The Lankan Journal: My eyes are shut

My eyes are shut. Fresh sea breeze is saving from the noonday heat. The mighty and impersonal ocean impinges with roar against the sandy beach. I am sitting in the cushioned wicker armchair on the terrace.

How little do we need sometimes to feel ourselves happy. The laughter of the beloved child. The joy for the best friend, when he became a father for first time. Pure and sincere smiles of the people agreeable for you. All these thoughts are running through my mind at this moment. My eyes are shut, my feeling are overwhelming.

Today there is Full Moon holiday in Sri-Lanka. We decided to escape from touristic Unawatuna for one night, to the lonely and beautiful place on the coast near Tangalla. There stand 5 tropical bugalows on the coast. No conditiners, TV-sets and even fans. The bathroom, not to disturb the feeling of nature is hidden in the basement. The wooden manhole in the floor masks the stairs to the first floor, but actually to another part of the bungalow. Downstairs everything is decent: a shower, a toilet, a sink. Near the bungalow – a roofed terrace with tables and chairs. When I brought my family of 10 people here, all were of the same mind – full credit!

My eyes are shut. After the delicious lunch and a couple of beers I have reclined at ease in the soft armchair and enjoying the sounds of wave breaking. Life is beautiful, I know it for sure. Actually all what made me as I am today is the joy of my family, having seen the raging ocean and the empty beach from edge to edge, framed with pals and the ocean. I open my eyelids immediately. Yellow band of the beach in front f me after some meters sharply drops down, the force of the surf is so big, that height of surf waves reaches several meters and inwashed the high bank. The most strong waves break into cascade of splashes and foam, and it is seen for me even from here. And farther only the ocean. Turqoise-blue colour of water in the offshore zone gradually changes into dark-blue and the ocean vanishes beyond the horison. Tangalla is located deep in the South of Sri-Lanka, if you float straight ahead, unless you get frozen you get to Antarctiсs.

This is not the first place in Sri-Lanka, where all the things are dramatically different from the Sri-Lanka shown to tourists and it differs for the better. Not for the first time already I have the idea, that if I resolve to make tours here, then I will make them in different Sri-Lanka. Beautiful, charmig, and most important – real. Having seen it everyone may say honestly that he has seen this country not from the pages of shiny reviews and windows of coaches, but with his own eyes, the honest and the open for those, who is ready to let it into their hearts.

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