family and I spent three nights within the fort walls in Dec 2013.

It's a comfortable introduction to Sri Lanka for us, the old town. The cobbled streets are clean, the restored fort beautiful, it's ocean-front location magical. The many lifestyle shops and cafes are welcoming and makes this town the perfect base from where to explore part of the South Coast. We went on a whale watching trip in Mirissa from here, visited the traditional fish market in the main city of Galle and caught stilt fishermen in action at nearby Unawatuna. We even hiked a small part of the Rumassala headlands.

The town itself is picturesque, charming and so easy to like. Please have a look at for pictures we took in town.

Part of the charm, for me, was the active local community, still living within the old town. I hope that will continue to be.

A must see in Galle!
Aneesha I [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

One of the 'definitely see' things in Galle. The fort retains its colonial nature and inside the fort, lies a totally different world to whats outside.

Beautiful fort
maybeblon... [TA], , Birmingham

Stayed in the fort, which is a great contrast to the rest of galle. Very pretty to walk around, and despite staying for 3 weeks I'm not sure we even found every sidestreet but could easily be covered in one afternoon walk.

Changing quickly
Raven678 [TA], , Dusseldorf, Germany

A bit of a ghost town and quickly turning into a 'seminyak' of galle. Visit it now before it turns into Disneyland. Architecturally interesting but smells a bit like a tourist trap.

Fort by the Ocean
RajatGang... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Most tourist, atleast from India, give this a slip which prompts me to say that this place is under rated. I would put it up high on my list and definitely higher that Kandy. Experience the clear water, admire the fort and take time to go through it. Surprised to see how well it is maintained. Take time to sit on the wall during the sun-set. Also take time to go for whale watching. Few good hotels around and do take the old road while travelling to Galle from Colombo atleast for one side of the journey. Would be amazed to see the ocean changing its color.

Nice walk around the fort
superman3... [TA], , midlands uk

When we went to Galle we had a look around the town and also the fort. It was nice and relaxing and plenty to look at.
There is some steps down to the beach for a nice swim with the locals.
Make sure you have your camera with you.

There are plenty of people trying to sell you stuff and they will not leave you alone. Just tell them to leave you alone.

Pretty :-)
Karina B [TA], , Langkawi, Malaysia

Lovely place to chill and relax while you walk along the ramparts and watch life go by :-) The view changes as you walk along the wall - its raised position also makes it a great vantage point for observing the rest of the town.

Mrloughto... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

The fort is an experience ! if you're travelling to Galle its a must seen ! If you're eating , try to little restaurants on back streets, don't full for the seafront .

Well worth a visit
hulagirlS... [TA], , Surrey

Galle Fort is the main attraction in Galle. Well worth a visit. You can walk around the fort and see the clock tower. The views are amazing. It was used against the British, the Dutch and the Portuguese.

Old town with Dutch season
Louis A [TA], , Florida, New York

Those are the dutch architectural but most of the development done by ancient Sri Lankans. I strongly tell this, there is no such a good information centre...

Perfect example of old fortified town
AmeliaBoo [TA], , Richmond upon Thames, null, United Kingdom

Just like Valetta in Madiera, if a little smaller. You can wander the streets and the ramparts enjoying the views and the world walking past. Some great little shops and cafes as well.

Lovely place to hand around
karine062 [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

We really like the art deco architecture. It was really great to walk around. Comming from Singapore, it is very unique to have this atmostphere.

An Enjoyable Historic Area
gsrs [TA], , usa

Tourists here include us westerners and many many school children. Everyone is having a terrific time or so it seems. We were fortunate to be here on a day when wedding couples in a variety of outfits were having their official photographs taken

nice wallk round
Tatty_Ras... [TA], , Barcelona, Spain

it was nice atmosphere to walk around in and to see the ramparts. there are some nice shops to take a look in, some items are grossly overpriced.

Galle Fort in the afternoon
Armando R [TA], ,

it´s possible to visit galle fort in one afternoon, or if you want to stay in a calm place, there are good hotels and restaurants. can´t miss the marine archeology museum!

Great place to stay
Pianofing... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Lovely heritage accommodation; Unfortunately no tea facilities in room. Has a pool and is in a great location.

Worth a visit if you are in the area
l1ttlem1s... [TA], , London

We enjoyed our few hours in Galle, though this was as much for the stop-off and stretch of legs as the scenery if I'm being honest. The area is quite pretty- a rough sea banging crashing on to the shores and a fort wall surrounding the area. You can get some lovely pictures near the lighthouse and a of the surrounding bay too. We particularly enjoyed wandering down the lanes within the fort walls and there are a good few shops for souvenir shopping, though it can get very hot, and therefore this is best for early morning or in the afternoon.
If you are looking to eat in Galle there are no shortage of restaurants and cafés. We found a lovely place on the seafront with a Belgian chef who cooks great seafood.

Nice place to enjoy sunset
Pranay K [TA], , Gurgaon, India

This place is a walking distance from Galle railway station and Bus Stand, and is overlooking the Galle cricket stadium. Lovely historical fort and city. Take a walk in the city lanes, visit the church, mosque and lighthouse.
Relax and enjoy

little testy
akwaba46 [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

Now a little expensive and small portion not much good since last year, the service little bad and cooking not good

don't miss it
george g [TA], , Manchester, United Kingdom

The fort and walls were impressive, but it was the collection of shops , boutique hotels and restaurants that provide a great experience. It is most unexpected, and should not be missed. I will be returning to the beach resort at Unawatuna, and the Fort will be included again. Well worth the dodgy tuk tuk ride.

Historical, trendy shops and restaurants
annechop [TA], , sydney

Galle fort is a must if you can get there. A large fort, beautifully positioned by the water, containing narrow streets, beautifully homes and boutique hotels. The architecture is interesting and dates back to the forts occupation (obviously). There are some lovely shops even if they are pricey, selling unusual products, particularly home wares (we recommend Barefoot for products not seen elsewhere). A guided tour is worth the money and time. You can even swim at a small, secluded beach. We recommend Crepe-ology for dining lunch or dinner. Great atmosphere and great food.

Loved it!
M L [TA], ,

We like walking through well preserved but not kitschy small towns/villages. A UNESCO world heritage site. The fort area has lovely architecture, good restaurants and hotels, good museums, nice walk along the ramparts, good local color. A definite place to stay and visit.

A Charming Fort
NvnRjn [TA], , Coimbatore, India

The Galle Fort is a live fort as in, it still has a functioning live city inside its walls.
You can walk on the ramparts and take in the scenery of crystal clear water where local kids swim while watching the magical sunset.
There are lots of restaurants and watering holes inside the fort if you need refreshments and a lot of stores that sell local paintings and knick knacks.
I would recommend spending half a day or a whole day here. Any more than this, you might get bored.

2nd best, # 1 in value
Per N [TA], , Paris, France

There are many nice guesthouses in Galle, so if you find your favorite their you might not need to stay overnight in Hotel Fort Galle. But take a meal in the beautiful hotel anyhow, it's really nice.
Menu for dinner: chosen by the hotel, but you will like it!

Dutch Jewelry Fort
tianyi z [TA], , Beijing, China

We visited the Galle Fort in a sunny afternoon of Feb 2014. It's too hot to stay long on the wall, so we spent more time within the fort. Generally speaking, it's nice: the building, banyan true, church, etc. But if I can still remember one thing about Galle Fort in 10 years, that should be the Jewelry shops, everywhere in the Fort.

A little history
BC52 [TA], , Cannes, France

Round every corner a little surprise ! So many interesting boutiques and coffee stops. Pleasantly busy but not crowded

Just awesome
Travellor... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

The best place in Sri Lanka! You won't be disappointed. Take a walk along the wall at sunset.....beautiful.

nice walk on top of the fort walls
californi... [TA], , california

fun to walk along the top of the fort walls. we did this on a Sunday around sunset and it was very pretty and lively with lots of families around. good views.

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