Highlands tea plantations

Highlands tea plantations

Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest exporters of tea. Since the introduction of tea to Sri Lanka in mid 19the century Nuwara Eliya has been the capital of the tea industry. For many miles prior to reaching Nuwara Eliya from either direction you will find acres and acres of tea plantations, infact nothing but tea estates. There are many factories open for visitor's which also have tea sales outlets

Tea was first planted in Sri Lanka in 1824 at the Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, when a few plants were brought from China. More were introduced from Assam in 1839. In 1867, a Scottish Planter named James Taylor planted tea seedlings in an 8 hectares of forest land, in the Loolkondura Estate.

In 1873, the tea export industry of Sri Lanka began with a modest 23 lbs. being shipped to London. Tea will grow only on rolling terrain and is classified by elevation into low grown, medium grown and high grown into 3 main groups. Today more than 200,000 hectares in highlands and other areas are under Tea and around 300 million Kilograms, with a 25% of world tea exports are done by Sri Lanka as the World’s largest Tea exporter

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 20 m

Tourist reviews about Highlands tea plantations

Worth for a break!
mail2api [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

If you are traveling by car from Kandy to the deep hill country, this place is good for a break to stretch your legs. Tea was just ok but Interesting factory tour. Nice views of the tea estate.

….The Best Tea Estate….
FOLK101 [TA], , Gurgaon, India

A must visit when you are in SriLanka.

If you plan to visit any tea estates, don’t stop anywhere else as there are many tea estates in between, just go straight to Mackwoods Labookellie Tea Centre and save your time.

Its very well maintained, very beautiful, the best tea estate. It’s on the way to Nuwara Eliya and spending time here will definitely be one of the most memorable moments of your holiday.

The tea and the chocolate cake were amazing, DO NOT MISS THAT.

big farm and factory
BaherJabe... [TA], , Salmiyah, Kuwait

you should go there. they will give you a nice tour after that tea testing then you can buy what ever you want from tea :D its a must visit

A place to rejuvenate on a long journey..!!
Somerset5... [TA], , Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

A wonderful place to relax and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea and delicious chocolate cake the place is famous for. On Route to Nuwara Eliya, this is an ideal place to stop and refresh and buy your requirement of tea.

Interesting visit.
Kevin F [TA], , Nottingham

This is a bit of must for ardent tea consumers such as ourselves. The local hill country is covered in tea bushes and is a very distinctive landscape. The tea centre is right on the Kandy to Nuwara Eliya road. The views from the car park are gorgeous overlooking a valley covered with tea bushes and trees.
The tour of the tea factory is fairly short but informative. Ask questions and you get lots more interesting information than just listening. You get taken through the tea production process and outside there are some bushes to view close hand and even pick some.
Attached is a cafe with a famous chocolate cake and best of all supplies of fresh tea. It is fabulous stuff. Don't pollute it with milk or sugar because the taste is lovely. Sadly although you can buy tins of tea they do not ship it from there for any bulk purchase you might want.
Not a long visit, it didn't need to be but very informative.

The drive through the plantation is gorgeous!
Wandering... [TA], , Geneva, Switzerland

As we approached this tea factory my husband and I were so impressed with the beautifully maintained plantation and lovely flowers place along the road. It was a lovely drive. The tour itself was interesting but got really good once my husband started asking lots of questions which perked up the guide and got her really engaged (and she did not expect or want a tip). The tea tasting (and chocolate cake - you only pay for the cake) was tasty. The prices were really good and the whole experience pleasant.

Great place to enjoy some Sri Lankan tea
Danushka... [TA], ,

A great place to enjoy high quality Sri Lankan Tea. Dont miss the cake. Its delicious. Travelers can visit the adjacent tea factory as well

Interesting place with massive tea plantation. but not recommend as unfriendly employees.
Eeeeeeug [TA], ,

beautiful scenery. . little instructions about process of tea was good enough to have idea. but attendence of employees was not promptly. also the lady in the casher was amazingly rude to us because we didn't have small changes. Just one person can ruined all the good experience. I wouldn't go again there also not recommended to anyone.

amazing views over the tea plantations
Momo1975c... [TA], ,

Views great, quite touristy with locals and overseas customers. Tea is very good... bought lots of different types back and until you try then with UK milk and not UHT you realy appreciate good quality tea. the tour was quick, as it was a sunday the factory was closed, but you could see bits.
Tea is cheaper here than in the UK and also in the various tea shops in Sri Lanka.

Great tea! you can buy your favorite in factory shop.
Vrafi [TA], ,

We received a tour in the factory where we learned and saw the tea making process. It takes about 24 hours to produce the tea. The factory produces 1500-2000 KG of tea in one day.
There are five types of tea produced. Four of them are made of exactly the same plant - and the only difference is the process. Once the tea is ready, it is either packaged locally or placed in 55 KG bags and shipped to Colombo for an auction.
You can get a great free cup of tea in the factory and you can of course buy the products in the factory shop. For foreigners, the prices look extremely cheap. The taste of the tea is great though!

good cup of tea
Keshav R [TA], , Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

this is a excellent place where one can buy a rare type of orange peokoke tea. They also tell how tea is made. also you are provided with free sample tea's.

Really interesting
P H [TA], , Newquay, United Kingdom

Good tour and very interesting. Quite a quick tour so make sure you ask lots of questions. Delicious tea and cake at the end with an opportunity to buy teas etc in the shop.

Taste of Sri Lanka
Helen L [TA], , Cold Ash, England, United Kingdom

This visit was wonderful. It is a long trip from Nuwara Eliya, but the road is breathtakingly beautiful, replete with waterfalls and views of steeply sloping tea fields busy with tea pickers harvesting the crop. A photographer's dream location!
The tea factory is a working one. A guide is appointed to take you round and explain the production process in perfect English (but I got the impression that they had staff who could speak other languages as well). Afterwards tea is served in the garden. There is no charge for either the tour or the tea at the end. Great gift shop afterwards for the essential supplies of tea for everyone who could come to Sri Lanka with you.

Average tour
Franknbet... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Whilst the tour was free it took no more than 20 minutes, not really one of the highlights of our visit. Afterwards free tea back at the main building the main disappointment was the lack of tasting, having now established the different types of tea being made. Gift shop had a variety of items and was well stocked. The bigger draw was the surrounding countryside, I recommend stopping off before and after, plenty of stunning photo opportunities.

Should visit
Dxb_essa [TA], ,

Nice place in sir Lanka must see
1 hour tour will give a lot of knowledge of how the tea made in one of the biggest factories
The service a free tea after the tour in a nice old English sir Lakelan house

Brilliant tea fields
sunnyjim0... [TA], ,

When we first arrived at the tea plantation, the rain was belting down, and it seemed a little chaotic in the shop. After our driver asked a staff member to take us on a tour we were inside the factory. The tour was quite informative, however a little rushed. The highlight is the estate surroundings, the tea plantation itself was amazing. Worth the visit.

Mackwoods - Great tea and a bit of colonial history!
Top_Starf... [TA], , Camberley, United Kingdom

We stopped en route to Nurwara Eliya, and it was a welcome break on the winding journey up from Kandy.
We started by going to the Cafe for a pot of the Mackwoods Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP), whilst we waited for the next tour to begin. From there we were taken on a tour of the factory and shown how the plantation is managed and the life cycles of the tea bushes in the factory, then into the factory for all the phases of drying, chopping and grading which turns the leaves into the various types of leaf tea we buy back home. This was very interesting, and relatively unchanged since Victorian times.
The whole experience (including the pot of tea in the cafe) was free, though it finished, of course, with the factory gift shop, where you could buy anything from a box of tea to an entire tea service. We bought several boxes of the BOP tea, which was fantastic, but we had to get ourselves a proper tea service to drink it from when we got home, as we usually just throw a teabag in a mug like most people! :)

Standard dropped
Kanishka... [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

This used to be a great stop back in the day and now the standards have dropped sad to see.
two options tea and a nice chocolate cake and the the tea of course is nice but service ya have to agree with the rest of the comments could improve. Not a place where you could sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea there is so much crowd and quite a busy. For a quick visit to the factory if your crunched for time in your tour the ideal place to get a quick tea factory experience

Excellent free tour and free cup of tea.
G07 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Our driver sorted out our guide within minutes of arrival. She spoke excellent English and gave us a tour of the factory. She explained every aspect of tea production and we were actually in the factory looking, smelling and feeling the tea leaves on their travel through the factory. At the end we were sat down and given a free cup of tea. Very nice indeed.

No one tea.
Arun P [TA], , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

If you wish to buy good quality tea this is the ideal place to buy. reasonable prices and really good tea.
You can visit the factory free of charge and enjoy a cup of tea with sweet cake.

Tourist trap
halixol [TA], , 'round the word

Very quick tour in factory (15min), no tasting, only basics explained and then you are pushed to shop where tea is quite expensive (but tasty and can pay by card). Factory is destination of plenty buses with tourist. Surrounding valley is anyway beatifull.

Loved it
SaviLondo... [TA], , London

After a lovely drive in the winding roads, my hubby dearest knew exactly where to take me for a cuppa... Mackwoods - Labookellie Tea Centre... enjoyed the milky tea with yummey Chocolate cake..., polished it off in minutes.. staff were friendly and chirpy... We liked it and it was a good stop gap for hubby to stretch his legs and recharge for the drive down...

Intertesting tour and cup of tea.
SDTravele... [TA], , San Diego

Stopped on the way down for a brief free tour of the tea factory, which ended on the lovely patio w/ a cup of tea, and we bought some chocolate cake to share. Learned some interesting facts about tea growing, picking and production. Several people bought boxes of tea in the gift shop, but seemed pricey to me. After seeing tea plants covering the hills, was nice to learn more about it.

Brief tour but chocolate cake makes up for it!
Cia1987 [TA], , Exeter, United Kingdom

We had a VERY brief tour of the Tea Factory with a VERY uninterested tour guide, probably took about 5 minutes in total! However it is free (apart from the tip we felt obliged to give) which includes a cup of tea and the chocolate cake for 60 rupees is delicious. Also the view from the factory is gorgeous and the cafe takes you back a couple of hundred years to classier colonial times!

Interesting but nothing more
Noob123 [TA], , Singapore, null, Singapore

Entrance is free.

The 'guide' gave a 15 min explanation of the whole process in the factory. After that, we walked upstairs to see how the leaves were 'withered'. Next, a visit to the shop. That's it.

Then, proceeded to the cafe place to enjoy the complimentary cup of tea which was nice. The cake was cheap.

Don't visit the tea factories on Mondays as they don't pluck leaves on Sunday, so no processing on Monday.

Best cup of tea
ade74 [TA], , Derby, United Kingdom

I think we had our best ever cup of tea here - a lovely BOP. Ended up buying loads from the shop. Didnt do the tour though as we had already had an unguided nosy around a tea factory further out on the A5. Definitely worth stopping for.

Chocolate cake and tea
Julesgatz [TA], , Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom

You only pay 60 Rs for the cake and the tea is free! Free tour around the tea factory too. lovely cup of tea and you can buy various varieties in the shop too. No dislikes at all.

Great tea in a beautiful location
PtownNick [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Definitely a must if you are in tea country. The Mackwoods Estate factory is probably the best around. The drive up to the factory is beautiful and the Estate grounds are simply gorgeous. You are treated to a quick but very informative free tour that lasts for about 15 minutes. Then you are invited to sample the tea. It is brought out in a nice tea set and despite posted prices, we were told our tea was complimentary. As a thank you we went next door and purchased a few cartons of tea, which is very high quality. Its very cheap considering the quality of what you get.

You are free to roam the grounds a bit and we did. Youncan photograph the children and women picking the tea but they will ask for something in return. That is completely fair. They work for very meager wages and posing for tourists offers much needed income. Don't stiff them. They are very kind people.

Well worth a visit if you are in tea country. You can see this location in an hour. Two hours if you go at a very relaxed pace.

Beautiful scenery
shehani m [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The drive upto Mackwoods Labookelle Tea Factory was breathtaking with a good view of the tea estates on either side and the tea pluckers standing in line to weigh their days pickings. We were given a guided tour and free cup of tea to taste. The tea centre has a variety of tea available for you to buy in very nice packings. Good for gifts if you are travelling abroad. The surroundings are clean and the view breathtaking.

Mackwoods Labookellie Tea Centre
MumbaiRid... [TA], , Mumbai

If you visit Nuwara Eliya then a visit to the Mackwoods Labookelie tea estate is mandatory.Situated amidst the beautiful tea-gardens and tourists are given a free guided tour of the factory and a free cup of tea,The distance from Nuwara Eliya town to Labookelie tea-estate requires bus or private transport.Bus conductors have a habit of overcharging tourists, hence a little bargaining is required.

Fawmy85 [TA], , Doha, Qatar

The place is amazing. Not really the factory itself, but the surroundings are beautiful and breathtaking views. The lady ends up with very short introduction and not interested in explaining. You can enjoy free cup of tea in the restaurant. There was a tea shop which you can buy various brands of tea at reasonable price.

Something to do while in Nuwara Eliya
piggyback... [TA], ,

We were given a short tour around the tea factory and got to taste only one type of their tea. The view was nice however!

You can purchase their products at the store, everything was quite pricey though.

A nice place to visit
OrlyNahar... [TA], , Nahariya

They have a short tour in the tea factory and in the end they offer you a cup of tea.The shop has a nice selection of tea

Not to be missed!
An_Dirk [TA], , Belgium

The visit (a short tour in the factory) is for free. The cup of tea is also for free. And the chocolate cake (not for free) is delicious! And there is a lot of choice in the shop for a fair price!
It is quite a drive by tuktuk, but it is absolutely worth the visit!

Mackwoods Labookellie - Nice Place
Vijay B [TA], , Singapore

Our driver took us to the tea factory and we were thankful to him for having recommended this place. It was nice experience walking through the factory looking at the tea manufacturing process. The staff is very kind and they take you through the factory and explain the process in great detail. Also with the cold climate a cup of hot tea is welcome and they are thoughtful enough to offer the guests tea and that too free of cost. One must also try the choclate cakes that are sold as they are freshly made and great to taste. You can also get a panoramic view of the tea estate and enjoy the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. It is also a great place to pick up some authentic tea if you intend to gift it to your friends and family when you return.

Oh a Cuppa at last
Mahinda W [TA], , Colombo

Wow, after a long drive, and when the cold climate hits you, then you yearn for that cuppa, and then looms the Labookelle tea centre.

Trust me, this is Aladins Lamp, you will not be disappointed, the cakes and tea........delicious and then you will naturally buy packets of this excellent leaf to take home and brew and enjoy

A must stop
Nutsybuds [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Panaromic view of the tea estates, Classic tea and you should have their choc cake with tea! It's a must do!

If you Love Tea
Samrong [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you love tea and you are in Sri Lanka, and you are planning to go to Nuwara Eliya, you should visit this place. They staff who guided us the tour to tea factory process was very nice lady and she explained to us everything about the tea process, which was very brief but very knowledgeable. How the tea is selected, and then dried, sieved, fermented and finalized, it was quite interesting process.
Later on the Tea Factory has a Tea shop or Cafe where they offer you tea with or without milk for free. Frankly speaking, I am quite fond of tea, but I haven't tasted anything like that before.
I got tempted to buy a lot of tea then from there tea shop.

Take a break!
StevF [TA], , South Hadley, Massachusetts

A clean and bright rest stop for some delightful tea and biscuits! Beautiful views and you are in the middle of a working tea plantation and can watch tea being picked while you drink yours!

Tour group chaos but nice tea and cake
Australia... [TA], , Sydney, Australia

The milk tea and chocolate cake were yum. The whole place felt like a bit of a barn with tourists and staff fighting for attention at the counter.

Good quick tour of the factory and tea tasting
BristolDa... [TA], , Bristol

We were a bit late here but were welcomed and shown round the factory immediately. Good tour, excellent explanation of the process. Tea afterwards was great, with cake, and there is a good shop too.

Beautiful tea plantation
tulip-che... [TA], , Singapore

We visited Labookellie Tea Centre and had a tour of the tea process, it was very educational. We enjoyed some lovely cakes and tea at their cafe. Before we left, we picked up many tea products to bring home and as gifts for our friends. It was a wonderful experience.

Chocolate Cake
Lasanga [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

You should not miss the chocolate cake and the milk tea from this place. If you like to see the tea factory you can do that too and walk down to the tea estate as well and the tea estate extend up to Nuwara Eliya town border

Lots of fun, great views from the terrace
Delan_Sil... [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I liked the tour of the tea factory (which is complimentary) and they have gift sets which are very affordable.

The location is great and has some lovely views of the surrounding valley.

Excellent tour stop
Cat1272 [TA], , Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Excellent place to stop enrolee to Nuwara Eliya. Great shop for tea souvenirs and a good cafe for tea and cake

Nice stop at tea time
kapitanch... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

We made a stop at the tea centre en route from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Since it was around tea time, visiting the tea centre, having a short guided tour, and having a good rest while enjoying tea in the garden was most appropriate. The cool refreshing air plus the colourful flowers made the stopover worthwhile.

Free tea plantation tour
annahutni... [TA], , Guildford, United Kingdom

The tour around the tea plantation factory is free which makes this place an instant hit with us. The woman who showed us around the different stages of making tea was very informative and was very pleased when we gave her a tip at the end. You also get a free cup of tea at the end. The location is absolutely stunning, although a little hard to get to, but well worth the effort.

Great TEA and Chocolate cake!
Bunt83 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

After a short tour of the tea factory we were given a complimentary cup of tea, which is some of the best tea I've ever tasted!

The chocolate cake is pretty good too.

The shop has a large selection of tea to buy at very reasonable prices.

Definitely somewhere to go if you're in Nuwara Eliya.

tasty tea cup
larinetou... [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

wonderful place, great view,good Tea and cake...
Service was louzy

factory tour a must
kenpatSyd... [TA], , Gosford, Australia

see tea production and finish with free tea tasting. it really is worthwhile.

Excellent tour
JTZ [TA], , London England

Informative tour at the tea house and it included tasting and chance to buy if you like tea. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and if you are lucky, you will see the pickers out on the hillsides.

had a nice tea with cake
jonathan... [TA], , Sydney, Australia

it;s very wonderful place to visit and worth for the money which we are paying.

Good tea
Robert188... [TA], , The Hague, The Netherlands

Good tea, otherwise commercial like so many other tea estates-with-shop

Good Home Made Chocolate Cake
1LifeStan... [TA], , Colombo

The Chocolate cake and tea is a refreshing start to the last 30min of the climb to Nuwara-Eliya!

Cuppa Tea Time
Ctzee [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Cosy tea-house that serves a fresh pot of tea and that delicious chocolate cake. Highly recommended. The tea they sell is aromatic and comes in a nice packaging. Good for gifts.

Home of excellent tea
Georg H [TA], , Stuttgart

Well worth the visit. Guided tour takes 30 Min. Have some tea and chocolate cake at the restaurant overlooking the tea plantation.

Visited in Feb 2011
wesshere [TA], , Islamabad, Pakistan

I visited this tea-factory on our way to Kandy. It was included in our tour package. It was a very informative trip because for the first time in our lives we learnt about how the tea that we make is made and the different grades of tea. They also give a complimentary cup of tea after the factory visit.

A great experience
Sanjaya_W... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

A really nice diversion when in the region. A fascinating insight into tea production in a fully working factory topped off with a nice pot of tea. Well worth a stop over and with a fine collection of samples in the tea shop at the end of the tour.

typical tea factory visit
Iandacre [TA], , Broughton-in-Furness, Cumbria

The proprietors do not want tourists to see the tea manufacturing process. As if this were a state secret we were told of the process not shown. Saw much better tour in Haputale.

Nice prompt tour
Clarabell... [TA], , Norwich, United Kingdom

Informative & short enough not to be boring - actually it was really interesting and I wasn't fussed about going!

Welcome break
impalauk [TA], , Sri Lanka

An old but nice centre. You can visit the tea factory and drink and buy good value teas in the shop. It is in a good place as it gives your vehicle a break on the way up the steep hill to Nuwara Eliya!

Good variety
SKA09 [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

The choices of tea were good. They have a large variety of flavours in black tea. The tea seems to be moderately priced. But if you are looking at very exquisite and specif flavours then I definitely recommend the St. Clair's on the way to Nuwara from Bentota.

A bit rushed
exeman [TA], , Exeter, United Kingdom

Lovely location and no pressure to buy. Like another contributor I wish I had heard more of the history of the plantation.

Great tea!

Lovely place
AdheeshKu... [TA], , Pune, India

The tea served is good. Though a little expensive..They also give you a free guided tour of the Tea factory. The location is exotic..quite extraordinary with tea shrubs all around. They serve tea in a nice pot with bakery items as required.

Beautiful location
taxdoug [TA], , London, england

The setting is great for photos and the location of the cafe (free tea and paid for cake) is superb.

Shame that the tour doesn't cover a bit more of the history rather than focussing exclusively on the tea making process.

Mackwoods (1841) Labookellie tea plantation tea is the best tea I have ever tasted
Laksman P [TA], , Melbourne

In December 2011 my relatives and I stopped by on the way to Nuwara Eliya for tea and chocolate cake. This is the best tea connoisseurs or tea lovers can ever taste in their palate, incomparable with the commercial tea bags. Due credit must be given to Captain William Mackwood of England who originated this wonderful tea garden in 1841, which extends as far as the eye can see. It is like a velvet green carpet adjusting to the natural land formation with majestic contours. On our return trip we stopped by again to taste this high quality Ceylon tea. In 2005 we visited this cafe for tea. Though the quality of the tea remain excellent, the standard of the chocolate cake has deteriorated. Also the tea they sell at the counter should be the same standard comparable with the tea they sell at their outlet. Overall Labookellie tea is the best in the planet. Importantly this tea is brimming with antioxcidants giving health benefits while one enjoys a refreshing cup of Labookellie tea. Added attraction in December were life size reindeers and snow sleigh, beautifully done with good taste.

Short introduction into tea making
The S [TA], , Zurich, Switzerland

There was a short introduction into the making of Mackwoods tea by a young and very resolute small woman :-)
It was very informative but a bit hasty, though for free. You get a complimentary can of tea afterwards (recommended!). The chocolate cake is also recommendable. Tea price is not too low, but we didn't find the Mackwoods brand anywhere else and the tea is good.
If you want to buy tea for souvenir: Do it in Colombo. In York Street there is a small shop, right beside Cargill's, where you get tea/spices for a better rate than in the supermarket. You can also get BOP tea for a good rate in the supermarket in Nuwara Eliya.

Lovely and Scenic
satyan_is... [TA], , Mumbai, India

Loved the scenery. We were taken on a tour of the factory and were given a detailed explanation of the entire process from plucking the tea leaves to the packaging. you can even sample the tea and then purchase the same.

Chocolate Cake
Grummy [TA], , Scotland

You must have a cup of tea and their wonderful chocolate cake when yo visit here. It is a super place you can see how tea actually eventually arrives in your cup!!! great views and very helpful and knowledgable staff

Tea Factory visit
Debpol [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Loved the tea and the views. Had a very informative, although heavily scripted tour of the tea factory

JeffA55 [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Unfortunately, we were here on the 1 day in Sri Lanka that it rained all day, but loved the Tea Centre. Had a very interesting tour of the factory & process of making tea & grounds are visually breathtaking. Enjoyed a cuppa in the restaurant area & bought tea to take home with us.

Best Tea Plantation
dabblanc [TA], , Edmonton, Canada

We were very pleased with the location and service at Labookellie or Mackwoods Tea Plantation. We had to force our driver to stop here as he did not get any kickbacks for taking us there. Make sure you stop here and compare the tea with the place the drivers take you. This is excellent and bought tea for all my friends here and it was worth it.

Ultimate Suvenier Shopping
Andybhai [TA], , Ahmedabad, India

Oldest Tea Factory in Sri Lanka and breathtaking views on the opposite tea farms. You can shop for the Elephants which have tea in it. A complimentary tea in the old colonial ambiance seals the trip with a kiss.

Great tea and merchandise
Ankurrm [TA], , Surat, India

Wonderful tea served to us after a brief tour of tea making process...Further the shop sells wonderful tea and merchandise..

Tea factory visit
eby83 [TA], , Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

There are quite a few tea factories to visit. Though this one was highly recommended, the guide did not seem very interested in explaining or giving us a complete tour of the place.

James1503 [TA], , Manama, Bahrain

Really interesting to see the whole process of how tea is made.The staff are really friendly and there are some great gifts to be bought.

Visit to the home of tea
Janaka_Fe... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Our visit to the tea factory (and nearby cafe and shop) was interesting and informative. We got to go into the factory and learn the process of making our cuppa. Got to finish with a refreshing tea and stock up in the gift shop.

Just my cup of tea!

The visit to Labookellie Tea Factory (also called Mackwoods) was a highly educational and entertaining experience for my family. We all loved the detailed tour which started with an explanation of tea leaves picking, went on to processing packing and selling. There was free tea tasting at the end of the tour. Don't miss the yummy chocolate cake. Then there was a tea shop which sold good brands of tea at very reasonable prices. We got all our tea gifts from here. Over all it was a delightful experience with surprisingly no hard sale tactics from the tour guide.

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