The Lankan Journal: Life is beautiful!

When is the last time you were looking at the night sky? Not the one smogged by the big city, not the covered with thunderstorm clouds and not dimmed with urban megawatt lights? Recently? You are lucky? But may be still long time enough. When we came to Sri-Lanka first time, the first thing we did after passing standard procedures was going to the ocean. The OCEAN – really I do not know how to describe for You what I felt coming up to it. Seaside, beaches, hotels – all these are peanuts! The OCEAN – big, powerful, mighty, soft wave, ready to turn into an avenging sword in a moment. Quiet whisper of incoming wave, roaring sound of breaking against the coast and soapy murmur of rushing away water. Words are powerless, feelings are beyond words. And then I saw the SKY. People rarely look upwards – they are too busy, and what really you can see in the modern mega polis... Literally after some moments we were lying on the sand, our arms out and looking into the sky. Exactly at that moment I understood the meaning of the expression – billions of stars. To say they were plenty – to say nothing. A huge amount of stars, in the dark blue, even black sky mantled me and put me completely away. Big and small, bright and not very, congregations and constellations. Impossible to count, still less to describe. Almost for an hour we were just lying on the beach and looking into the sky, the words we needless, sometimes, having found familiar constellations someone cried: Look…!, and then the silence set again.

Today I saw the sky again and understood that it also played its role in my choice. Twinkling and distant stars, challenging with their inaccessibility and attractive with their simplicity, are over me and I am speechless again.

The standing beside of me girl is sighing soulfully: This is unspeakable! I agree. You know, she continues, to feel happy I would just need a small guest-house here, my friends, coming to visit me. And I agree once again. What, why and, most important, for what we make so many excessive motions of the body in our life? It’s simple, our own built European society dictated us our own invented laws and morality. What is allowed and what is forbidden, what is right and what is wrong. Bullshit! BULLSHIT! And BULLSHIT again. Having spent a week here you begin to understand why and for what do you act, and after some time, when the state of the first euphoria passes, you understand that there-is-no-no-escape-from-this, and knowing this makes your stay in Sri-Lanka more precious ever.

You know that you will have to come back, you know that usual routine and routs are waiting for you at home, but now, at this moment, on the coast of the tenderly whispering ocean, and under the brightly shining stars, you understand – life is beautiful, and the best things in your life are free of charge. All what you need to give back – is your ability to understand, to value and to enjoy them.

Life is beautiful, happiness exists. The questions is – do you want to see it?

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