Everybody, who has been to Sri-Lanka and got acquainted with the climate and the sights of “the tea land”, tend to return there again and again. This is the truth: the island does not leave anybody indifferent, making the one love sweet local inhabitants, exotic flora and fauna, and the warm ocean washing Sri-Lanka, from the first visit. And to own a part of the island paradise, to come to Sri-Lanka as it were you home – isn’t it a dream? It appears that making this dream come true is very simple – you just need to have a wish and some finances.
  About finances. Cost of land in Sri-Lanka is not so high: a piece of land on this island costs much lower than on other islands in these latitudes. And if you remember the fact that local legislation permits foreigners to buy territories in Sri-Lanka without limitations, this dream becomes much more real. Due to this very circumstance –the permission to buy territories – Sri-Lanka has a distinct advantage comparing to other states, for instance, Thailand, where sale of territories to foreigners is forbidden by legislation.
  Today in Sri-Lanka it is possible to buy as a piece of land for building construction as a piece of land for economic use – all depends on further plans of a buyer. This may be an part of the beach zone or a virgin tropical forest with picturesque highlands, it does not matter, what really matters is that this land will belong only to you and you will be able to use your sound title to this land in Sri-Lanka any time.
  We will headline that cost of land in Sri-Lanka grows steadily: today’s investments will become soon a solid capital. The island infrastructure develops constantly; the state encourages foreign investments, so advantages of investments into land in Sri-Lanka are obvious.
  Why then land in Sri-Lanka has not been bought up yet? The answer is simple: many people are stopped by high taxes and seemed mess in land registry of the country. In reality tax legislation of Sri-Lanka is rather flexible – you just need to know it perfectly and this will save you much money during purchase. Work with land registry is not a problem too, it is enough to learn local specifics and to get information about the piece of land and afterwards depositing of the purchase data is absolutely not complicated.
  The conclusion is simple: you need to try. But buying land in Sri-Lanka makes sense only with assistance of those, who knows land and tax regulations of the island and have experience in support of such deals. Apply to us and we shall give you a comprehensive consultation on land purchase in Sri-Lanka, starting with prices of territories in some or other province, and finishing with documents arrangement. ..   read more