The truce between the Tamil Tigers and the government has paved way for easier access to the Trincomalee and surrounding area almost after two decade. Trinco as it is commonly called, has been a sea port since the days of the ancient Kings and one of the British Empire's most important ports in Asia during the second world war. From 1941-45, Trinco had been the headquarters of Lord Louis Mountbatten Allied Southeast Asia commander.

Nilaweli and Uppuveli 16 kM and 6kM north of the city respectively are among the best beaches in Sri Lanka. Knee deep shallow seas spreads out hundreds of meters towards the sea. An ideal place for sun bathing and snorkelling. .

A shear rock outcrop called Swami Rock, several meters high above the sea is the tip of the Fort Frederick thus named by the British. having being occupied by the Dutch and the Portuguese. The massive Hindu temple dedicated Koneswara has said to have been stood here until it had been destroyed by the Portuguese. A modern temple is now built around the same location. Within the Swami Rock is Lover's Leap where a Dutch Officer's daughter had leapt after a broken affair.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 2 h

Tourist reviews about Trincomalee

North Beach
Srilankat... [TA], , Gampaha, Sri Lanka

Beautiful beach, in a hot climate can enjoy the sun shine. very calm environment. clean safety,blue sea.

Great Beach
amila619 [TA], ,

One of those great places to visit. Great for family, couples, teenagers or anyone who wants to relax..

andrigirl... [TA], , Las Vegas, Nevada

Clean and nice beach. It as ideal place for who love to surfing, swimming and beach water sports. But be careful about beach boys when you are walking on the beach.

Very clean
Jemica D [TA], , Southern Finland, Finland

Very clean beach for stay. We stayed two days there. Very suitable for sea water sports and swimming.

Secluded beach
BomiPardi... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Trincomalee beach is situated on sri lankas eastern coast offering a clean beach and friendly locals. All along the beach you can find dive schools/clubs offering their services. The beach itself is great to just relax and spend the day.

The beach is excellent and exotic.
vPetrosHv [TA], , Istanbul

The Trincomalee beach is one of the most beautiful and exotic I have ever seen. And I have traveled a lot in my life (35 countries, including Peru, India, Majorka and Ibiza...). Hotels need a lot to answer to this standard and, as everywhere in Sri Lanka tourist industry workers need a lot of work and education. Activities are quite good, e.g. dolphin watching (not a must) and exceptional, e.g. Pigeon Island snorkeling ( a must). We were not very lucky to see black rock sharks (not dangerous, they say they eat only fish) and/or a turtle, but my experience of looking at all those exotic fish and filming them under water was incredible, unbelievable, so a MUST. We were a family group of 4 without children or teens, but I tick friends in the next paragraph, since I don't have the choice I need. The entrance to the beach is free, the activities a bit expensive. Photos are from our dolphin watching and Pigeon Island snorkeling.

A nice beach to relax on
boblloydu... [TA], , Hastings, United Kingdom

Would recommend this beach resort but best to book accommodation before you arrive as there is a shortage of hotels/ guest houses in the high season

Excellent Beach in the heart of the city
AmilaX [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

White sands clear water and ample of parking makes a this a great beach, though sea bathing is not so recommended the water is quite shallow and always very calm.

A view of Trincomalee
Selladura... [TA], , Edmonton, Canada

Trincomalee is a historical place in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka and it is a beautiful place .This palace has the natural beauty with beaches and nice view.There some Hindu Temples which has significant contribution to the history of Tamil kings.There are bus services from Trincomalee to other parts of the country too.

Looks fantastic
ameenul [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Beach looks fantastic but didn't had enough time to get bath, hopefully next time I will. there is a place with lots of tree near beach to seated under the shadow.

Nice beach
Damith K [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

sandy beach with high waves. not so good as the beach opposit Gimanfree. Trinco becah is crowded unlike Gimanfree

One of the best beaches in Sri Lanka
Ruwan_Rat... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Trincomalee is one of the best beaches in sri Lanka. The wide, sandy beaches are very much suitable for a fine beach stay with water sports. Best time to visit is from May to October. I like this beach very much.

A beautiful Beach destination!
Leenavaid... [TA], ,

The sea & sand is perfect for that perfect beach holiday! Sun, sand and water sports... Simply relax, sun bath eat drink and sleep... Beautiful & clean... A quick visit to Pigeon Island not to far from Trincomalee is a perfect holiday spot for some snorkeling & diving...

Aravinda... [TA], ,

I have visited several places in srilanka. Among them trincomale has most beautiful cool and calm beaches. It has several kinds of beaches. Nilaweli .White sand beach. Marble beach and mosr beautiful beach nearvthe fort of fedric.
Most important thing is that these places are still durty free.
So have fun there.

Unspoilt nature
Bharathy8... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

It is a beautiful beaches so clean and amazing food. There isn't anything that I disliked in trincomalee an amazing place

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