Queen Victoria Park

Queen Victoria Park

The Victoria Park of Nuwara Eliya said to be named to comorate the 60th Jubilee Coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1897. Originally the park was used as the research field of Haggala Botanical Garden which is located about 04 km away from the city centre. It is known that this park was established by planting an Oak tree by a German Princes who visited Nuwara Eliya at the latter part of the 19th Century.

The park is 27 acres in extent and about 90% of the tree species available are those of foreign plants. Nanu Oya which flows through the park and a number of lakes within it enhances its beauty. A large number of rare bird species can be found in the park. The park is a great tourist attraction in Nuwara Eliya. It was estimated that over 100,000 local visitors as well as around 4000 – 5000 foreign tourists visit the Victoria Park every year

Victoria Park is an attractive and well-used oasis. It is popular with birdwatchers at quieter times because of the good opportunities it gives to see Indian Blue Robin, Pled Thrush or Scaly Thrush lurking in the denser undergrowth. Kashmir Flycatcher is another attractive bird species found in the park

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 1 h

Tourist reviews about Queen Victoria Park

nivedita2... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Takes you back into time and era of the old colony. It is also good to relax here after a hectic trip of criss crossing the country as i did as a solo woman tourist.

margaret... [TA], , Golden, Colorado

Quite a nice park but doesn't take long to walk around. There is a fee to get in, one price for Sri Lankans, one for foreigners! 300 rupees for foreigners. It is laid out like any English park with grass and flower beds.

Beautiful park :)!
seastream... [TA], , Helsinki, Finland

I think this park was very worth going and entrance fee (300RF/adult) compared to for example Nuwara Elyas Botanical Gardens ridiculous 1100RF rip off felt way more fair. Park is well maintained and there is luckily not too much rubbish around.

The atmosphere is calm and there are different areas like japanese garden and rose garden, gazebos etc. When we visited there were lots of students with their teachers (everybody behaving nicely, walking in groups or pairs).

In the park you are able to se also many different birds - there is a big board introducing all the most interesting ones next to the rose garden area.

Good place kids and family..
TravelerR... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The park is a good location for young ones to enjoy a train ride and the many activities available there , we went during the off season so their were not many flowers there , they were preparing for the April season

Nice looking and well maintained but expensive
cedricloi [TA], , Hua Hin, Thailand

You have to pay 300 rupees to get in. It's nothing special, it's just a normal park that we find everywhere in the western world. But for Sri Lanka it's very nice and well maintained, a rare thing in this country.

New Year's Day everyone in their finery
arundel15... [TA], , Sydney

Lovely park in the centre of the city with delightful gardens, children's park and paths meandering through. On New Year's Day many locals dressed in their finest saris, sparkling clothes for the children, especially the little girls with tulle, sparkles, etc and little boys with new shirts and caps. A treat to walk through.

for a small walk and relaxing
BaherJabe... [TA], , Salmiyah, Kuwait

not that big as its shows small park you will enjoy to walk in it and relax on their chairs with nice atmosphere

Bad weather
Andrew P [TA], ,

the weather was terrible with the mist and drizzle ... the whole place was wet... wet ...wet ...and certain areas muddy ...

Very good
supersel1... [TA], , Hertfordshire UK

Well worth a visit. Typical British designed gardens, very peaceful. And free to visit. Could do with a tea shop with some nice home baked cake.

no better than average
Ron H [TA], , Maidstone, United Kingdom

A typical borough council park found in any medium town in UK and as ever in Sri Lanka if you are a tourist be prepared to pay through the nose ( compared to locals) for it.Nice green swards, cultivated trees and specimen plants but in reality not much else.

Well maintained with lots of character
MrHard2Pl... [TA], , Caylus, France

A Victorian park like it used to be. Plenty of beautiful flowers. Old fashioned children's playground. Good cafe.

Nothing more than a cultured garden
babla75 [TA], , Singapore

Strange in Sri Lanka, you have to pay to get in. There isnt anything to do except see the cultured trees. There isnt much to do there but we stayed at the Grand, so if you are interested just sit at theGrand rather than pay for getting in here.

Nice but Noisy
vidulahas... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Located in the city of Nuwaraeliya next to the main bus stand, this is the main attraction of the town. Beautiful garden with lots of flowers. It was full of flowers when I visited, but one sector of the garden has given to day out of a factory workers. Due to this the place was full of noise and there were some people with too much alcohol.

There is a children park with mini train and play equipment. That was a nice place for little once. Horse rides also available as in other places of the city.

A nice evening walk
Dipanjali... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

It is a beautiful and fairly big park. There are some interesting trees and flowering shrubs. A few pools and lotuses.
We spent about an hour or more here... the atmosphere was foggy which only added to the effect. Enjoyed our time here.
You may skip this if you short of time as there isn't much really to see. And the entry fee felt steep.
I'd say it is strictly for nature/ park lovers. Not a sight-seeing point.

Peaceful area to walk
Tonic1944 [TA], , Perth, Australia

This a great area to walk around with lots of interesting plants - unfortunately only some of them are named (we would love to know the names of the unusual ones). It seems to be a place for families. We were lucky to witness a Kandyan wedding - some of the most amazing colourful costumes.

Well maintained garden with rare plants
Jhinuk [TA], , Bangalore

This park is very beautiful and well maintained. Look for trees from different parts of the world planted here. The trees are well marked. The kids play area is also nice

I can't believe they charge entrya
MJG30 [TA], , Canberra, Australia

And they have a different rate for foreigners. Unless you are looking for somewhere to sit for a picnic lunch (like us) then give this a miss. Lots of groups of young men wandering around making smart comments to tourists, so definitely don't come here as a single female.

plesent place
mark w [TA], , Rajasthan, India

A pleasant little park in the colonial style, built in the 19th century. Nice beautiful place. Apparently during flowering it even more beautiful.

Pretty park
Rasmi S [TA], ,

If you already visited the botanical gardens, you might not be as wowed by the park, but it's a nice place to take a stroll or sit down for a picnic if weather permits. As with most of the places here, there is an entrance fee.

Lovely place
andysy98 [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Victoria Park is a very lovely place to take a stroll in, with well-manicured paths and plants. There is also a small children's playground there, where your kids can enjoy while you take a enjoy the fresh air there. The park is also centrally located and is easily accessed.

Peaceful and enjoyable
Jeevan R [TA], , Orpington, United Kingdom

Right next to Nuwara Eliya public library, this park is a Sri Lankan gem. It is clean, well-kept and the huge gardens are a delight for children and adults alike. Although it is just outside the town, it is quite peaceful and there are even places just for children! I enjoyed coming here as a child with my mother and brother but it was just as nice seven years later.

Nice place in the middle of the city
Gihan_Gam... [TA], , Male'

Victoria park Nuwara-Eliya is a nice place which is located in the centre of the city. the garden is well maintained and specially the place is good for the families who travel with their kids to Nuwara-Eliya.

Kids had fun
Justine C [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A lovely garden where the kids could really run around and burn off energy. The kids playground was very popular but not of western standards. Half the equipment was broken and the rest was very run down. But it was still very popular with the locals.

Beautiful place , amazing during April
Prasanna... [TA], , Panadura, Sri Lanka

Right in the middle of the unaware loyal town. A pleasant retreat to spend a peaceful hours according to your mood . Little play Area for children. Beautiful landscape.can spend hours under the shade of trees . Will be crowded in April though It is the best season to visit nuwaraeliya.

expensive for non locals
Lee67 [TA], , N yorks

Looked like a lovely park as I walked around the edge. However, wasn't prepared to pay R1200 for a family of 4, for what is esssentially a town park. Local residents pay a mbout 1/10 of rhyis price.

Nice gardens
Anita N [TA], , Oslo, Norway

Nice and peaceful botanical garden with nice layout. We were there after most of the flowers had finished blooming, but it was still nice.

Tiny Park, Nice Place
NadimHaki... [TA], , Doha, Qatar

Victoria park, located in city center of Nuwara Eliya, is a must visit park. I do recommended for families, but if you are a solo traveler as me, it's fine to spend 20-30 minutes in the park to relax.
The entrance is only 300 rupees (2.3$) it contains some fabulous flowers, trees, ponds.
If you have children, they will definitely enjoy, same as you

Nuwera eliya
laka72 [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Victoria park is small. Nice flowers. A nice colonial park. Manicured lawns. There is a chidlren park attached to it

We visited the old post office.

Nice place to walk
Маргарита... [TA], , Moscow, Russia

We liked this garden. It is quiet and nice place for walk, for enjoing flowers and nature. Also restaurant on the territory is a pleasant place to take a dinner. Prices are not so high.

Time Better Spent in Kandy Botanical Garden
hikergirl... [TA], , Eco-Oregonian

These gardens are just okay. I'm glad we went but the botanical garden in Kandy is 10 times larger, has so many more things to see and specialty gardens that are extremely well maintained and well-labeled. These gardens are in need of some serious new development. It's a great place for a picnic and to relax but if you are really into plants wait until you get to Kandy.

Properly maintained
srishan75 [TA], , Colombo, PR

Park is maintained properly and its a good place if visit Nuwaraeliya with kids. Only place has a children play area in the town.

A gentle stroll in the UK
luap1847 [TA], , Solihull, United Kingdom

We walked in the sun from the St Andrews hotel through the town to the park. It was generally clean and tidy with several people either sweeping leaves up or planting shrubs. Formal pools, and gardens, bandstands and summer houses, except for the pond herons and magpie robins, we could have been in any park in the uk. The only downside was the amount of plastic rubbish in the stream, which in truth was only visible because we where chasing birds. Well worth the 300rp charged to foreigners.

An hour is plenty of time and the walk through the town is fascinating and well worth the time in itself. If you like birds then you will spend longer.

What a Pity
Cedric H [TA], , Citta di Castello, Italy

This should be a lovely cool and quiet place in the centre of town and we enjoyed our amble through it. It wasn't the most flowery time of the year, and some effort was being made to plant up. The nice effect was spoiled for us by the excessive amount of litter scattered around. Worse... in the middle of the park rund a creek which should be an attractive feature - it was littered and dirty and neglected! What pity! With a bit more care and love this could be a special place.

Nice Gardens
abodemom [TA], , Kensington, MD

The gardens are lovely even in winter. Lots of locals visit and we even met the gardner of 14 years who explained the flora to us.
It is great place to walk around and enjoy the peace of nature.

Beautiful park
travelkar... [TA], , Boulder, Colorado

Victoria park was an oasis in the city. Lots of lovely flowers, families playing, and enjoyable people-watching. Highly recommended way to spend a few hours.

Nice park to spend time
mahesh991... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

this is located at the heart of the city and kids would love to go there. there is a train too. however, the place is not maintained properly since lately.

A little piece of England in Sri Lanka
Buriti [TA], , São Paulo

Cute park in Nuwara Eliya. Nice place for a stroll and bird watching. The stream needs a bit of a clean.

A stroll in the park
Richard N [TA], , Rambola

A feel of England up the mountains in Sri Lanka. If I did not know better I would think I was back in the UK. After saying that I came to SL to see jungles not oaks and firs

Worth a walk on a rainy day
FaisalKha... [TA], , Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With time to kill and a storm on its way. We took a nice short walk through the park as it started pouring. Fortunately we had an umbrella and so we just stood there enjoying the whole moment. It was great. The park itself is well kept though there isn't much to see but it was nice escaping the hustle and bustle of the market and main road.

like being back home..
AmyLou123... [TA], , Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

a very british park.. lovely walk. well laid out and very pretty.
there was also a cafe just outside the park but made you feel like you were still in the park. but taking food in would probably be cheaper.

Lovely place
Emenpe [TA], , Gouda, The Netherlands

Beautiful green and colorful oasis in a busy city. And for small children a nice playground. Good to spend a few hours.

victoria park
arun t [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Overcrowded on holidays and has traditional swings , structures for children to play . But the embellishments are gaudy and badly grouped /crowded; flower beds badly maintained .

It deserves more attention
Asad A [TA], , Sharjah

After watching the jaw dropping scenery on way to Nuwara Eliya, I decided to look for a special place inside the city. After inquiring, I was told that Victoria park is something that I should visit. Go there if you have plenty of time as it is quite big park Here is my view on the park

Pros: Historic place, it gives you a feeling of being in a colonial era, located almost in the city centre, good if you want to spend some time alone listening to birds and relax

Cons: Poorly maintained, not much flowers, patches with no grass, high fee and there are categories as well. You are asked whether foreigner or local, if foreigner, which part, accordingly you are charged, I decided to spend some time to relax under the tree but there was a stranded dog

Worth a visit
profjoypc [TA], , Alnwick, United Kingdom

Like most atttractions of this kind in Sri Lanka, there is an entry fee, so allow time to see this place to the full. It is not large so an hour or two is ample. I have visited it it several times over the years and am pleased to see significant improvement in the maintenance of the park over the past year. The flower borders and beds look 'cared for' and it is clear that oher developments are in progress. This is the place for a peaceful stroll, enjoying some of the native trees and plants of Sri Lanka. One you have paid your fee you can go in and out as you please during the course of a day.

nice little park
B B [TA], , Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Aas we arrived in NE on a cold, rainy and misty day, where you could see no further than a couple of hundred metres, there wasn't much for us to do, but I enjoyed the short stroll through this well maintained park, which of course can not compare to what we saw in Kandy before, but still, worth having a look around. The neighbouring cafe is alright for some refreshment, but not serving real italien coffee as advertised.

Heaven In the Heart of Nuwara Eliya
ShirozS [TA], , Kalutara, Sri Lanka

A Must visit if you are in Nuwara eliya. Morning and evening is the best time to visit. Wide Variety of flora and Fauna can be seen in this park. Well maintained clean environment all around. when ever i visit Nuwara Eliya i won't miss this wonderful place. Many Flowers....Many Photographs....

Nice place to visit with children and family
shirajmor... [TA], , Sri Lanka

Interesting place. You can enjoy with your whole family members. Even though bit crowded, April is the best time period to visit there. It is better to go beginning of April since from mid of the month bit crowded due to Nuwara Eliya season starts in mid of the month. Lot of flower, beautiful trees are there. apart from that you can visit Tea lands, water falls, worlds end and several attraction places near by.

Victoria Park of Nuwara Eliya
Zarin S [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Nuwara Eliya has a lot of British influence. The Victoria Park is in the middle of the town and is a lovely place for a stroll and picnic. Lots of trees, plants and flowers to be seen. People come to Nuwara Eliya to escape the heat and humidity. Nice peaceful place to be in.

only for kids
j15 [TA], , Nagpur, India

kids will love this park while you can sit there and watch them enjoy. take a walk later on along the street shops and experience the richness of the people who run these shops. welcoming and smiley!!

A nice evening stroll!
Purplewal... [TA], , London

Again this has been recently done up, so its a beautiful park to just have an evening stroll! There is a small fee to pay at the entrance, but its worth it to walk through. Its not a huge park, but its been tended very well.

Surprisingly Poor
Lukehi [TA], , Cardiff

Having read reviews of the Park and the listing in Lonely Planet guidebook I was really surprised at how shabby the place looked.

Lawns overgrown and rubbish/waste littering the ponds. I was disappointed considering the high standards of other gardens and parks I'd visited in Sri Lanka.

scenic beauty only
funsanjay [TA], , Kolkata (Calcutta), India

nothing special there only beauty of the area its very near to the bus stand of nuwara elliya please go in the morning time to enjoy the wheather

Birdwatching Park
Steve_an... [TA], , Oakham, United Kingdom

We went here late evening and on another occasion early morning. Very productive for endemics in particular.

Pretty Park
Gillian D [TA], , Bournemouth

Very pleasant walk through colourful gardens. Not a big park but a calm oasis in the middle of town. Like other parks you have to pay to get in.

Quiet, colourful corner of Nuwara Eliya
Nikki M [TA], , Gloucester

You have to pay a small entrance fee and this is not an enormous park but it was lovely to walk through after visiting other buildings and parts of the town. There were some interesting trees and beautiful colours on the shrubs and flowers when we visited.

Part of the Pleasant Nuwara Eliya Ambience
FioTravel... [TA], , Manila, Philippines

I would not go to NE for this park: its just a park, pleasant enough but small and nothing very special. However, it adds to the general pleasant atmosphere of the town and is worth a stroll.

Nice place for a walk
Cia1987 [TA], , Exeter, United Kingdom

Found the entrance fee of 300 rupees per person a bit steep as its essentially just a nice place to walk away from the busy road. However its undeniably a well kept park and doesn't feel like Sri Lanka at all as its free of the "wildness" of most places (which I prefer!)

Chin up bars!
mozeca [TA], , Perth, Australia

yes, chin up bars and parallel bars for your lack of upper body strength training and doms fix. mini obstacle course around the south-east ish corner of the park.

A nice place.
Dilrukshi... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

A very well maintained gardens, there were no flowers since it was the off season, April onwards it will be full of flowers, well kept place.

Wonderful park
yulia-lee [TA], , shanghai

I like this small,silent, pretty park, not too many visitor. I walked through the path,there are many old trees in it.

Nice park with flowers in the middle of the city
Nalikakar... [TA], , colombo

established in 1899.nice park with flowers and trees and fairly well maintained. you can see number of flowers grow in cold climate including several varieties of roses. numerous pictures places are there to take photos. there is a play area for little children as well.

Beautiful English style garden, with great play equipment for little kids
Daniel K [TA], , Hong Kong, China

My 3 year old boy absolutely loved the park, especially after a long day in the car to get to Nuwara Eliya. Hilarious 1970's era play equipment (ie before the safety nazis ruined childrens playgrounds), and a ride-on trail set that he adored.

Nice city park
Travelgrl... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

The park was pleasant and well maintained. It was like a mini botanical garden with a Japanese garden, rose garden and other areas. What was funny is that for all the green lawns and local families, there was a sign at the entry saying "Refrain from Playing in the Park"

Lovely Park with lots to see
AilbheDub... [TA], , Dublin

We really enjoyed our walk through this park, the shrubs and flowers were really nicely laid out and were extremely well looked after. We came across a gardener who asked where we were from and when we replied Ireland he then got excited and insisted on showing us some plants he knew grew over here.My wife and the gardener had a great exchange and he was pleasantly surprised that she knew loads of the plants by name and he added to our enjoyment which to me was typical of Sri Lankan people who are so friendly and helpful generally.

Very well maintained
Dora D [TA], , Oxford, United Kingdom

Certainly worth the 200 rupees entrance fee, as beautifully maintained, and a great playground. (shame about the incessant stray dogs, that seem to be synonymous with Sri Lanka)

Firnas [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

A good attraction to take some snaps. Chilled with naturally cold weather. Large place to play around.

A Garden in the Middle of the City
Fawmy85 [TA], , Doha, Qatar

The lovely Victoria Park at the center of Nuwara Eliye town. A very nice atmosphere, this park is great for walking around and has a very interesting feel to it. There is a nice pond with stepping stones and some objects of amusement for children.

Loved it
Jeevan R [TA], , Orpington, United Kingdom

I have visited Victoria Park several times, and it is great to take a relaxed stroll around. They have some nice playing areas for children, and a small pond with stepping stones (careful not to fall in!). I loved it!

unexpected highlight
annhig [TA], , cornwall, UK

we arrived in NE in a rainstorm and took refuge in the park cafe which turned out to be a find in itself - excellent food at good prices. When the rain stopped we decided to go for a walk round the gardens and were so impressed with them - so well kept and planted. Who would expect to find a rose garden at 6000 feet?

Well worth an hour or so of anyone's time if you're in NE.

main attraction in Nuwara Eliya
Cormac G [TA], , Australia

Victoria Park is the main attraction here. Grab an Orange Pekoe from the cafe...nothing much to see but nice to experience the climate..can relax and love to watch playing children everywhere.

Cool Climes
Mahinda W [TA], , Colombo

In the centre of the city, but once you are inside the park you are in a world of your own!, pardon me, in a world of flowers of many colours.

The Park is well laid out. March to August would be the best seasons. However, April may tend to be bit over crowded as this is the traditional " Nuwara Eliya Season", where, everyone who wants to be seen throng there. Carry a camera, a cap, and warm clothes because the weather can turn in a whistle.

The roses are well tended and are a delight. Flowers - you just cant imagine what you will see.

Beauty in great bounty!

Green Paradise
tekumalla... [TA], , Chennai (Madras), India

The Victoria Park is a smallish Park in the heart of Nuara Eliya and it makes for a pleasant stroll in the evenings. Do not Miss the Rose Garden and the large central lawn. Especially good if you are visiting with Kids as they can run and play around. The Pathways are well laid out and even. The Entrance Fee for Foreigners is LKR 200 per Person and free for Children.

Little England
gyanferna... [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

This, as the name implies, is a typical British style park which is well maintained with lots of roses and other flowers in neatly laid beds. It is still being maintained well even though the British left in 1948.
For children, there is a little train track with a train.
Do beware of the wasps and ask the staff before wandering off

Victoria Park - Nuwara Eliya
Praveen P [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Went to Victoria park for walk .. Lovely atmosphere .. Compared to Hakgala botanical gardens here less flowers and flora .. But nice to relax and go walk here
Park is close proximity to golf club and grand hotel .. Have to pay a nominal fee to enter the park .. This park has a children area as well

Pleasant Park
Frederic... [TA], , Nantes, France

Walking in the park is pretty pleasant since it makes you forget the noise of the town (main road, bus station) for a while as you walk among old trees and blooming flowers. On Sundays, you'll meet plenty of families which may ask to take a picture of you! I guess this park is one of the British jewels left in the country.

PS:The entrance ticket for foreigners costs around 200Rs.

Great place to walk with kids
Jennyvanb... [TA], , Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Great place to walk with kids, very safe. You should stop to take some great pictures with your loved ones. No restaurants or any food stands, so you need to pre- purchase food before you enter the park. You could have a wonderful picnic if weather permits you. DON'T forget, it's Nuwara Eliya, can be cold (like early spring or Autumn). The place get over crowded during the weekends.

Nice enough if you don't mind the crowds
ShehanFdo [TA], , Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

A good place to see a selection of Nuwaraeliya flora if you don't mind the hoards of locals on holidays. Ideal place to visit on weekdays when tranquility prevails.

Very nice and refreshing
Samrong [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Its a very good place for a morning or evening walk or anytime. Quite nicely planted space but it tends to be over-populated during weekends or holidays. There is one small juice/coffee hut also inside the park.
Not a must visit, but it really has good feeling.

liniciuka... [TA], , DUBLIN

The lovely Victoria Park at the centre of town comes alive with flowers around. We had a nice walk .There was a small trying playground area with balance beam, monkey bars, parallel bars.
We saw many young couples hiding behind trees :)

Nice Park...
Teabushho... [TA], , Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

The lovely Victoria Park at the centre of town comes alive with flowers around March to May, and August and September. It’s also home to quite a number of Hill Country bird species, including the Kashmir flycatcher, Indian pitta and grey tit.

park separated from the golf course by New Bazaar Street, is a good place to spot a number of hill country bird species. Look out for yellow-eared bubul, pied thrush, Kahnir fly catcher, Indian blue robin, grey tit, Indian pitta, pacific swallow and, along the stream that runs through the park, green sandpiper. Open from dawn till dusk.

Great Spot
Clinchip [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

We understand that this place is more like for young couples. We saw many young couples hiding behind trees :)

Nice park for kids, but why charge???
Guelph_Da... [TA], , Toronto

Our kids enjoyed the old school play equipment and you can take a small toy train if you want. The grounds are nice. But I am totally against charging money to get into a park (for tourists or foreigners). Cost is 200 for foreigners, adults or children. I like parks to be well used spaces for everyone and I only really saw foreigners in the park. Bathrooms were horrible.

Well Maintained
sunnair [TA], , Male, Maldvies

We have visited and spend some time there. Well maintained and clean. Only children playing area is not in good standard and not maintained also. But toy train is attractive.

Good place spend sometime
NYSH [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nice clean park to spend sometime. I read the comment that the charge for foreigners is
Rs.400. Sadly that is the case in many places in Nuwara Eliya. The rate for foreigners is more than 10 times in many places. The place itself is very well maintained and has a verity of flowers and birds. There is a place inside where you can buy food.

Beautiful flowers!
subs97 [TA], , Colombo

The park is flowers galore this time of the year. It truly is a splendid spectacle.

Well worth a visit
tmackie2 [TA], , rockingham

This garden is well worth a visit - the plants are mainly from the days of the colonials, well set out on the banks of the river. It was well used by local people and has a restaurant attached for meals and drinks.

Nuwara Eliya
Udunuwara [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Victoria park and the pathways around the Gregory lake is excellent. Nice cool atmosphere.

Vidvani [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

A great place to walk around and in the paths surrounded by millions of flowers.Month of May is just after Nuwara Eliya season and still you will experience the same weather.Its not so cold and will find warm during the day and night can be bit cold.A park well kept and not expensive to get in.There is a kids playing area and there is a train for kids to have fun.

The Victoria Park
guidelank... [TA], , Colombo

The Victoria Park of Nuwara Eliya which is in front of The Trevene Holiday Bungalow said to be named to comorate the 60th Jubilee Coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1897. Originally the park was used as the research field of Haggala Botanical Garden which is located about 04 km away from the city centre. It is known that this park was established by planting an Oak tree by a German Princes who visited Nuwara Eliya at the latter part of the 19th Century.


Like an English park, but with rare birds too
impalauk [TA], , Sri Lanka

The park is inexpensive, with beautiful flowers. One or two staff can double as bird-watching guides and there are several rare species to be seen.

Reasonable gardens
Staffsmar... [TA], , Staffordshire

Pleasant gardens and an enjoyable stroll in the afternoon

Lovely Park
satyan_is... [TA], , Mumbai, India

Beautiful park with lovely trees and plants. Ideal time to visit is in April when you can see all the flowers in their full bloom.

Nice Little Park
The_Great... [TA], , Hong Kong, China

Nice little park which reminded me very much of a British city park (with less graffiti). You have to pay a few ruppees to get in but it's nice enough to wander around for half an hour.

The scenic beauty of the surrounding is wonderful
siva1945 [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Travelling by car or any other vehicle from Kandy, is a wonderful site with scenic beauty n the way. The temple in Ramboda is something to see. The roads are winding but you can see the women plucking tea which is one of the major exports of Sri Lanka.
Nuwara Eliya is cool and wonderful with parks and waterways. There are many hotels too.

Visit this place if you are keen in photography and gardening
Killerboy... [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This Place would be interesting if you are keen photographer and also like gardening!
Else its just like any other normal garden!! there are various good spots for photography

Busy place
dabblanc [TA], , Edmonton, Canada

Not a great place for tourists unless you arrive during the pony races. The park was full of activity though which was great to see. Lots of cricket and children running around. Wish our parks in Canada were utilized as this park was.

Probably spectacular in bloom
Theresa H [TA], , Durango, Colorado

Very well kept, beautifully planned but we are in the off season so missed out on most the flowers!

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