Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is covered by montane grassland and cloud forest. This plateau at an altitude of 2,100–2,300 metres (6,900–7,500 ft) is rich in biodiversity and many species found here are endemic to the region. This region was designated a national park in 1988. It is also a popular tourist destination and is situated 32 kilometres (20 mi) from Nuwara Eliya.
The Horton Plains are the headwaters of three major Sri Lankan rivers, the Mahaweli, Kelani, and Walawe. In Sinhala the plains are known as Mahaweli Plains. Stone tools dating back to Balangoda culture have been found here. The plains' vegetation is grasslands interspersed with montane forest, and includes many endemic woody plants. Large herds of Sri Lankan Sambar Deer feature as typical mammals, and the park is also an Important Bird Area with many species not only endemic to Sri Lanka but restricted to the Horton Plains. Forest dieback is one of the major threats to the park and some studies suggest that it is caused by a natural phenomenon. The sheer precipice of World's End and Baker's Falls are among the tourist attractions of the park.
Horton Plains is located on the southern plateau of the central highlands of Sri Lanka.[2] The peaks of Kirigalpotta (2,389 metres (7,838 ft)) and Thotapolakanda (2,357 metres (7,733 ft)), the second and the third highest of Sri Lanka, are situated to the west and north respectively. The park's elevation ranges from 2,100–2,300 metres (6,900–7,500 ft).[3] The rocks found in the park belong to the Archaean age and belong to the high series of the Precambrian era and are made up of Khondalites, Charnockites and granitic gneisses.[4][5] The soil type is of the red-yellow podsolic group and the surface layer is covered with decayed organic matter.[4]
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Recommended review time for sightseeing: 6 h

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Tourist reviews about Horton Plains National Park

Worth going to
Banrist [TA], , Chennai

We stayed at a boutique hotel called Villa Glenloch from where it is took us around one and half hours to reach Horten Plains. We had a hired car. The drive was very scenic. Interesting fact is we passed through Pattipola which we were told is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka. Horten Plains is a very popular World Heritage site. It is a grassland plateau and has some very unique vegetation endemic to the area. The famous World’s End (the southern part of the plateau drops sharply) is to be found in this National Park but we could not go there due to shortage of time and also because we reached much later in the day whereas views from World’s End are best – free of mist – at dawn when the sun is just rising. Never the less there are fascinating treks that one can take and we did one right till the Chimney Pool. We understand the plains are very popular with bird watchers as there are some species only to be found in Horten Plains. The entrance fee for foreigners is pretty steep and you have to pay for your vehicle too. Ascertain the latest fees before you go. Also getting a place to park your car is tricky. We saw lines and lines of cars and so be prepared to walk additionally to reach your car over and above the treks you want to take here.

Good Place to visit
Nikhil R [TA], ,

Loved the place when I visited it. Leave your place early morning to reach the ticketing lines by 6AM. You don't realize how beautiful the drive is till you decide to return from the place around 11AM. Ticketing lines can get really long even early morning so keep change handy (it's a little expensive - Two people the amount came upto LKR 5583 (including charges for the van). I'd suggest forming a group with other tourists as a large group gets a good discount. It takes around 15 mins to the starting point of the trek and from there around 30 min - 1 hour to Worlds end. The view is gone by 9AM so I would highly recommend getting there earlier in the morning!!

Must see
EnClair [TA], , Randers

Nice walk which can be done by all ages. Bring good footwear and come early. Long lines at the ticket booth from 6.45 AM. By 9 the view is gone and from the booth to trails it takes 15 minutes and from there is about 90 minutes to the end of the world. In order to expedite the line, remember to have cash ready and that price is not incl VAT. Dont expect to get small change - not because of ill will, but they dont have any! Remember it is at least an hours drive to the park. We left at 5.45 and that was allmost to latel to catch the view

Marvelous hike in the heart of Sri Lanka
Oskanov [TA], , Rostov-on-Don, Russia

This is very interesting location, where you can touch the nature of the most picturesque Sri Lanka area – Mountains Cloud Forests and to see the famous abyss "The World's End". Also you will see Baker's waterfall. The trip is nearly 7-10 km, so you can hike for 2-4 hours surrounding by gorgeous views. It is better to go early in the morning to see The World's End uncovered, else you can face tough fog, so it could spoil panoramic view.

Great day
Renoir999 [TA], , Lincoln, United Kingdom

We left Nuwara Eliya at 5am and arrived in Horton Plains an hour later, it was cold and foggy. Slowly the fog lifted and by the time we reached worlds end we had some stunning views. It was a great 9 km hike with some amazing scenery. Which was followed by great train journey from Ohiya to Ella with more stunning views.

Awesome Hike
pin3appl3 [TA], , Brisbane, Australia

This was a great hike and totally worth it. Cold in the morning, also they dont open the gates until 6am so it is impossible to get in there for sunrise! Take decent shoes as it was a little muddy, also is cold in the early mornings (best time to go to beat the crowds)!

Incredible Beauty
inHINESig... [TA], , Cardiff, United Kingdom

One of the highlights of our honeymoon. Perfect tranquility, amazing views and very different from the rest of Sri Lanka we've seen.

We enjoyed seeing the waterfalls and world's end (although the cloud cover meant we were unable to see anything) - we fed quality very animated ginger biscuits instead.

We enjoyed walking with a guide/driver who told us all about the nature around us. This being said, there are many boards with information around the park and the trail is easy to follow and so this was a luxury and not a necessity.

Wear comfy shoes :)

Loved the Hike
DF26 [TA], , Boston, Massachusetts

Although we had to start our excursion at 4:00 AM, the effort was worth it. The four hr. hike was lovely and we loved the Worlds End.By arriving early we beat the crowds which were there once we were done.

Beautiful Walk
FatGinger... [TA], , Oman

This is a super place to unwind and just gently walk the 9km route, see the fantastic wildlife and plants and wow at the views. The route is difficult at times but not very challenging (even for a 50+)! We saw deers, antelopes, monkeys and many plants and bird life we had never seen before. It can be a little busy but it still feels you are exploring on your own. I would highly recommend doing this walk to sample the fresh mountain air and the drive up and down is spectacular.

A Pleasant Walk
nkbarker [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

The Horton plains are beautiful. The grasslands and surrounding cloud forest are lovely to see and to walk through.
We left Nuwara Eliya at 6.00am and arrived at the entrance gate at approx. 7.00am. Unfortunately it took more than half an hour to get a ticket at the entrance gate. There is one person selling tickets and a lot of people keen to get into the park to start the walk to World's End. The large difference in entry costs for tourists and locals is also a bit disappointing.
We arrived at the start of the walk at approx. 8.15am, and what a lovely walk it was. The view at World's End is great and the Bakers Falls lovely (the track to the bottom is steep and at times muddy), but the highlight is the grass plains and forest surrounding the plains.
Obviously the view from World's End is weather dependent. This is either way a very pleasant 9km loop walk that is well worth the effort.

Dont rush, you need to be relaxed
Bandu N [TA], , DC

I entered the park with very clam mind and zero expectations even though this was my 4th visit. I started an amzing feeling after Pattipola Railway station with a beautiful terrain and natural habitat. This time I had few more stops to enjoy the nature. When I entered the Park, mind was prepared to explore furthermore of this remarkable property believed to be onetime a potato cultivated land but failed due to soil infertility due to water logging conditions. World's End and Baker's fall are just only two out of many attractions in this property. You need a complete day (without rain) to enjoy this terrain. Go there by 7 am. You wont regret at all

Great tour
SLIMGIRL9 [TA], , somerset

We went back to Sri Lanka this year , we stayed with a fantastic family ,
While we were there we went on several tours with slimline tours , they were great tours ,
We went to Horton plans , it was amazing , we had to walk for about 3 miles across some great country side , with great views , it was quite hard but exercise is a good thing , the land scape is amazing , we went as a family group , the pereras , who we stayed with while we were on holiday ,
The walk was worth it , when we got to the END OF THE WORLD , amazing , when we looked over the top there was no bottom , it seamed as if we were flooding in the sky , this was an amazing experience , thank you to our fantastic guide , with his family , slimline tours , I Recommend this tour , with slimlinetours

walk in the nature
Amjad A [TA], , Jeddah

10km walk and you'll see a fall and the end of world
In the end of journey you'll be exhausted If you not use to walk

Amazing experience!
Sicktir [TA], , Andernach, Germany

We were there in October 2014. The weather was not that good. So as we arrive there we heard that you need to visit the park by walking about 10 km. At first i wanted to turn around but afterwards i can say that this trip was one of the highlights of our Tour in Sri Lanka, altho we didn't saw anything at the Worlds End because of the fog.

8h trekking from Hill Safari hotel
Andres G [TA], ,

We came from a 3 days trekking in knuckles range, in the Kandy region. We didn't get to see anything because of the fog and the weather was really bad (the misty mountains...). So when we got to horton plains and visited the world's end after a 5h trekking starting at 5am, we really loved the view. The red rocks inside the park are beautiful and I really woud have loved to get some more information about how such Colorado canyon kind of rocks get formed there, in Sri Lanka, almost 2000m above the sea level. Guides are not very useful for this purpose, unluckily. We got to see purple face monkeys, which where nice, and the waterfalls, the geckos... and the park which is very well maintained, were a very nice experience. I would totally recommend it if you visit it as the last part of a longer trekking as we did. Otherwise I understand that getting there with a tuk tuk and visiting the park might not be such a beautiful experience.

Great walk - fantastic views!
SamAnge [TA], , Adelaide, Australia

We did a half-day trip to Horton Plains from Nuwara Eliya, which turned out to be one of our favourite walks whilst in Sri Lanka. It was an early start, but the driver stopped at a scenic lookout so we could take pictures of the sunrise. It was just getting light as we arrived at the park and despite some delay on arrival (the national parks were on strike??!) we eventually got admission. On the way to the start of the track, we passed herds of Sambar deer, some of which were friendlier than you'd expect...

The track itself is undulating and varies from open plains to woodland and hills. We were lucky in that it was a very clear day so the delays at the start of the day didn't impact visibility at World's End and Small World's End. The views from here are fabulous - well worth the walk to see, and there was lots of wildlife along the way including birds and monkeys.

If you have half a day available this is definitely worth the trek (and the early start!)

Best Place to See
Ruwan_Rat... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Horton Plains is one of the best places to see in sri Lanka. It is situated in the hills with some natural wonders like world's end, baker's fall, and many other endemic flora and fauna. I love this place.

A nice park
punkmuts [TA], , Holland

This is a nice park where also a lot of Sri Lankan go in the weekend. So make sure you go there during the week. The security is almost the same as in an American airport. This is a little ridiculous. To make a round trip in the park, including visiting World's End, takes about 4 to 5 hours.

amazing view
Oddsoxroc... [TA], , Galway, Ireland

Amazing views, get there early. Take the second less abvious but official track down to the waterfall as some people go down a treacherous embankment.

great day trip - start early!
rellyad [TA], , Tel Aviv, Israel

The price is to high as everything else here, the queue was unbelievable (the clerks were on some sort of an Italian strike), you have to get up early to be here around 7:00 (otherwise it gets to hot or cloudy) and there is no public transportation so you have to get a driver - and still it's worth it. it's a pleasant hike, great views and surprisingly clean. Take with you some food and enjoy a breakfast picnic along the way.

Beautiful flowers and forests.
Eva Y [TA], , Shanghai, China

You can feel the four season change. Beautiful flowers and forests and nice waterfall.
The world' send is wonderful, you can take a nice picture. It must be perfect.

Lovely grasslands... Beautiful view
Leenavaid... [TA], ,

This place is approx an hours drive from Nuwara Eliya... The road to the national park is very beautiful quite different than most asian countries.. Infact not exactly the same but due to green mountains & huge green expanse reminds one of scotland..!
You got to reach here really early to be able to site few animals specially the sambars.. Early as in by 5:30am.. For the nature walk in the national park its about 9kms walk through rocky, uphill, downhill & narrow patches..its best to start this walk early as it gets misty before noon with not much visibility! We were traveling with my 3yrd old son so we took longer but otherwise the total walk can be done in approx. 3hrs.. There are no animal sightings while on nature- forest walk but infact it is outside in the grasslands that you see...so you basically see birds & a view of Baker waterfalls & the cliff which is called worlds end... But the 3hrs walk can be a bit difficult if not used to walking but its still possible with few breaks... Dont forget to carry water and a quick bite.. I dont remember walking more than a km before this & I could do the walk... So guess with avg fittness one can do this.. Its a beautiful walk through jungle, grasslands & water streams making the walk worthwhile.. I loved the place though had to go for a foot spa in the eve... But worth every bit!

Absolutely stunning!!
Brett N [TA], ,

we have seen a spectacular view after for a great walk. Even the hike is little bit difficult, the cool climate never leaves you tired.It was very enjoyable and memorable hiking for us!! Perhaps, strong wind and fog in late afternoons.

Magical Place
Martin510 [TA], ,

On the advice of our guide, Mr Sam Samarakoon, we visited Horton Plains early in the morning (arriving at approximately 0630). As others have said, the walk is about 9km and provides some absolutely stunning views at World's End, Little World's End and Bakers Falls. The walk took 2.5 hrs and provided stunning views along the way. Well worth taking this in amongst your tour of Sri Lanka. We used Samarakoon Tours (www.samarakoontours.com) and were so glad we did. We compared what Sam provided against some of the bigger tour operators and there was simply no comparison. Our driver Chimandra was the safest driver you could wish to have (take this into consideration when booking a tour!). Sam and Chimandra took such good care of us and tailored the tour along the way to meet of all of our needs. Without doubt, the best family holiday we have ever had thanks to Sam.

9.5 km Hike
EdiMandM [TA], , Barcelona, Spain

It is really cold compare to the rest of Sri Lanka, so be prepared. (Raincoat, jacket, boots, etc)
1 hour to get there from Nuwara Eliya.
Regarding the HIke is a 9.5 km circuit that can be done in aprox. 2:30-3:30
They claim to have animals, but we didn't see them.
Best: World's End and Bakers Waterfalls.
Cons: Really high price compared to the rest of Sri Lanka (Obviously was only Rs60 for non foreigners)

Absolutely beautiful
RoshJay [TA], , Ella, Sri Lanka

The weather was perfect. We didn't get there early to see the sunrise but when we did get there it was sunny all the way. The views of the planes and beyond were breathtaking.

It's a pity to read of the discriminatory rates charged for overseas visitors. For a Sri Lankan to visit the park, it's actually inexpensive. So why such a variance?

Best Part of Our Trip
Benaga V [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

I was kinda skeptical at first, thinking it would be another tropical forest trekking area, which I wasn't really fond of. But boy, was I wrong! I was amazed to find totally different vegetation around the area and to really feel the sense of wilderness and tranquility (we saw tons of Sambur deer along the way). Another good thing about the area is definitely the cooling fresh air which made our hiking really enjoyable too.

To put it simply, Horton Plains is tropical highland wilderness at its finest. The hiking part itself is nothing sort of super sophisticated, super exotic, super wild or super demanding kind, but for some reasons its just really charming. Definitely the highlight of our Sri Lanka trip.

Well, for some side stories which are worth to share :
We only found out that the park only opens after 6 AM after we reached the park gate, and so in the end we weren't able to catch sunrise as per our initial plan. Be also noted that the route going there is full of bends and really steep climbs. Some parts of the road are so steep that our car couldn't move an inch halfway the climb!! But in the end we managed to move the car somehow. But trust me, at that moment, we briefly thought this was the "end of the road" for us.

Anyway, do not give this a miss while you are in Sri Lanka!

We got the view at 10.30
Carolien... [TA], ,

Great walk ( not difficult if you have good health), we have seen a spectacular view, without being there for sunrise. I can totally imagine that that would be even more awesome. We haven't seen that much animals, but great landscapes. We can definitely recommend this np.

My favourite National park in Sri Lanka
AmranAtha... [TA], , Colombo

This is my favorite National park in Sri Lanka. Mainly due to the different vegetation found here due to the high elevation. The cool climate never leaves you tired. I have camped here several times and so far, got the best camping experience. Hosting Sri Lanka's 2nd and 3rd highest mountain, this national park is the best if you need to spend 2 or 3 days out of the city and do some awesome hiking trails like, the Circuit trail, Kirigalpoththa trail and the Thotupola trail. Most famous among tourists is the circuit trail. If you have extra time to camp and explore all the three trails, it would be awesome. But the park entrance fees is quite steep but still worth it!!!

Picture Postcard Territory
Niran123 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Every picture you take will qualify as a picture postcard - thats how scenic this place is. One of my favourite getaway places, Horton Plains offers something for everyone. If you like hiking but cannot tackle long hikes - you can try the Kirigalpoththa trail or just go a short distance on the World's End/Bakers falls trail. Even a short hike can be very rewarding.

Avoid weekends and the Nuwara Eliya season! This place can get very crowded with holiday makers who aren't sensitive about nature.

Mystery Cloaked and breathtaking wonder - Horton Plains
Hemal M [TA], , Gampaha, Sri Lanka

It is Situated between Nuwaraeliya and Haputale towns. Highland is at an elevation of 2,100 to 3,200 M above sea level. There are 3 main rivers starting. They are Mahaweli, Kelani and Walawe. It s situated between Peaks of Thotupola kanda and Kirigalpotta. Also home to more than half of Sri Lanka s vertebrates, half of the islands endemic flowering plants also trees.Ideal place for camping trekking hiking and bird watching.

Beautiful Hike
beckynmax [TA], , maine

Seeing World's End in Horton Plains National Park was on my Sri Lanka Bucket list. The drive into the park is beautiful as you pass farms and villages and jungle and pastureland. The 9 km loop hike was not difficult. We started at 1 pm -- not the best time. If I were to go again, I'd time it so we could begin when the part opens. Much of the path follows dry stream-beds so it is uneven as it undulates across the landscape. We saw deer, birds, and a small snake; but we came for the views and they did not disappoint.

Great day trip -- pack a lunch and some water. Not recommended for small children, disabled, or elderly unless fit.

Very enjoyable trek
juliefong [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Wonderful experience. Not a difficult walk either being reasonably flat. We saw lots of birds & deer. Started our walk at 7 am & headed straight to worlds end first before the mist came in & then continued onto Bakers waterfall. Beautiful natural environment. We took our time & finished at 12noon. 5 hour walk in total. Highly recommended. Worth the money.

excellent walk
Daniela C [TA], , Malta, Europe

great walk. get there by early morning. we left hotel at about 6.30 and got there at about 8. there is a 7 km walk which we did in about 3 hours. didn't see any animals here except 1 deer. The bakers fall and world's end are amazing. if you are in sri lanka, do not skip horton plains.

Great walk, get there for sunrise
Madro27 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

We arrived at the entrance just as the park was opening (6.30) and caught the sunrise on the way there. The entrance is quite pricey but actually worth it. They say the walk takes 3 hours, but if your taking your time and stopping for the waterfall we were there for about 5 hours. The views are lovely and the park is kept well. Was nice to see how strict they were with what you took in (no plastic, lighters etc) the waterfall is lovely and we got their early enough that they weren't too many people there. We didn't see any animals as we were walking around but on the drive up we did pass a beautiful large deer that's famous there, hidden in the trees, which was rather special. Definitely worth a visit but allow time and take water!

Nice easy hike but don't expect to see animals.
Wandering... [TA], , Geneva, Switzerland

Horton's Plain was a beautiful area, the hike not too steep, the views lovely. It was a very peaceful walk (we got there for opening at 6am to avoid too many people and to try to see the view - which mostly worked). There were lots of deer just outside the entry but besides bird and lizards there are no real other animals in the park. We asked our driver and he told us he'd seen leopards but only outside the park. He said the park was now too busy and all the animals lived where no one hiked (except to cross the road on occasion). The view at World's End was ok and the waterfall pretty. We still very much enjoyed the walk though.

Good experience but long hike
SarahYu [TA], , Hong Kong, China

It's about 3.5 hour hike including photo shooting time. You would need to get there early in the morning say 5-6 am to enjoy the quietness and fabulous untouched view. The morning breeze is refreshing. Love the samba deer in the sunlight. Definitely worth a visit if you are fit and willing to get up early.

We were expecting more
DonPacket... [TA], , Johannesburg, South Africa

After reading all the great reviews on Tripadvisor we were very excited to visit Horton Plains but we were quite disappointed.

World's End was covered with mist and the trekking from one view-point to the next was non-eventful. There were a lot of large groups of disrespectful locals who were continually noisy throughout our walk, and we spotted so much waste along the paths like empty water bottles, which was extremely unpleasant.

We would have much rather spent our time hiking through the natural forests and tea plantations.

#1 highlight of my Sri Lankan tour!
shuangz [TA], , Singapore

Breathtaking views! Just as we were about to arrive at the car park, the scenery right before my eyes completely blew me away. The vast grasslands with the peeking morning sunlight (plus the chilly weather) felt so surreal. Throughout the 9km hike, I went trigger-happy and tried my best to capture good shots worthy of the beauty of this national park. I loved the diversity of flora and fauna that this place offers. I loved the cool chilly weather that accompanied us for the initial part of the hike till the sun was up.

This certainly isn't an easy peasy walk in the park but it definitely is very manageable.
Tips: 1) Wearing good appropriate footwear (sports shoes would suffice) and attire would make your walk a pleasant one. 2) Start early in the morning! i.e. before 7.30 a.m. There's a segment of the walk where you will find yourself in an area which does not provide any cover - the heat from the scorching sun is no joke. Would be advisable to slap on some sunscreen too.

Waking up at 3+ a.m. to make our way from Ramboda to the Horton Plains National Park was well worth every bit of effort. :)

Very good and beautiful but expensive and no visa accepted
Mimi J [TA], , Paris, France

We really enjoyed our walk in the Horton Plains. It is truly a beautiful place but we found the place expensive and we couldn't pay with our visa (see pictures of the rates April 2014). We would recommend to wear good shoes and bring something to drink for the 3 hours walk to get to the world's end.

Wish we had more time
gsrs [TA], , usa

The drive into the park is long and we had been told that fog rolls in at 9:30 Am. It actually started to roll in at 9:00 AM, but then some areas remained clear and we enjoyed our walk of about 1 1/2 hours. If we had more time, I have no doubt that we would have had a better experience. There are signs explaining some of the vegetation, but I think it is better to have a good local guide to explain more of what you see and experience here.

Amazing place of pure nature
nucer [TA], , Moscow, Moscow City, Russia

This place is far from the cities and entrance is expensive. But that's cost it! At the entrance they'll ask you to remove any plastic bags and other garbage from your bags and backpacks. And that's why I didn't see any garbage inside! This place is really clean. Also the air is absolutely clear (in opposite of Yala's truck smoke and road dust)
You will enjoy a pretty long walk inside the pure nature with pretty landscapes. And then you will get on the top of big rock, at the place called Great World's End. And it looks really like that, all you need there - just a pair of wings :)
But there are no attractions, so you better go there only if you really love nature and interested in oneness with it :) And there is no cafes, so you better take few bananas in your backpack ;))

Wild beautiful nature
Malmichal [TA], , Herzlia, Israel

beautiful national park and great hiking. the colors of this place are just amazing. the waterfall is so beautiful. and the view from the view points were spectacular. good tip - arrive early in the morning for the best sight otherwise it's becoming foggy

Sally Y [TA], ,

Look, it's a great walk too see the worlds ends and the water fall. However, I'm not sure how the gov can justify charging people around $5000rps too see this. It's an expensive exercise which should be free. The views from worlds end is good, and the waterfall is ok. The trek itself isn't too demanding, can easily be done in thongs. Can be cold in the mornings, however does get hot pretty quick. Overall, good to see, good exercise whilst on holiday however price not justifiable. This is particularly in the case where a local Sri Lankan may never be able to visit, we were told that locals pay the same fee.

A lovely walk
Kate W [TA], , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We started the 9.5km walk at 0900h, glad we started early as it was a hot day. We saw lots of wildlife on the way around and the views of the waterfalls were lovely. It's not a difficult walk as there is a defined path with a little bit of up and down.

well worth it
jenna t [TA], , Christchurch, New Zealand

We got the Van at 5am and swung up roads to near the top, we stopped and got our tickets first - we got a group ticket even though we had never met eachother before as supposedly it is cheaper - part of me beleives they kind of just make up the prices as they go though.
We then got back into the van and got to the car park - there are toilets at the top then you walk through the gate and give your tickets - you have to take all your labels of water bottles etc and they check your bags then you go off for your walk. I personally think its better to veer off left when you get to the road where you choose so you can go through and see the smaller worlds end before the big one! it was a stunning walk - beware it is very cold up there in the morning but does sometimes warm up throughout the day. Would recommend to everyone!

Highlight of our trip
Jocelyn C [TA], , London

My friends and I woke up at 5am to get to Worlds End before 8am and it was worth every bit of lost sleep! It was absolutely freezing until about 9am, so wear lots of layers.
The entrance fee, like at all national/heritage sites in SL, was expensive (we were with a local friend of ours who only had to pay 60lkr whereas we had to pay 2500lkr). I expected it to be much busier than it was.
The actual landscape is beautiful - if you've ever been to Scotland, it's very similar. The hike to Worlds End was great and the views are out of this world. HOWEVER, if you are scared of heights this is not for you! It seems crazy that the national park won't allow you to bring paper labels in on your water bottles (they get cut off at the entrance) yet they have no problem with not having a safety rope preventing people falling the 1000metre drop.
The hike back (via Bakers Falls) from Worlds End was much more difficult than the walk to it (via Mini Worlds End).
Overall really enjoyable activity and would definitely recommend it

Good trek
nataliec... [TA], , Dubai

We stayed in Ohiya the night before so the drive wasn't too long. We set off from the hotel at 6.45 and arrived at the ticket counter around 7.30. There was no queue and we got our tickets quickly. There is another drive from the ticket counter to the starting point so we actually set off walking around 8am. We took the advice of other reviews and turned right to head to Baker Falls first. We feel like this was the right decision as the track was a bit harder I felt at this bit so better to get it out of the way before you got more tired further on.

We didn't really see any wildlife, only 1 monkey at World's End and 2 Sambhur's, 1 at the cafe and one nearby which felt a bit staged to get you to go to the cafe! It's definitely a good idea to go early morning as I wouldn't fancy doing it when the sun was at it's hottest. It's quite a reasonable trek and not too difficult, we were however amazed at all of the locals doing it in their flip flops!

We were quite unlucky as we got to World's End at around 9.30 and I think we literalyl just missed the view by about 10 minutes :( We had seen the mist coming in and picked up our pace but didn't manage to make it. We stayed for around 30 minutes to see if it would shift and whislt we got a couple of hopes when the sun came out, it just wasn't our day.

At mini World's End, we got a 2 second tiny glimpse of what was below but it was gone in seconds.

Regardless, the trek was great, we really enjoyed it and would recommend.

nice walk/short trek with good views
universe6... [TA], , Chennai (Madras), India

Lovely setting for a walk of a couple hours, quite remote, not too many people there and stunning viewpoints for photographs. We didnt actually see much wildlife except the deer, and some frogs, but it was still a pleasant half day trip, especially if the weather is good.

Great views!
emmaranda... [TA], , Kirdford

We got up early (5am!) one morning last week to visit the Horton Plains. I had not appreciated that it was quite so far away (a two hour drive) from our hotel (the Heritance Tea Factory). But it was worth the early start, it is still cool enough at that time in the morning (7:30am when we started the walk) to enjoy the hike. It would appear that most guides take people around the route in a clockwise direction (in this way you get to see the most spectacular view (World's End) after the slightly smaller one (Little World's End)). However our guide said he preferred to do the walk in the anti-clockwise direction (as you do the more taxing part of the walk early on when you are still fresh, and are left with easy walking at the end of the walk). The whole walk took us two and a half hours which our guide reckoned was a record for him! He says it usually takes more like three hours (perhaps we didn't spend long enough admiring the beautiful views!). All in all though it's a lovely walk (you could be in Wales or Scotland at some points). Worth taking a fleece if you go early in the morning as it can be quite chilly. But you will need to strip off mid way through the walk!

Camping at HortonPlains
khairy60 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

One of the most picturesque places to visit in Sri Lanka,with treks to worlds end and Bakers falls which is about 9 KM walk through beautiful Plains of manna grass and dwarf bamboo which is point endemic to this region only, with the jungle bordering the edge of the plains . The air is crispy cool sometimes nippy and camping here was an absolute delight. The Camp site was located by the side of a stream with clear fresh cold water. Taking a dip was awesome, it was like bathing in ice water, however the wonderful things is after taking a bath one feels an absolute calm.Its like ones whole body has gone through an amazing process. Its indescribable.Nights were very cold. Plenty of bird life and Sambur and if lucky one may be able to spot the elusive Leopard. . Visitors can also do a day trek to these places. All in all great place to visit.

Excellent hiking experience
Elehazel [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Amazing views, very enjoyable hiking experience.

We arrived at the entrance at 7.30am and started walking at 8am. Reached the World's End at about 9am and the view is gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. We continued walking to Baker's Fall and reached there at about 10.30am. We've heard that the cloud will roll in later during the day and we wanted to see the cloud, so after reaching Baker's Fall, we returned to the World's End at 12pm. The sky was still sunny and clear! We were slightly disappointed for not able to see the "sea of cloud", but for those who can't make it early for the hike, don't worry, the view is exactly the same at 12pm as at 9am.

We were lucky because it was a sunny day. The day after that was rainy. Do check the weather before you go.

Horton Plains
Dushyanth... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Actual visit around 2010. Super place to see Sambur (early morning or late evening) & if you are lucky the laziest and best fed Leopards. 10km walk to Worlds End. Can get chilly and wet so go prepared. Take some water or warm beverage as there are no shops once you are in the park.

Nice Trek
Pedroadri... [TA], ,

Nice trek in order to get to the end of the world. The walk takes around 3 hours... 9 Km in total... it is an easy trek with great views.
Once you arrive end of the world is a great experience.
Ticket is a bit pricey specially on Sri Lankan standards...

Not so impressive
Marcos_tr... [TA], , Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Really, I was very disappointed. Nothing there is truly special as advertised. There are more to see on Sri Lanka than this park. It could be a very nice walking, very beautiful view, but no more than many other places around the world.

If you will go to Sri Lanka and have time, go there, if else you could easily skip this one.

Magnificent Scenery
KatielouA... [TA], , Hobart, Australia

I start by saying that to fully appreciate the scenery it is imperative that you arrive early in the morning before the mist rolls in. The trek is relatively easy but there are parts where you have to climb over large boulders and tree roots which could be a problem for some people. It is quite cold at the start so dress appropriately with layers that can be removed as the day/you warm up.The scenery is truly breathtaking ranging from forest to plains and grasslands. Well worth visiting to appreciate the natural beauty offered.

Every day in Sri Lanka is a highlight, but this was superb!
abueladef... [TA], , Bouloc, France

We started at 6 am from Nuwara Eliya and had a magic drive up to the Park, through forests and highland farms, little villages and rainforest. We did the 9 km trek in the park and found it all astoundingly beautiful. The scenery changes every five minutes from high grassland to cloudforest to waterfalls to lakes and of course there is the magnificent World's End - a mystical place, made exquisite by the clouds rolling in and up the escarpment, sometimes masking and sometimes revealing what lies far, far below. What REALLY made the day was our guide, so I can really recommend using one - even if it's a bit more expensive. Our guide was extremely well informed, very sharp eyed and great fun to be with. Without him it would have been a great walk in a lovely place, but with him we saw rare birds, exotic lizards, a huge range of flowers and plants native to Sri Lanka and the elusive bear monkeys!

Expensive & busy but worth it if you havnt seen anything similar
CleminFra... [TA], , Antibes, France

It is imperative that you get here early morning or the mist comes in. Expect to be here with lots of other people and to queue to get your tickets. The view from the Worlds End is good but nothing spectacular if you've seen mountain views before - we found views from the Knuckles range more impressive. The walk to get there is lovely and we had the luck to see Bear monkeys on the way despite large groups of shouting tourists walking past.

Brilliant place
Abhishek... [TA], , New Delhi, India

A 10km trek in one of the finest locations I have ever been to. Though the entry fee was quite steep, the surroundings and the breathtaking views more than make up for it. We started off the trek with World's end which is a cliff location 3.5kms into it. Clouds in between mountains and the beauty of it all. Then we headed off to Baker's fall which was a waterfall after another 3 kms. Brilliant. It was the highlight of my Sri Lanka trip and a definite recommendation to everyone.

Wonderful experience
Johny_dan... [TA], , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We left our hotel at 5am and got to the park at about 6am. It's worth it to get here early as a little later in the day most of wildlife is hidden deep inside. At 6am we saw a herd of sambhar deers and quite a few different birds. By the time we finished, around noon time, there was no wildlife in sight.

The walk is leisurely for the most part, except the walk down to the waterfall. Carry enough water and some snacks and enjoy the great views on offer at World's End.

Foreigners are charged more ..approx SL Rs. 3000 each

World's End ooh World's End!
Sweetmemo... [TA], , Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

29/8/2012 at 9.00am, we arrived Horton Plains National Park. Weather was very cold, windy and misty . Our Guide had warned us to be prepared for the unpredictable changes of weather. Some parts of the trails can be very cold and windy . The walk was not easy but interesting, with scenery changing, we past hills covered with wet low evergreen forest and trees, rivers and waterfalls. After an hour walk we got to 'World's End'. We cant see anything due to thick clouds. We decided to wait patiently for the weather to lift and it did, after 20 minutes of waiting, the cloud began to clear but only for a few minutes. We were able to see the beautiful view from the peak of World's End. A bonus for our cameras! Later we walked further up to find Baker's fall, a nature beauty!. We didnt see any animals along the trail but as we drove out from Horton National Park, somewhere along the road we were surprised by a sambur deer who came and peeped into the van's window. It seems so tame and friendly. Oh well, this is one of the best walk we had in Sri Lanka.

nice walk
Rene L [TA], , Assen, Drenthe, Netherlands

We went there with three persons , as a foreigner of course you have to pay about 100 times the account of a inhabitant. It was 25 dollars p.p. the walk is three ours and to do with normal shoes , but ........it is not easy! The view is good if you have good wheater.

the beauty of nature
rehana h [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

its really awesome to have a place like this in my own country< i though i was in abroad when i pass through it , its really amazing and lovely

Great Views
Harrythek... [TA], , Tupper Lake, New York

Hiking to World's End is fun and interesting. If you go later in the day you have a better chance at seeing wildlife. I do NOT like the Sri Lankan tourism habit of charging much higher admission rates for foreign visitors.

superb view.
kaakalee... [TA], , singapore

Its amazing walk and the superb views. but bit expensive for the entrance.

Beautiful views
Richard G [TA], , Leeds

Well worth the early rise and the walk, the view is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Also saw loads of wildlife, the highlight being a dragonfly being caught by a lizard as we were trying to photograph it.

mikekwd [TA], , Lisburn, United Kingdom

Stunning views, beautiful walk and great possibilities of seeing stags etc

Amazing place
Olddownbo... [TA], , bristol

An unusual place but make sure you get there really early to see the views from Worlds end. If you're interested in the natural history get a good naturalist to show you around, they will point out loads of things you would miss.

Nice but expensive
Alina_Mts [TA], , cyprus

It was nice walk but comparatively its expensive.
Also we couldnt see the world's End it was misty and rainy.
during rains it hard to walk too.But it was a different experience with the beautiful landscape .

Nice But Overpriced
LannaAdve... [TA], , Chiang Rai, Thailand

Compared to world class national parks in the U.S., this is nice but very overpriced (for foreign visitors.) The walk was ok but there are other places with great views and more wildlife and fewer tourists. (Try the Lipton Seat, Little Adams Peak, Ella Rock, etc.) If you go specially to see the endemic flora and fauna it is probably a great place but if you just go for the view, I don't think it is worth it.

sedreq [TA], , Kandy, null, Sri Lanka

very good place,dears and few animals ,birds and some snakes.
nice water falls,Raine forest , good mist

mscahill [TA], , London

A great walk and brilliant views. We were lucky and saw wild boars. Be careful at worlds end, stand back and take in the view.

Go to the end of the world!!!
Mariel R [TA], , Tel Aviv, Israel

Not an easy walk, but the "end of the world" view makes up for it.

Interesting and very vast Park
Arthur K [TA], , Toronto, Canada

Beautiful all green nature all around, very vast. Pleasant to drive through and relaxing.

Himantha... [TA], , Lanka

If I were to name one must to visit place in the hill country Horton Plains, is the place for any traveler.
The scenic views, the atmosphere, wildlife, fauna and flora all add up to give one the ultimate nature scent.
It's one of the best preserved places of nature in Sri Lanka. As it situated far away from civilization.
There are certain drawbacks such as overnight accommodation being limited.
The locals are the culprits when it comes to carrying plastic into the vicinity.
It's a mystic place at dawn and dusk so make sure you visit at these times.

Good exercise in early morning
onon123 [TA], , Hong Kong

The hiking route to the World's End in Horton Plains National Park is easy and amazing, especially you can see the beautiful scene in the early and cool morning with lots of frost on the plants and fields. We started from Nuwara Eliya by a jeep (drive 45 mins). It takes you only 3.5hours to finish the trek and suitable for everyone. It is highly recommended to all travellers who loved nature and don't miss it!

Good exercise :)
starlova [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

While in the car ride there, my group managed to catch glimpses of the animals around. We couldn't really get that close to them of course. After which, we went on the trekking route.
All in all it was a good workout together with friends and we managed to catch the scenery at the peak just before the mist started drifting in (~9am).

Sound of Silence
Traveling... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

If you're going to visit, come early in the day to avoid rushing through the walk like we did. There are a few hikes you can take, with various distances. The longest is around 10km, and the shortest 5km. The vegetation is interestingly different than what you find at lower altitudes, and if you keep still and quiet, the silence will make your ears ring.

loved the greenary..
misha b [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

was a nice day out from Kandy ...1 day trip....just amazing to see sri lanka to be so different than what i knew.

Not an easy hike
xixili [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Whilst the view was breath-taking, the hike was not as easy as it sounded. In fact, I sprained my ankle during the trek and it spoilt my whole trip after that.

be careful when walking along the path as there are many rocks and it is easy to trip.

if you are completely out of shape (like me), please think twice before attempting Horton Plains.

Must go if you like nature
James C [TA], , Hong Kong, China

Went there by Tuktuk from Nuwara Eliya early in the morning. By the time we arrive (07:30) the sun has gone up high and the temperature rose quite fast. Very good scenery up there. The trail is a easy one. Don't miss the waterfall.

Frost at Dawn
miktangoo... [TA], , Dublin, Ireland

Coolest thing we did on our trip, early start from Nuwarya eliya. oh and we went to the right at the first turn... going against the guidebook direction and have to say it was a better way to go.

WOW it was an amazing place to be
larinetou... [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Liked the views and the nature disliked the less resources for Hotels

Stunning views
Staffsmar... [TA], , Staffordshire

Fabulous place with stunning views and excellent wildlife

Very Beautiful
EnzoRSA [TA], , Johannesburg, South Africa

Loved the nature, really different from the Sri Lankan Jungle

Walk to the end of the world
Ewingston [TA], , Humbie,Scotland

A pleasant hike to the World's End which was worth the effort. Not sure if it would be worth being there at dawn despite the guide book recommendations especially if the chattering masses were there as well.

An early start and a long walk!
JandD681 [TA], , Kidderminster, United Kingdom

Had to start the day at 4.30 a.m. to get into Nuwara Eliya to pick up a jeep and had an hour journey from there to Horton Plains on very bad roads but it was all worth it. We walked from the visitor centre to World's End for a great view and then on the the waterfalls which was a tiring 10km circular walk in hot weather so very tiring but great for walking off all those calories from Sri Lankan curry buffets! Saw some good birds and lots of Sambur deer but the purple-faced monkeys were hiding from us that day.

Worlds End
Chan W [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Please go early to see all the beauty of this one of a kind place in Sri Lanka. Be prepared to do a full 14KM walk.

The highlight of any trip to Sri Lanka
utas2010 [TA], , New Delhi, India

This was the best part of our trip. You will get up very early, to get there before the mid-day mists block the fantastic panorama from the viewpoints - World's End and Mini World's End. Bring your warm clothes, we had frost everywhere when we entered the park.
There is a nice circular walk that takes you to breathtaking viewpoints and a nice waterfall. Finally a place where we are still treated as adults and the view is not obstructed by fat rails to keep you from falling over the edge. Which of course means you have to be careful, but you also get a much better panorama.

End of Sri lanka
amooafshi... [TA], , Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

You should see Horton Plains National Park if you like advanture trips.

Is it worth it?
tarekpare... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

I liked it, but I'm not 100% sure that the 9km walk, beginning at 5am was worth it for the views which are nice, but not mind-blowing.

Easy trails
Eric D [TA], , Vercorin

Do the round trip to World's End but, if possible, early in the morning before the clouds roll in. The scenery is just fabulous, a must-see!

Awesome hike and a soul refreshing place
Ashwin D [TA], , Pune

The World's end is one of the best scapes you will see in your lifetime

Long walk; more difficult than the guide said!
welsht0ny [TA], , esher

It was a long walk, on a hot day, with little of interest to see other than some stunning views at World's End and Little World's End. We saw very little woildlife,and the trek down to teh Falls was very difficult (as was the return climb!).

Terrific walk
James1503 [TA], , Manama, Bahrain

A great walk to worlds end and bakers fall but make sure you get to World's end before 9am

Beautifull scenery and a great hike!!
flyboy65 [TA], , Netherlands

Starting 07.00 AM we were the first to start the hike.

It was nice and cool the first 2 hours but after the sun came through it heated up fast.

The scenery is just great and the walk is not to demanding.

A lot of animals and worlds end is a great reward when you reach it and the sky is clear.

We saw a big pike hovering over worlds end searching for prey.


Lovely to get out and do a long walk in such a beautiful area
JoLondonU... [TA], , London, UK

This area includes Bakers Falls, End of the World and Mini End of the World, It's about 10km all told, and generally easy conditions. There are some slippery rocky areas and to get to the waterfall you have to climb down some very steep rocks. That said, it is a beautiful place, well worth the visit and you can just bypass the waterfall climb and carry on on the path. NB - there are no loos on the way round, only at the starting/finishing point and the paths are quite restricted so you can't really hop off to go on teh way!

My favourite camping site.
1nilan [TA], , Kandy, Sri Lanka

Horton plains was my best camping expierience i ever had...even though the forest officers did'nt give us permission to go inside the woods,we still enjoyed it.....the cold climate & breathtaking landscapes made us feel in heaven......I love to go there again.

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