Kanniyai Hot Wells in Trincomalee

Kanniyai Hot Wells in Trincomalee

Tha Kanniyai Hot Wells are likely to disappoint any pleasure-seekers hoping to submerge themselves in a large spring. This isn’t Iceland. Kanniyai is a place of Buddhist worship where the faithful come to buy trinkets, venerate Buddha and douse themselves with buckets of naturally warm spring water.

The wells are exactly that: wells. You grab a bucket, dunk it in the water water, and drench yourself. It’s a lot of fun, especially with the presence locals excitedly urging you on. We had a blast, engaging people in conversation and taking impromptu lessons in proper dousing by a couple of concerned ladies. I had made a major faux-pax at first, washing my head over the well, which allowed the water to run off my face back into the pool. Uncool, and it got me severely reprimanded.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 30 m

Tourist reviews about Kanniyai Hot Wells in Trincomalee

Only if you want to feel real Sri Lankan daily life.
FeliceDar... [TA], , Naples, Italy

I read a lot of bad reviews and I got their point. However for me this place was absolutely incredible. It really depends on your point of view and on what you are looking for.
The place is full of people selling very ugly stuffs and of pilgrims that go there with small children or old people to wash their body with this holy water that is believed to have medical proprieties.
The point is that this is a place for Sri Lankan people that are however very kind with rare foreigners (me and my partner were the only two).
What I did was to enter the place and wait till a kind woman gave me the bucket that they use to collect the hot water.
Than I put the water on me as they were doing and give the bucket to someone else.
All these people are there with their families doing this ritual every day and for me be a part of it was amazing.
But of course I do understand different opinions.

Nothing special but worth a visit if your in the area
rosiepage [TA], , Sri Lanka

Quite interesting seeing natural springs! And it's looked after fairly well, apart from the poor old buckets used in the wells. We went there on a rainy day, it was fun but nothing special. Worth a nose around if your in the area :)

Land marked places in sri lanka..
TravelerR... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The legend has it that the great king Ravana is the one who created this hot water springs, the place has an historical value because of this and it’s must see place in sri lanka if you are visiting trinco

Waste of time
Nigel W [TA], , Sandy, United Kingdom

Not the best place to visit, it has a large car park and plenty of stalls leading up to the springs but they have not been looked after and there is nothing overly interesting about them.

Take the hot spring waters
peterh125 [TA], , Rugeley, United Kingdom

Really interesting religious place to visit and enjoy the hot spring waters. A very popular attraction especially school parties. Everything is a bit ramshackle but quite an experience

Bogyglfr [TA], , Nederland, TX

This place is neat. Cost like a dollar to get in. The water was hot and refreshing. They use buckets to pour it on you, you can reach your hands in it or our the water over the openings. Seeing the monkeys here were great too.

Glad we went
bateson49 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

We would never have know about this other than a local whom we were visiting took us there. Extraordinary place, very sacred and historic. Us being the only 'westerners' there caused quite a stir, the locales wanted to take photographs with us. I think they thought we were the Kardashians !! But it was a magical experience and full on Sri Lanka.

No nothing
Staffan C [TA], , Uddevalla, Sweden

Don't go there. There are some potholes with hot water but no real springs. Not worth the entrance fee.

Place to Have a Hot Bath
chameecdn [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nice place to have a Hot water bath. You should get a ticket to enter the place. Bring some bathing clothes. Swimming suites is not recommended, because you have to use a bucket for bathing. Changing facilities are provide. There are seven hot water wells which have different heat levels. Whole session will take one hour.

Try all 7 wells with different heat levels

There are seven wells in the place, each contain water with different heat levels. Try one by one and enjoy.
I tried all 7 wells.
Really amazing. You have to walk about 1km to the wells from the parking and have to get a ticket also.

A place to visit
Arun S [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

There are several Wells with different temperature of warm water. Very famous among locales. Cleanliness is a problem.

Great wonder of nature
Shevanta... [TA], ,

Great experience but sad its been associated with a Buddhist Temple. It would have much value if this heritage place is without ANY religious affiliations.

More like warm water wells
RAS060 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Don't go there expecting to see bubbling hot water. What you they have is seven small wells, and the water is warm--just the right temperature to have a bath. A small fee for locals and a bigger fee for foreigners.

It's not worth the hassle travelling to this place if you are some distance away from the wells. The locals flock here to have a quick bath thinking the water has medicinal properties. It's probably a load of tripe.

The place hasn't been looked after properly. There is no proper paved path to the wells--it's all sand, soil and rocks. Health and safety is non-existent. For example, there are a few step down which one has to descend to reach the wells. There are no safety rails to prevent people falling off these precarious stairs.

There are also no sensible safe, dry and hygienic facilities for people to get changed. One wonders what they do with the money they collect--no investment at all. The locals would describe this lack of investment as "trying to fry snacks in water".

7 wells with hot water springs
thakku201... [TA], , Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I have never seen such an amazing wells with hot water spring. There were 7 of them in square shape all f them had continuous supply of hot water. We visited in the evening around 5 pm. Though we had not gone prepared for a bath, I could not resist having a hot water bath in this place as there was no rush and place was reasonable clean.

Don't bother
GeorgieSh... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Not as I imagined! Definitely not hot natural springs, more like slimy wells. It was quiet when we went but I found it of no interest and would not recommend

not bad to see
sabina233 [TA], , Kuwait City, Kuwait

Just if you are nearby, go and look at how locals enjoy bathing with natural hot water, but if it's far from you it's not that worthy.

Wonderful place
Srivathsa... [TA], ,

Super exited to see hot springs in this part of the world. There are plenty of shops on the way to the hot springs that sell interesting souvenir goodies, real cheap. The ticket to the hot springs is cheap, but this pace could be developed really nicely to be a fantastic touristic spot.

Hot wells, not Springs!
Arosha A [TA], ,

Well, this place really needs attention. So many people bathing over here at one time and raises many hygiene concerns! The floor is slippery and the cleanliness is not upto the standard of a tourist attraction.

Too crowded but must go if you have never seen a hot water well
Hiru K [TA], , Colombo

The hot water wells are located about 5 km from Trincomalee town. It helps if you use Google Maps since most locals do not speak English and the area is not very populated so you actually can't find many people on the road to ask directions.

There are about 6 wells here. I had read that each well has water of different temperatures but there's no way to test it unless you carry a thermometer with you. They were all pretty much equally hot to me.

It's annoying how most people who visit, bath from the wells taking up all the water containers so that we have to go down on our knees and bend into the well to touch the water. I honestly do not know how people can bath the water because it's very hot about 70 degrees.

It's a must visit place if you have never seen a hot water well. Otherwise, nothing much to see. You'll be done in maximum of 15 minutes.

hokimau7 [TA], ,

We were talked into going here and so I put on my bikini expecting to soak my self in the hot springs only to find they were wells omg! There were hundreds of people there. Needless to say, we left

Badly Maintained, lacks hygiene
aaqib67 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hot springs being an average place for a quick bath at a cost of just 10 Rupees per local.
Bring your own bucket though.
Maintenance is pretty low with most the surroundings badly kept which are eye-sores and has a lot of rubble around ranging from used buckets to soap wrappers.
Steps should be taken to make this site a bit more presentable and clean.

fun experience
Arun221 [TA], , Sydney, Australia

It was really fun with the hot water. The bathing area could do with a good water blast. Little slippery due to moss growing on the ground. but the experience was excellent. Water is hot but in my opinion it was manageable

Next part is both positive and negative. I was told by the driver that they had just opened a new block of toilets and changing rooms. The changing rooms are great but they seemed to have all four of the toilets locked for the male changing rooms. Some disgusting people seem to have urinated on the floor as there was strong urine smell in the changing room.

But overall well worth a visit.

Hot spring
balkimn11... [TA], , Los Angeles, California

We went when it was raining.. So the water was hot.. Take your own bucket.. You can enjoy it..
They charge some entrance fee. It's religious place for Hindus.. Now they always play Buddhist song.. They didn't know Buddha is also Hindu.

Fun place
Monalisa7... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

It is not the most sophisticated place... but just total fun to experience. The 1st place I've seen hot wells of this sort bubbling from the ground. It's a little dirty but must to experience! Have some sort of a changing place for women... so no qualms. Has an entry of 50 LKR per person. Parking also avl for 50 LKR per vehicle.

crowded and less than exciting
fozjon [TA], , Patna, India

the interesting thing here is that there are seven springs in a very small area that all have different water temperatures. People come here to bathe by pouring water over themselves from buckets with holes in the bottom. It was worth seeing once.

can skip
seekerina... [TA], , Hong Kong

this could be a sacred place for the locals, but didn't feel its worth the visit. Not much facility in the area too.

Apparently it's better in the mornings
Riasuk [TA], , Greater London, United Kingdom

We went in the evening in the hot season and all the wells were the same temperature, it was super busy and a bit underwhelming. Morning is better apparently with all seven wells having water of different temperatures. The water was very nice though

Nature hot water springs/wells
NegoMed [TA], , Negombo

Several wells are situated in a place which are thermally differ from each.
Many have very hot to hot water.
It was found to have in ancient time according history.
Easily go to this place/find,just 1km from main road(Anurathapura-Trinco road)

Such a great experience
GillyT [TA], , Essex, UK

We visited these springs and what a wonderful experience it was. It cost about 25p to go in and was full of happy, laughing local people who were tipping buckets of water over themselves from the 7 tubs. The water is supposed to help a variety of ailments so we went to the tubs and I put my arthritic hands in. The locals were having none of it and we both ended up having water tipped over our heads much to the delight of everyone. I loved it and felt we were experiencing a real bit of Sri Lanka and the happiness of the people there.

Fantastic experience
DMartinDi... [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Having never experienced hot springs before we were keen to visit this spot. The water was very warm and you use buckets to pull the water from the well. Definitely worth visiting.

As a traditional and religious area you have to remain covered up.

Hot springs
TeeJay272... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The 7 wells site is not something to look forward to as it's run down and slippery. The state could do a better job of converting this to a tourist site.

Must visit in trinco
Rukshan K [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

You should visit this place when you travel in Trinco. These 7 wells have different level of temperature. You are not allowed to wear shoes.

Just ok place
Minoutaiw... [TA], , Taipei, Taiwan

You will take a bucket of spring water from the well to wash yourself. Fun for a few minutes, so if you pass by the place stop for a bath and even if the water is warm you will feel better.

Kanniya Hot Springs, Trincomalee
Renette L [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What a beautiful place. Before you get to Trincomalee you will stop here to feel the hot water. This is amazing and very popular.

Once in a life time and not anymore..
Madhushan... [TA], , Piliyandala, Sri Lanka

Please refer the title because there is nothing more to explore, see or enjoy on a second visit.
Many believe that bathing here heals many diseases so it totaling up to you to decide.

Hot bath
Sidath S [TA], , Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

One of hot springs in SriLanka. Most of travelers visit to take a hot bath and make a wish. Its like a tradition.

fine place to take hot bath in kanniya. Natural hot spring water.
PCJan2015 [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

NO public transport service. But Good experience in my life. Kanniya is only 7 KM from Trincomalee. 4 Km from Shiva beach resort.

Pinehill... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The 07 Hot Wells is on the Trincomalee/Anuradhapura Road, 5 kilometres from the Town, The wells are supposed to have different temperatures, but we checked them to be the same in all the wells. It is advisabe to visit the place early morning or late in the evening. Then one might be able to get the true situation of the temperatures in the 7 wells.l

Good place to visit
Akshat198... [TA], , New Delhi, India

We visited this place as it featured on the list of things to do in Trinconmalee. The place was not maintained well. The guide mentioned that the springs (7 in number) have different water temperatures. I would not be very sure of this though.

Good place to drop by!
A L [TA], , Sydney, Australia

Kanniya is a good place to visit if you're in between travel and would like a quick peek. Not worth it if you're planning to go to Kanniya itself. If you go with less expectation I'm sure you'll love it.

It is Hot
gayal K [TA], ,

Well its totally worth to try this places as by term the waters are Hot. Satisfying environment just for SL Rs. 10/= per local visitor totally worth. They have separate changing room facilities for men and women.

amazing but sad
DeanRJ [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

loved this. the hot wells are hot. bathing here is so relaxing. amazing place. lot of controversy on this place. army controls the surrounding the area and hostile for tamils. and history of this location has been altered by the army. which is laughable and also offensive to tamils.

Not so interesting
KrishSL [TA], , Negombo, Sri Lanka

not worth to visit. because only few wells to see. bubbles coming out from the water & water is hot. It can be happen & that's not the only one place in sri lanka which has hot water springs

It's hot
Kjayaward... [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

Every where near Trincomalee is hot,so this is bit more
crowded place,it's open at about 8.30 to 9.30am

waste of time
ameenul [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

very ugly and not maintained well. the water is not that hot.
I will suggest you to visit this place.

One of the famous locations in Trincomalee!
huz152 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Hot springs are just seven wells which naturally give out Hot water, the water is supposed to have healing qualities and many locals visit the place and bathe their.

The entrance tickets are cheap for locals only 10/-

Not maintained at all!

Very popular local attraction
Andromeda... [TA], , Colombo, PR

The hotsprings are just along the A12, its is believe that the water containing natural salts is good for health, No dipping just take buckets and pour over self. Water is not v hot like taking a very hot water bath. Very refreshing for a hot day stop, Fees is Rs10 for local and Rs 50 for foreigners,

Have a healthy bath
Firnas [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

It's nothing but few natural warm water wells. If you go around 5 o'clock in the evening, you can have a peaceful bath since there will be no or less crowded. Bathrooms were locked at the time we visited :(

A quick visit
calmly [TA], , Switzerland

We had visited the springs way back before the war , very simple then. Now completely changed with building around changing rooms and toilets endless stands selling everything as you go in . Still worth a visit unfortunately we did not have time to partake of the water but families were having great fun pouring buckets of water over each other. A temple but great fun had by everyone.

Mythili N [TA], ,

We went there early in the morning. We didn't know what kids of facilities to have a bath. It's a bit slippery - moss on the floor where the water is. not good facilities to change clothes.

An Interesting Visit
Weybridge... [TA], , Surrey

The Kanniya Hot Springs are certainly worth a visit - there are seven in all and the water is really hot. We were the only visitors at the time so we take our time and marvel at how clear the water is. At the approach to springs there are stalls selling various souvenirs and food - it was sad there were few people to purchase anything.

Prem K [TA], , Blackpool, United Kingdom

Several years back I visited this wells. Several years because of the war, nobody able to visit there. Now the war ended more than four years ago, recently I visited here again. To my surprise, only the access roads improved, but the well area completely abandoned. Slippery floors, lack of dress changing areas and toilet facilities, information about the wells, nothing there. To visit, locals have to pay 10 rupees and the foreigners 50 rupees. Now so many visitors flocking here, definetely these facilities must implement by the authorities. Recently I visited Blue lagoon, volcanic hot water bathing place in Iceland, how properly they facilitate the visitors and totally I ashamed about here.
There was seven hot water wells here, each well's temperature different. Really it is a miracle, no proper historic evidence there, just unbelievable Ravana story only there.

Kanniya Hot Springs
Rohan A L... [TA], , Gampaha, Sri Lanka

Kanniya Hot Water wells has now become a popular attraction for those who visit Trincomalee now that the LTTE Terrorists which controlled this area has been completely wiped out. There are 7 hot springs now converted to bathing wells. The temperature of each is slightly different from each other. It is also believed the water from the wells have therapeutic healing powers and can cure many aliments. According to the notice board put by the Pradeshiya Saba at the wells, this well goes back to the times of King Ravana who ruled the country over 5000 years ago. There are also archeological evidence that these wells have been part of a greater Buddhist monastic complex. But today these buddhist connections are suppressed it is managed by neighboring Mari Amman Kovil, who holds the lease of the wells. After the area was liberated by the Security forces these wells are packed with local pilgrims even on weekdays. It was reported in August 2010 that the usage of this well is so much that the wells which is full in the morning goes dry by afternoon. Directions Kanniya wells are located about 8 km from Trincomalee town on the Anuradhapura Road. The directions to the wells start from the town itself. The road is motorable up to the well. There is charge of Rs 10 per person to enter the premises.

Worth a visit if you have the time
Max J [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Although changing rooms are provided the toilets are located further away through a muddy path. Better maintenance of the premises is required.

Need some good governance
charu45 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

I guess this place need good governance. People bath here for blessing but do not think about cleanliness of the place they use. The floor is too slippery and risky. Need a good maintenance.

Amazing place
ParaviBO [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

It was amazing that how could you get this much of hot, clean water continuously. You can test all wells and have a bath if you wish.

Great Place to enjoy the natural hot springwater
Shane3211 [TA], , Sydney

We like the different temperature in the seven wells, not extreme. There was not bucket available to draw the water from the wells, biggest disappointment for the price charged to entry the place.

Natures gift- unbelievable at that place
Nimal D [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

This is unbelievable & I never expect that water was that warm. The government could have improved the car park, paths and so on and advertise it much more.

Hot but difficult to differentiate the water temprature between wells
Roshan F [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

We went to visit the place purely on curiosity. Being week day there was a quite a crowd. One must go prepared to get wet as some people bath there as it suppose to have some healing elements for various illnesses. The wells are located in close proximity to each other. Once you feel the water of 1 or 2 wells then the rest of the wells feel all the same. There is a definite difference in temperature compared to water of a near by well.

Unusual and fun
melodie79 [TA], , London

My husband and I went to the hot spring and did not have big expectations, so we found it really fun and both tried the wonderful warm healing spring. We thought it was fun and laughed with the locals who were very surprised to see us! the took our picture, it was cute. So great for atmosphere and be with the local, however ladies, you will need to be dressed. And have a towel! Fee is really cheap, 50 roupies.

hot water
arulsatch [TA], , Toronto, Canada

Long time ago 7 wells had different temperature water but for me now all are same hot temperature.They have to clean the floor you have to be careful its slippery

Hot wells
Farziya A [TA], ,

Well it seemed to be a place for the Sinhalese and Tamil's to bath. Could be better maintained. Not a touristic site.

Truly Great
Craig W [TA], , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

i was amazed at this place. initially skeptical I was soon impressed by the healing properties of the seven waters. Pour a bucket of water from each of the wells over your head!!!

Nothing mind blowing an average hot water spring
Prasanna... [TA], , Panadura, Sri Lanka

Average hot water spring preserved as a tourist attraction and facility to bath.there are few wells out of which you can bath using a bucket.i have only seen locals bathing. Foreign guests pl note that ladies bathing suits, bikinis etc would not be favourable looked at this conservative place. On the other hand you would not try that since these are just hot water wells.

Need more maintanance
Agampodi [TA], , Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Natural hot water springs you need to try.... This is a really good natural place to visit. Only problem is that the area is not maintained properly, not catering the huge crowd visited in weekends and not so clean.

Very Poor and Bad maintenance
Aadhes [TA], , Suva

There are 7 hot wells with different temperatures (unbelievable) These has a history from Ramayana (many thousands years of history) unfortunately the history is rewritten and diverted for some people benefit. There is a entry fees but this site is very badly maintained and it is stinking There is no CLEAN place to change your clothes. I have been to this place many number of times it is getting bad to worse. It is in horrible condition the authorities (ticket says the Archaeological Department and the Government Agent of Trincomalee) are making money but providing no services to any of the visitors (not even a Bucket to fetch water from the well) If this is not look into by the authorities this will be destroyed.

Nice hot water wells
Usha65 [TA], , Hyderabad, India

On the way back from Trincomalee we visited this place. As such it is not very special or a must see place, but for people who read Ramayana it will be of interest. According to the legend, Raavana, the king of Lanka wanted to perform last rites of his mother. As he did not get water, he pierced the soil at this place with his sword or arrow seven times. Then these seven wells appeared and catered his need. It is interesting to see these wells having hot water which is constantly coming out. The place is a bit isolated and a few food stalls are there near this attraction.

A Hot Bath?
PereraArj... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The ancient legends state that the wells were created when King Ravana, the archetypal Lord of Lanka, struck the earth with his sword. There are 7 wells containing medium to very hot water.

Each well is not more than 3-4ft deep. Clearly the hot water must be due to geothermal activity, however the region has never been known for any volcanic activity in recorded history.

The site its self is not much to view, but it is an intriguing visit to ponder upon the reason behind the hot water wells.

Not a lot to see
John4017 [TA], , Brisbane, Australia

This isn't far off the main road and while the springs are ok there really isn't much to see. The walk in its lined with cheap and junky souvenir stalls. Only worth a visit at a pinch.

A real treat early morning
Noora M [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am surprised Kanniya has only just made it on here. Its about 15 mins outside of Trinco. Its only 10 rupees or locals and 50 for tourists and you can bathe from the 7 hot springs. Get there for bang on 7am or soon after that the masses will arrive. take your own bucket if you can to scoop the water. There are changing facilities but these are very basic so bring a few towels to cover yourself with. You will feel great afterwards, especially if you have been feeling under the weather. A really beautiful place and a great start to the day.

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