Peradeniya is a town of about 50,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Kandy in Sri Lanka. It is situated on the A1 main road connecting Kandy and Colombo, just a few kilometres west of Kandy.
Peradeniya is famous for the Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Asia, It is situated in a slope of the Mahaweli river and attracts many visitors from Sri Lanka as well as from abroad.
Another key attribute of this city is the University of Peradeniya which is the second oldest University in Sri Lanka[citation needed] . Its buildings are of mixed colonial and Indian style amongst the lush vegetation of the Sri Lankan hill country. The Department of Agriculture is also located here.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 3 h

Tourist reviews about Peradeniya

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens / Королевский Ботанический Сад
Александр... [TA], , Moscow, Russia

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens
Королевский Ботанический Сад посетили в апреле в составе обзорной экскурсии по Канди. Сад площадью 59,5 га, находится в 6 км от города Канди, в местечке Перадения, расположен на "полуострове" в виде подковы, который "образован" самой большой в Шри-Ланке рекой Махавели (Mahaweli Ganga). За входной билет отдали 1100 рупий (для местных раз в 10 дешевле и в кафе тоже - Понять и Простить). Попали под дождик, нам всем выдали зонтики, через полчаса дождик кончился. В воскресенье было много народу, экскурсионных групп, детей, влюблённых парочек, но парк огромен есть где погулять и что посмотреть. Не удержались, решили сфоткать одну парочку, в ответ они сфоткали нас, прикольно, на самом деле народ доброжелательный. Очень удивило, что есть деревья, которые посадил царь Николай II и Юрий Гагарин. Пьяная алея вдоль реки на ней произрастают изогнутые хвойные деревья - сосны Кука. Множество, необычных, сказочных и исполинских деревьев, заросли гигантского бамбука. Оранжерея с разными видами орхидей - вход бесплатный.
Если возьмёте с собой бананы, можно будет покормить гуляющих по аллее обезьян, только следите за сумочками и фотиками. Есть колония летучих лисиц, днем они пытаются спать. Если вам пытаются что-то показать, рассказать, помочь, дать попробовать "местные", то скорее всего потом попросят отблагодарить, обычно 100Rs рупий (можно 1$ или 1€, ну или 50₽ и пригласить в Россию).
При выходе сувенирные, ювелирные, аюрведические лавки. Кстати в основном в ланкийскую косметику не добавляют химию, срок годности не более 3 месяцев, не набирайте. Купили местную зубную пасту - во рту все горит.
Королевский Ботанический Сад очень понравился, море впечатлений, куча фоток, трёх часов на посещение маловато.

Large but not value for money
AmMoNZ [TA], , Hong Kong

Went here because reviews were excellent however we felt there were nice large grounds but lacked some TLC in many places. Lots of bats and some bird life. Map that was given at the ticket office was helpful and accurate. Herb/medicinal garden was dying (as were other specialist gardens) and the labels of each plant were either faded, coming off or non-existent. Given it costs 1100R per person it should be and has the potential to be much better managed. We spent about 45min there to stretch the legs.

Well worth a visit
GerMar60 [TA], , Burton-on-Trent

The gardens are very reminiscent of an English parkland. The whole area is beautifully kept - an excellent flower garden and superb orchid house.

Give yourself enough time
howard_ke... [TA], , Plymouth, United Kingdom

These are lovely gardens to walk round. Our driver wa convinced we only needed an hour to visit - do not believe it, I would suggest 2 hours for non gardeners and 3+ for any keen botanists etc. 2 hours will give you time to walk through the gardens and have a drink or ice cream on the way out, 1 hour makes everything a route march!

Superb gardens.
FullTime... [TA], , Cambridge, United Kingdom

Very nice. Mature, well laid out and well kept. The design would beat many other national gardens. Really enjoyed the visit. We easily spent 3-4 hours here.

An Amazing Garden
mossgrant [TA], , London, United Kingdom

A really amazing garden where you could spend a day. The trees are spectacular, and there are many greenhouses with orchids and other succulents. The garden beds are well kept. An unforgettable memory is the bats in the trees near the river. There are millions!!

Worth a visit!
seastream... [TA], , Helsinki, Finland

Nice and beautiful garden and really worth a visit. Entrance fee for foreigners is 1100 RF but very worth it as there are many different areas to experience and the orchid house is a real treat.

Peaceful haven from the madness.
fillyk [TA], , wolverhampton

Sri Lanka and it's noise, mad driving, colours, hustle and bustle can be pretty full on. A visit to the botanical gardens is peaceful and gives you chance to relax. They are beautifully maintained and very obviously influenced by the Victorian, colonial presence. The variety of planting is impressive, and it's well worth spending an hour or two quietly wandering around, strolling down palm avenues, sitting on the well manicured lawns or watching the monkeys going about their business. The orchid house is particularly lovely and well worth a visit.
Unlike many attractions in Sri Lanka, this would be easily accesible for wheelchairs, buggies or those with mobility issues.

Absolutely gorgeous
lvchrisb [TA], , Weehawken, New Jersey

We really didn't know what to expect when visiting this garden. Even though it was a rainy day, we decided to get a tuk-tuk ride over there to check it out. And wow, we were so impressed! The place is huge and full of the most amazing plants, trees, flowers and wildlife! We spent about 2 hours exploring and it probably would have been 3+ hours if it hadn't been raining. On the day we were there, there was a huge bat colony hanging from some trees on the western side of the park - quite amazing! We'd consider this place to be a "must-see" if visiting Kandy for 2 or more days.

Amazing Colours
MrandMrsB... [TA], , Cornwall

The Royal Botanical Gardens were a most pleasant surprise. Well worth the visit and an unexpected treat.
Beautifully laid out, breathtakingly colourful and thoroughly well-maintained. Everything about the place is on a sensational scale. The Orchid house is very interesting and there are also many species birds and a few animals for additional entertainment. This place is a real delight.

Pleasure gardens
CornelGR [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

We were given to understand that the Royal Botanical Gardens was built by a Sinhala king as a pleasure garden. It offers an expansive uninterrupted view of an amazing variety of trees, plants, and flowers. The garden has the river Mahaweli on three sides of its boundary, and within the garden there are lawns and lakes having a variety of of snakes and reptiles and plants. What caught my attention most was the double coconut palms which produce the largest seed in the plant kingdom. At one part of the boundary there were huge plants totally inhabited by flying foxes. There were also other birds, bee,s butterflies, etc. A good thing about the garden is that it provides educational opportunities to the public and to school children and helps develop a love of flori-culture and horticulture.

A proper visit would require atleast half a day spent here.

Very well maintained, must visit
UltraCool... [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Kandy Botanical garden is a must. Do not miss it. Its a 15 minute bus ride from Kandy bus stand. I paid LKR.1200 for the ticket. You need to show your passport as proof that you are Indian. If not, you will have to pay more. You need around 1.5 to 2 hours to roam around the garden. There is a small shop at the entrance where some tasty buns and snacks are available.

For more on Sri Lanka, you can check out my detailed blog post:!/2015/03/sri-lanka-12-days.html

Worth a Visit
tim487 [TA], , Surfers Paradise, Australia

Impressed with the maintenance of the gardens and the variety of plants. Enjoyed walking within the grounds, having a coffee at the cafe and soaking up the views.

An oasis of peace
CathieO3 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Well laid out and we thoroughly enjoyed walking round the gardens and they are beautiful and well maintained. It was so peaceful and we saw a tree full of fruit bats too. Toilets in good condition

Brilliant place and must see
abhik897 [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

A must see place when in kandy. Very very well kept and nicely laid out. Huge collection of flora from around the world. Nice description for easy understanding. Very neat and clean. Be prepared to walk a lot. At the entry you arr given a map which will guide you through the large garden area.

Wow... Never miss
898MMG [TA], , Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), India

Wow... Never miss. Very huge but Beautiful, I suggest to take a buggy which cost LKR 1000 and cover all places.
Its a place all Srilankan must feel proud off.

Amazing garden
UaeZak [TA], , UAE

Well set out with many interesting tress and plants with very informative signage and not forgetting the huge bats. Nice garden restaurant offering open buffe and drinks.

A break from the traffic madness
Linda D [TA], , Liverpool

Enjoy a nice stroll around the gardens, lots of plants and trees. A guide showed us a live scorpion in the grass, be prepared if anyone shows you anything you will be expected yo tip.

Great piece of history
Renoir999 [TA], , Lincoln, United Kingdom

Great place to spend a couple of hours wandering around, loved the avenue of palms, the orchids and the snake charmer sat outside the gift shop.

Splendid gardens near Kandy
GrumpsDC [TA], , Cheltenham, United Kingdom

We spent a couple of hours here today and I wish we had had more time for the visit. There is so much to see - the Memorial Garden area was the top highlight for me, seeing which world leaders had taken the time out to plant a tree (so much history). The gardens are very well tended - and clearly a favourite spot for courting couples!
An absolute must for your Sri Lanka tour.

Take at least 4 hours
Eli R [TA], ,

It is the most beautiful botanical garden we have seen. It is well maintained with species you can see just in glass houses in europa. It is quiet big and just walk around takes some hours. Rhere are also places just to lay down on the grass and chill, so make sure you have enought time for that too :-) Don't miss once in Kandy

Fantastic gardens
Carole843... [TA], , Bath, England

It is a perfect, peaceful place to wander around for a few hours, immaculately kept and the variety of trees is very interesting. I found it fascinating looking at all the ones planted by various famous people.

Well worth a chunk of time
ChinaFanN... [TA], , New York, NY

We only spent 75 minutes here and I wish we'd allotted much more time. It really is spectacular - imho one of the most beautiful botanical gardens anywhere. And as others have said, it's an oasis from a very interesting but incredibly crowded and frenetic city. Go!

Wish I can give it much more than 5 Stars
JJala [TA], , Doha, Qatar

An AWSOME park. Please dont miss it!!! You need at least 3 hours to fully enjoy this beautiful place with splendid colours, various plantation and amazing shapes of trees.
Also very relaxing.

Anna B [TA], , Stavanger, Norway

If you enjoy long walks in a park or have any feelings for being in a green place, this is a place for you. Incredibly huge, beautiful garden. Plan to spend from half a day to a whole day there! So much to see, so many places to relax and enjoy nature. The canteen on the site has adequate and reasonably priced food (not for the foodies though, but fills your stomach just right).

Definitely a go.

Very nice gardens.
5035Micha... [TA], , Adelaide, Australia

The gardens are very well maintained and it's a nice way to spend a bit of time. We were surprised by the number and sizes of some of the bamboos. Entry price is about $11AUD. There is a restaurant and cafe within the gardens.

When around Kandy, must visit
Stifke [TA], , Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A walk takes around 1 hour or more. Entrance fee is 1100 rupees pp. Its highly maintained and beautifull. Its quiet and peacefull. I liked the bamboe and palm avenues the best. Also nice flowers. Shop at the exit has suprisingly good stuff. I highly recommend a visit.

....Beautiful Garden in Kandy....
FOLK101 [TA], , Gurgaon, India

Apart from other attractions in Kandy, this is surely a nice place.

The botanical garden is huge and they have maintained it very well. Its very clean and many spots are very good for taking pictures. Take a walk of the whole area.

There is gift shop when you exit, a good place to buy souvenirs....

worth short visit
HappyCana... [TA], , Charlottetown, PEI

Well laid out gardens with a variety of paths to follow. Orchid house is small but lovely. Exit is thorough quite a large gift shop.

Beautiful scenery
AndroBroz... [TA], , Stuttgart, Germany

We visited the garden on a beautiful sunny day and spent about hour and a half walking around and still not seeing all. One can easily spend the day relaxing in the walk or having a drink at the cafeteria. A good guide is preferable as they can tell a lot of interesting stories.

Lovely relaxing gardens,
JanetYO22 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

This is a great place to escape the noise and traffic of Kandy. I visited on a glorious sunny day after heavy rain so the place was exceptionally green and colourful, although the ground damp underfoot and the grass too wet to sit on.
Well maintained and well worth a few hours stroll.
Places to sit and enjoy the scenery are scarce so take something to sit on. There is a place to buy soft drinks and ice cream and a café which did not look inspiring. Mornings are quieter as the 'tours' seem to appear in the afternoon.

Botanical Gardens in the rain
CandP_Syd... [TA], , Sydney, Australia

We were unfortunate to be in the area during the heavy rains around Christmas. Nevertheless, the Gardens are a must. Beautiful grounds. Don't miss the Orchids House. There is also a good little crafts and gifts shop and an excellent Italian coffee bar.

Beautiful gardens
UKbadiabr... [TA], , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

These gardens really are beautifully kept. Stunning vistas, peace and tranquility are what you'll enjoy here. I spent a couple of hours strolling round, enjoying the majestic old trees, the well kept lawns and the pretty flowers and plants. This was my favourite attraction in the Kandy area; really lovely.

One of the most beautifull Gardens
William_D... [TA], , Belgium

We had (again...) the bad luck to visit an outdoor activity while raining (and raining is not realy the right word but you can borrow some unbrellas at the entrance...), but nevertheless, this Botanical Garden is really a gem. Everything is well maintained and clean, and the trees, plants and flowers makes the trip unforgetable. In the centre of the parc, there is a restaurant, and the buffet is excellent (850 slr).
William, Senta & little Ella.

Nice place to take a walk.
MadBeer [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

We came on a sunny Sunday and the garden was well visited by tourists, locals and innocent lovers hiding under the trees. It's quite a Big garden, but your able to get around in a 2-3 hours without hurrying. December is not the optimal time of year to come by, but the garden still is interesting with all the trees, bamboos and palms. The orchid House is quite Small. Well worth the entrance fee imo.

Lovely Old Gardens
COLIN M [TA], , Sale, Australia

These gardens cover 59 hectares, with over 4000 species of plants.Over a million visitors come here each year,and on the day we went it was very busy,but being so large there is plenty of room. Many of the trees are really large and old, and near the river monkeys were quite plentiful. Lots of young couples can be seen together through out the gardens underneath their umbrellas.

Beautiful, well-maintained gardens
Upali A [TA], ,

The botanical gardens are beautiful and well-maintained. I visit them every time I am in Sri Lanka and the beauty of these botanical gardens never ceases to amaze me. However, I did have some problems with the security guards who, apparently, couldn't recognise what a camera was and stopped me to look inside my camera bag and to inspect my camera. I thought this was a bit ridiculous considering the amount of people in the gardens carrying DSLR cameras. Overall, my experience at the gardens was great. :)

A first class garden and escape from the city
seafare74 [TA], , SF, California

The gardens are huge and very well layed out. We enjoyed a couple hours of strolling around admiring mature trees from other parts of the world and the largest Bamboo we have ever seen. The gardens seem to be popular with couples and families with their picnic lunches. We enjoyed encountering school children that were there on assignment to seek out foreigners to practice their English skills. This was just a bit of fun added to a beautiful place to visit.

In the hustle and bustle, a haven of peace
MrHard2Pl... [TA], , Caylus, France

Stunning gardens laid out 150 years ago and immaculate (I think there are a lot of gardeners). Quite pricey, but worth it.

Just gorgeous
NAM830 [TA], , Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It was pouring rain the day we went and it was still such an enjoyable time. It's a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Beutiful Gardens
RugbyFan7... [TA], , London ,England

Toured the gardens in Golf buggy for Rs.1000.The covered in a hour and the guide was excellent.Enjoyed looking at varied flowers and plants and beautifully laid out drives.

A MUST see!
PaulinVen... [TA], , Nelson, New Zealand

We have been visiting botanical gardens all over the world for many years on our travels but never have I seen such a magnificent collection of mature trees. The setting on a bend in the river is perfect and you can wander wherever you want. Plan for at least 3 hours of great pleasure

Beautiful gardens at right time of year!
Sue C [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Visited these gardens late November. They are beautifully maintained and I suspect magnificent when in full bloom. Sadly November lends itself to more greenery than flowers. The orchid house was in part bloom and imagine magnificent in the right season. Still worth visiting off season.

November is not the best month to visit
Mariean [TA], , Montréal

We visited the Royal Botanical Gardens on the third week of November. We were there at the opening. I expected so much more flowers! I was happy to see that in the orchid house, they had more flowers. The gardens are very clean. It's beautiful even if it's not the best period of the year to visit. I enjoyed seeing the newly married couples taking pictures in their traditionnal clothes.

Beautiful day out with some amazing Insights into nature at its best
Tessa1981 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

We were here for 4 hours in the morning- go early to avoid the heat. The giant bamboo was amazing with monkeys everywhere. If you are short on time then leave out the giant fig tree but don't miss the palm trees, orchid house or previously mentioned giant bamboo plants along the river.

Heavenly Garden
Chaturang... [TA], , Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Royal Botanical Garden is a must for nature lovers. Orchid garden is a must. Lot of plant species are available. Well maintained.

Food is horrible, better take food with you. Not sufficient parking available.

beautiful gardens
Rajeshree... [TA], , Nagpur, India

there r more than 5000 species of trees and creepers.Orchid house was really worth visiting.the double coconuts were really amazing.some rare and endemic as well as flora from the tropical world are found in the gardens.there are 5 palm avenues beautifying the gardens.The entry fees of rs 1100 for foreigners is not more.if you are a nature lover , this place is a must.Keep a little extra time

Lovely Garden
Ruwan_Rat... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Paradeniya botanical garden is a lovely royal garden situated in Kandy. Bordering the Mahaweli River, Peradeniya garden is located in the best place which is suitable for a botanical garden. Such a lovely place. I like it very much.

Beauty alive
mr_Oleksa... [TA], , Breda, The Netherlands

Very diverse and colorful place. Taste it carefully, don't hurry up. Be full of energy - you'll need it to walk around the huge territory of the park. At the end you for sure will be tired but happy.

A beautiful (very big) garden.
punkmuts [TA], , Holland

This is a very beautiful garden from 147 acres. There is an orchid house, a fernery, a lake, a spice garden, double coconut palms, a flower garden, a palm avenue, bamboo trees and so on.When you are in Peradeniya you must see this. Annual visitors turn out: 1.2 million so it must be interesting. High in the treesb are during the day many bats. In the evening they wake up and start flying.

A relaxing place to visit
ioan_wils... [TA], , Newtown, United Kingdom

The gardens are well set out with plenty of interesting trees and flowers to see. The orchid house is well worth a visit. There are plenty of clean toilets around the gardens

what a beautiful charming landscape
jaymmy [TA], , Doha, Qatar

You can't go to Kandy without seeing the royal botanical gardens. It's a must see place. A piece of heaven on earth, well maintained. We really enjoyed this huge garden, we loved everything about it from plants, flowers, trees... a perfect place to relax and get connected to nature.

Well maintained garden!!
Nayalia S [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Spent the morning here,I really enjoyed our visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the grounds were peaceful and beautiful. The gardens are huge! What a great space to relax!! Definitely recommend this botanical garden anyone visits Kandy!!

So beautiful
Gisela M [TA], , Muscat, Oman

Amazing range of trees, flowers, bushes. Loved the bamboo and the orchids best. The landscaping was great.

zeina s [TA], , Beirut, Lebanon

It's a good place to spend the afternoon, great variety of plants and flowers, too bad all the orchids in the orchid house were like dead so we couldn't see any orchid flower there, but overall we loved spending time at the garden

Florian7... [TA], , Gland, Switzerland

You still hear noise from the busy road but this garden is relaxing. Avoid week ends cause it is crowded with locals (although it is funny to observe).

Peaceful oasis
SallyBomb... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Highly recommended. Beautifully kept. Signage poor, though - would be nice to see signs identifying each area.
Don't miss the orchid section and the memorial trees planted by dignitaries from all over the world.
Can spend hours walking or relaxing.
Toilets were clean.
The shop was well-stocked and had interesting items.

Really first class gardens
R Ramey [TA], ,

Plants and trees from around the world nicely arranged. It takes several hours to stroll the garden but well worth the time.

Not really my thing but I loved it
kevin c [TA], , Sydney, Australia

Beautiful gardens.! Such a great place to enjoy the person your with and take your time walking around the gardens. Fun suspension bridge you can walk half way across for those tourist photos. Worth doing.

Acres of beautiful gardens.
breakyche... [TA], , Southampton, United Kingdom

Not a lot to say about the gardens but if you have green fingers and a good guide(Dillu of Walkers Tours)you will come away enlightened.
A beautiful place like an oasis in the hustle and bussel of the city.

A few hours is a must in Kandy
r0wee [TA], , Asia

This place is very relaxing and well-maintained comparing with the busy vicinity, where you gotta be alert all the time. Very relaxing walk with a lot of clean and great spots to sit and chill, can easily spend a whole day here. Love the different exotic trees and plants - the palm trees that reminded me of California, the countless fruit bats and huge bamboos and tree trunks.

The only unpleasant thing was the cafe near the entrance, a very very disappointing and discriminating manner towards non white customers, so be ware of not being served even after approaching various servers for over 20min. Other than that, it was more than enjoyable.

Cool breeze and nice walk in the greenery
Soumya N [TA], , Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Irrespective of the weather outside, the gardens had fresh cool breeze and felt pleasant to walk around. The walking path inside the gardens are well maintained, so families with kids can bring strollers. The Avenues provide an English feel and the hanging bridge keeps you on your toes.

You will receive the map along with the entry ticket, so you can walk on your own and don't need a guide. They do have maps at few spots inside the garden so you don't miss your way.

I am not a Biologist, so just enjoyed the colourful flowers, the walk and the English rain that poured unexpectedly. Worth a visit.

Great place
Wizhmazte... [TA], , Vasteras, Sweden

Nice place to walk around, relax. Many exotic trees and plants. Lots of fruit bats in the trees. We even saw a scorpion.

Beautiful Gardens! A must!
gidrub [TA], , Netanya, Israel

You must visit these amazing gardens. The trees are beautiful. The orchids garden is very nice. We stayed here for around three hours and all of us (2 couples and 3 boys - 9 years old, 13, 15) enjoyed the place very much.

12CPV [TA], , Sydney, Australia

Well worth the short trip from central Kandy and one of my favourite botanical gardens! What an interesting and fun experience - we came across monkeys, swarms of huge fruit bats, birds, and lovely arrangements of trees and other plants throughout the well-kept park. The short walk along the suspension bridge over the river was also an experience!

Definitely a lovely space to relax and spend 2-3 hours.

By the way, you can borrow umbrellas from the park (in a building close to the entrance) just in case!

A must¡¡¡¡
Dori G [TA], ,

you can spend a whole day here, and have a picnic in it It is absolutely pretty Beautiful species, lovely walks , orchid room....One of the most enjoyable places in Sri Lanka

so beautiful
Angelika... [TA], , Schruns, Austria

we went there for a walk and ended up spending a long time there because there is so much to see. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you can spend a romantic day in a park without get pushed trough from a wave of tourists. Very calm and peaceful. There are monkeys and other animals to see between the trees.

Beautiful and peaceful
AlisonCil... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

So clean and what a beautiful space. Public toilets were extremely well serviced and although there were a lot of visitors, there was now crowding anywhere apart from the entrance.

Landscaped gardens at their best
IsabelDel... [TA], , Delhi

I defy even the most hardened urbanite not to succumb to the splendour of these Gardens which must feature on every visitor to Kandy's 'must see' list.
One could easily spend a whole day here and so advice is to plan for at least a couple of hours - early morning preferred. Take a break and enjoy drinks at the cafeteria, opting for a table on the balcony.
Watch out for the bats and the monkeys - give them the respect they deserve!

Come for the plants, stay for the monkeys
Paul T [TA], , Dublin, Ireland

We were staying locally so decided to pop down here for an afternoon. it was well worth the visit! Beautiful plants, plenty of monkeys flying about and big enough gardens to get wonderfully lost in.

Great place to go
shekchill... [TA], , Dubai

Great place to spend a few hours. There is a variety of trees, flowering plants. The landscape is well planned , especially the Grand Lawn View which reminds you of an European garden. The place is great in the middle of nowhere.

Nice but not worth the money
Ifurman [TA], , Tel Aviv, Israel

Visited there for a couple of hours. We're a young married couple and we didn't understand for what the fas is all about. Nice gardens but that's it.
Ow and don't do the mistake of eating in the inner restaurant. The food was terrible.

Nice stop
Rediff L [TA], , Washington DC, District of Columbia

We enjoyed our tour of the botanical gardens while visiting Kandy. We had seen the temple of the tooth already and had a few hours to kill before the dance show, so we went here. Although we are not biologists or tree enthusiasts of any sort, this place was cool. The bamboo forest is a nice make out spot too.

Great place to relax
Amy W [TA], , Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

I spent 5 hours here wondering through the garden and reading. It's a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by. I suggest taking food (picnic) with you. There is a cafe which has the basics though not much to choose from if vegetarian.

Beautiful Garden best attraction near kandy
Lauren K [TA], , Seoul, South Korea

If you're a nature lover then it's worth a visit. But if you're single you'll see a lot of young couples making out behind the trees or any benches in shades you find.
Other than that, variety of plants will definitely be the eye candy for you. Coffee in the cafeteria in great lawn tastes good there's also lavazza coffee near exit.
Free parking place is available across the road from entrance.

Lush greenery
Anam0105 [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Loved every bit of visiting this place. Hidden right in the Kandy, is this garden which surprised me with its scale of size and greenery. It was simply refreshing to walk here and the kids enjoyed them thoroughly.

Beautiful !!
Ravi73 [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Huge garden with a wide variety of trees, plants, flowers, etc. It is very informative and there is a lot to walk and a lot to see. One can spend an entire day or two or more to see the entire garden. They also have a suspension bridge over the river which is quite exciting to walk on. A must see for plant lovers visiting Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Nice gardens but not worth the price
Paulien V [TA], , Wellington, New Zealand

The gardens were beautiful but they were so expensive! If you love gardens, you will probably love it. What was awesome, was seeing Sri Lankans enjoying the gardens in force.

Great day
Madro27 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

A lovely way to spend part of your day walking through the park with so many plants, etc to see. but it's worth going just to see that mass of bats flying over the trees. The sound is amazing and looked like a cloud from a distance. Not what we expected at all! I recommend a visit if your a nature/ walking lover

john d [TA], ,

within the city limits I managed to visit this beautiful yet important attraction in kandy. its a great place for a family outing which i enjoyed very much. I was born in this delightful city but this is only the secind time i have visited this important and symbolic historic garden. a fan and fantastic place to have a family picnic.

Jersmish [TA], ,

Fantastic atmosphere in this historical garden. Must visit. This is srilanka s most treasured and well documented gardens. It is best to visit this place on the morning or late evening to enjoy the gentle breeze.

A must for anyone interested in nature
acorna [TA], , Vilnius

This Botanical garden definitely cannot boast in variety of flowers and the orchid house is hardly more interesting than a good quality flower shop anywhere in the world, but still this is a very worthy place to visit. There are not many more easy accessible locations where you can find such huge, aged exotic trees and even such rarities like Coco de Mer which is only rarely seen outside Seychelles. Another great attraction is the colony of flying foxes.

Huge, relaxing and wild
mikkieDee [TA], , Sydney, Australia

A lovely way to spend 1 1/2 hours. I liked the fact it wasn't overly manicured, and particularly liked watching the monkeys.

do not miss
Jawahar74 [TA], , Nairobi

we loved walking around this Botanical Garden. there were so many different species of trees, Palm Trees and many more.. the Orchid Garden was one of the best I have seen so far.. i also loved the Burmese Bamboo tress .. they were so huge !

Nice place to see
Malte S [TA], , Flensburg, Germany

It is just an amazing place to visit. If you are interested in botanical stuff or not. Just walk around for two or three hours, see nice plants, flying dogs, maybe a scorpion.

Do your visit in the morning time as the sun may be too strong later on.

A park like any other
Filip981 [TA], , Varna, Bulgaria

As it is a botanical garden with an entree fee of 1100rs we expected to see more then just an average park. As a city park it is ok but as a botanical garden it lacks to make up for the entry fee. Walking around takes about 2-3 hours. You get to see some monkeys and a lot of bats. Flowers about 0.

Beautiful gardens
anntte [TA], , Derby, United Kingdom

Great place to visit. The gardens have some amazing varieties of tree. Don't miss the sausage trees, or cannonball trees. Also lots of school children there when we visited, was very interesting to watch them politely walking round the gardens, even if we did become an object of interest! Also lots of fruit bats, monkeys and a few cows. Give yourself a good afternoon to get round it all.

triandswi... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Excellent way to spend a few hours relaxing. Very peaceful and the food in the café was better than expected too!

Beautiful Gardens! A must for anyone that loves life.
AdamCW92 [TA], , Horsham, United Kingdom

As my title says. A botanists' dream. I'm a massive fan of nature and life and these gardens are superb to walk around and gawk at. Lovely way to spend an afternoon. All the trees are clearly marked with their latin name, common name and where they're from. Some also have extra info like trees that were planted by the queen etc. These gardens are very well maintained and fairly inexpensive to visit.

We are lucky enough to have our own guide whom also loves his botany and so had plenty of knowledge, which he gladly told us all about. We walked around it for 2-3 hours which was ample time spent there. Lots of open spaces where people are picnicking, playing, eating etc which is nice to see. Not sure if this occurs all the time but there were a lot of school kids about on school trips. Having said that, they weren't loud or impolite, in fact quite the opposite and they loved a photo or 5!

Overall - great place to visit if your in Kandy! Would highly recommend. Obviously, if plants and nature isn't your thing then why are you reading this?

Better than most botanical garden visits
Dave S [TA], , Norwich, United Kingdom

More interesting than most botanical gardens and beautifully maintained. Look out for the trees full of fruit bats all along the far end of the gardens - great to watch the fascinating social life of bats.
The gardens have a very reasonably priced good restaurant with a good menu and buffet lunch of Sri Lankan food available.
It feels quite colonial when you're there, but look around at the plants and bird life and you'll realise you're in a very tropical location.

Beautifully average
Aarthi S [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Nice view but nothing different from any other gardens. Good place to have a picnic though... Wide range of trees and be prepared to do lots of walking!

it is a must
the_clerk [TA], , durham

we spent a couple of hours wandering around these beautiful gardens. The Fruit bats roost in the tree tops and there is so much to see and enjoy.

Worth a Visit
CharitraM... [TA], , New Delhi, Delhi, India

Very descriptive broucher is provided at entrance. The garden is large and you could select your choices of interest for a better experience.

a great walkabout by the river
david s [TA], , London, United Kingdom

a bout two kms away from the city situated in the next city. one of the countrys most popular places for locals and tourists alike. a large selection of typical tropical wild orkids. a large and well groomed selection of tropical mature trees and shrubs.

Stunning botantical gardens even if you don't like flowers
ESVincent [TA], , penang

This is a heat place to walk and chill out even if you don't like plants. If you do then you are going to be in heaven you can easily spend a good two hours wandering around admiring the avenue of palms then the water garden or even the monkeys strolling. Don't forget to look up and see amazing colonies of fruit bats soaring around during the day time and you can imagine how pterodyctals looked. There is a god coffee place here and it's really worth the visit

Nice even in the rain !
Vaidyla [TA], , Lankanfushi

Beautiful gardens. We walked the whole afternoon in the rain and still loved it. A lot of plants, not overcrowded.

Just like any other place
Raja R [TA], , Mumbai

The place is recommendable for those who want to relax and have a lot of time in hand. It is just like any other botanical garden, you see lots of trees, read about them and then forget what you read. However the garden is very clean and well maintained.
The entry fees is high by Sri Lankan standards and the shop at the exit is very expensive.

fantastic fauna and flora
197regina... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

a fantastic traditional mature botanical garden. A very large selection of typical tropical plants and trees. Enjoyed the orchid garden and the walk around this park. It is known to have been the location for trial spot for tea and coffee before it was introduced to this land over 100 years ago.

Worth a visit
Bigp1 [TA], , UK

We visited on a Friday, and the gardens were crawling with hundreds of school children, which was great fun. The huge bamboo and hundreds of huge bats were also well worth the effort.

Walking in heaven
madushi10... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is a must visit if your going near Kandy. At least spend 2,3 hours and have a meal here (pick nick would be lovely) you will never forget the beautiful experience you had. Make sure to turn right and NOT left as soon as you enter the garden. That way has more flowers.

If you are not a nature lover then not a place for you
Pranay K [TA], , Gurgaon, India

This garden is located close to Peradeniya railway station, so travelers looking to get to Kandy from Peradeniya can take some time out to visit this place.
Place is beautiful with very clean gardens, but if you are not close to nature then you might not be able to appreciate it. All the trees are named and there are some rare trees/plants here. Visit to Orchid garden is a must. There is a hanging bridge at the end that one should visit

Wonderful variety of plants
stephan j [TA], , London, United Kingdom

It's so nice to go to a place which is also popular with locals. This was our first botanical garden in Sri Lanka. What a treat! It is a very peaceful place with lovely, mature plants. Locals seem to go for picnics, strolls and romantic encounters. Highly recommended

Best thing about Kandy
JaneyL [TA], , Surrey

This was a fabulous garden. Very big but with lots to see. There are lots of varieties of trees and it's all laid out brilliantly. One tree lined walk is home to hundreds of large bats - amazing. Our driver gave us two hours before collecting us again but I would have preferred to have three and gone to lunch in the café at the Garden because I was enjoying it so much.

nice garden
tianyi z [TA], , Beijing, China

We visited this garden on way from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. The garden is big, with various types of plants, some of them are quite exotic for me. Not only plants: I saw monkey trying to "rob" a bag from a girl; and there are lots of bats at north-west corner.

Beautiful!!! Must see.
Anjali S [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is one of the most amazing places I saw during my Sri Lanka visit. The garden is huge area wise and in variety of trees, plants, shrubs, flowers. Keep a good half of the day to visit the place and a minimum of 2.5 hours to cover the entire place. It offers lovely walks through tree lined walkways with birds chirping all around and river lining one end of the garden. Not to be missed if you love nature, great for kids and picnic if you have time!! Unforgettable.

Worth the visit
President... [TA], , Birmingham, United Kingdom

If you go to Kandy a visit to the gardens is a must. It is not just the Orchids that are a wonderful display it is also all the different trees there. You need to give yourself a full day at least as the grounds are that extensive.

Really Lovely
RCLBoston [TA], , Boston

Once you arrive in Kandy and you see how busy and chaotic the city is you will be glad to visit this Botanical Garden located just a few minutes outside of town. It is certainly worth spending at least two hours here, wondering through the very nice gardens, having a cup of tea or a meal, and enjoying the surroundings.

During our visit there were plenty of school kids relaxing, and the orchids and bromeliads were very beautiful. Pay attention to the signs and find the trees planted by Queen Mary and King George in 1901, as well as by Lord Mountbatten, and by Yuri Gagarin.

Well worth a visit
VILLA84 [TA], , Angmering, United Kingdom

Loved this place. Ended up spending over 3 hours walking around here. Lovely scenery and a really picturesque place. Well worth the money

Simply beautiful!
XxXBellaX... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

On our way back to Colombo from Kandy we stopped off here to see the beautiful botanical gardens.

It was amazing all of the beautiful flowers, plants and trees.

We didn't want to leave as nature had us hooked with how beautiful it is

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