Baker's Falls

Baker's Falls

Baker's Falls is a famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Horton Plains National Park on a tributary of the Belihul Oya. The height of the Baker's waterfalls is 20 metres (66 ft). The falls were named after Sir Samuel Baker, who was a famous explorer. Many Rhododendron and Fern bushes can be seen around the waterfall.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 30 m

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Pretty falls
Olivia W [TA], , Sydney, Australia

A lovely part of the Horton Plains experience, we enjoyed admiring the falls though watching some of the other tourists climb up and slide down gave us some anxiety. A good spot for to drink some water and relax before the last slog to the park gates.

Picturesque falls
Andy N [TA], ,

The Bakers Falls are part of a series of sights within Horton Plains.

See my review of Horton Plains which includes hints/tips on visiting this beautiful natural sight.

Must-see as part of a visit to Sri Lanka!

one of the most famous water fall in Sri Lanka
Charitha... [TA], ,

This is one of the most beautiful water fall in sri lanka. if am not mistaken this could be the highest water fall(not the tallest its Bambarakanda few km away from this )

had a long walk and was tired but after seeing this.... :D :D
Madushank... [TA], , Matale, Sri Lanka

To access this fabulous waterfall , one needs to travel through the cloud forest through a path from the trail. There are two access points to the waterfall. One may easily get this trail bypassed but if one leads through it, the path takes you to the bottom of the waterfall that will show many vivid landscapes of the waterfall and surroundings

Water fall in the middle of the hortain planes nature trail
AJ_matrix [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

You get to see this wide beautiful waterfall when doing the 10 kms long hortan planes nature trail. Don't be discouraged and stop your walk half way through but take your time and finish the walk where you get to see both world's end as well as this nice waterfall

It's Okay
Greg K [TA], ,

You'll see it on the Worlds End Path. It's nothing special but it's a good pit stop on the path to feel the cool breeze coming off of it

Favorite spot in Horton Plains National Park
theloniou... [TA], , Seongnam

This was my favorite spot along the 10km loop at Horton Plains, although the entree fee is ridiculously overpriced. While it's no Niagara or Iguazu, it's a good spot to take a break on the hike.

Impressive waterfall
trh217 [TA], , Derby, United Kingdom

You get this waterfall for free on the same trail as Worlds End. It is an impressive and large waterfall, with a platform that allows you to get right up close to the water. The steps down are quite steep, so take care with your step.

Very forceful waterfall in November
Roshie31 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Its one of the attractions on the Horton Plains trek. you can only view the waterfall, in november due to heavy rainfall in the area the water was very forceful. but the view was amazing.

Exremely Pure & Cold water fall
hemanthau [TA], , Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka

This is the hidden waterfall in Horton's plains where we can touch extremely pure water from mountains. After reached "world End" do not turn back. Take the right turn and 2km walk through well signed footpath we can reached the water fall.
This is a very beautiful water fall with a natural pool but do not bath here.The waterfall like steps.In different corners we can see different sceneries. Do not miss this if you go to world's end.
Accessible is difficult during wet weather as there is a steep immediately before the fall.

Great view
Jetskii [TA], , Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), India

A decent waterfall to have a look. Its on the hortons trek. The place is great to take some good pics. The trek to the waterfalls is certainly worth.

Thumb's down
Abhijith... [TA], , Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Just a falls. Not that impressive for a tourist visit.
I Would definitely not recommend this to a friend.
Waste of time

Beautiful Falls
mgprabhu [TA], , Mangalore, India

Baker's Falls is located inside the Horton Plains National Park. Visited the falls while coming back from the World's End. Indeed a very beautiful falls. Getting down to the view point is a bit difficult.

Amica16 [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bakers falls is along the hike at Horton's plains national park. Steep climb off the trail to get here. Not a very big waterfall, but a nice place to stop when doing the trek.

A well worth walk
khairy60 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Walking along the designated paths to this beautiful water fall through great fields of maanna type grass passing through small copses of forest with midget style trees and breathing in the cool crispy air makes one thank God that one is alive.I rest my case.

Very beautiful waterfall i have seen in my life.
Sharadtar... [TA], , Pune-India

Very beautiful waterfall i have seen in my life. Surrounding nature is very scenic! Very clean pathway!

Beautiful Waterfall in a Lovely Walking / Hiking Area
vigarm [TA], , Horsham

Bakers Falls is half hour or so from the visitors centre on Horton Plains, the walk around which is simply lovely; it was close to being the highlight of our Sri Lanka vacation, in fact. The Falls themselves have a two-tier viewing platform, and on the day we were there, in full flow. Attractive rather than spectacular, the spot is definitely worth a visit

Nature at its best......
RDFe [TA], , Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka

Absolutely beautiful. There is a 1.5 hour (one way) walk to see this majestic waterfall. The walk is a little tricky at certain places and may end up being a little strenuous. However, the view is absolutely breath-taking. You can stand right next to the water fall and take some beautiful pictures. Weather can be a little cold and rainy depending on the time of month.

Very close view
NikolayG [TA], , Moscow, Russia

Baker's falls is a moderate sized waterfall with several streams. The viewpoint is very close in front of the waterfall, so one can see everything in every detail. From the viewpoint, one can climb down the stones almost into the waterfall itself.

It was nice
Isshani [TA], , Bandaragama

the fall is not extra ordinary. since there are much more nicer waterfalls in sri lanka. but when you consider the whole journey around Horton plains it really add values to the walk.

A nice waterfall
punkmuts [TA], , Holland

During your trip in the park you reach this waterfall. It is a nice waterfall and a perfect place to take a little rest. If you walk the whole tour it takes about 5 hours of walking.

Mind Blowing
Rajasingh... [TA], , Kathmandu, Nepal

wide water fall of about 20 m in height and about 25 m in width was named after a famous British Hunter in Horton Planes. From entrance via Chimney-pool it takes about 1 hour to reach there. The falls plays a major role for the vegetation and special species of fauna around there, by producing moisture rich environment.
One of the remarkable plant there is "Nelu" (Strobilanthes sp.), an endemic plant which bear flowers once in life time after it grows 8 or 9 years.
One of the Reptile highly highlighted is Sri Lanka Pygmy Lizard (cophotis ceylanica)

Nice waterfall
Frans1_11 [TA], , Uithoorn, The Netherlands

A very nice waterfall at the Horton Plains National Park. You will find it when you do the complete walk of around 8-9 kilometers.

Beautiful Baker's Falls
Hemal M [TA], , Gampaha, Sri Lanka

Its 40 km from Bandarawela or 30 km from Diyatalawa or 35 km from Nuwaraeliya. When you reach Pattipola you have to walk another 4 km to reach this picturesque waterfall. It s 22 meters in height. Taking photographs over there is very difficult. Be careful with your life. If you slip you will fall down with deadly injuries. Take care.

Daniela C [TA], , Malta, Europe

Great waterfall, a peacful place where you can only hear the sound of water. Managed to take great pictures here.

A waterfall is a waterfall is a waterfall!
SupreetKa... [TA], , Mumbai, India

Waterfalls are waterfalls. No matter what the height is, or what the width is... waterfalls make you freshen up in a moment and bring back that energy the Sun sapped away!

Part of the Horton Plains 9+km trail, I went to the Baker's Falls towards the end. An easy climb down and a challenging climb up, its all worth it.

For the more adventurous, do what I did - hop down through the back onto the rocks and touch the ice cold waters! :)

Pretty waterfall
RTWtravel... [TA], , Bangkok

Along the World's End Trail. Nice stop, nice photo op. But waterfalls are waterfalls. This isn't Vic Falls or Angel Falls.

Beautiful Falls
Tej P [TA], , Doha

The falls are worth visiting along the Trek in the Horton National Park
But they clerly need to make a better access as the stairs leading down to the falls are so big even for a tall person like me
specially when they charge you so much for the entrace fees

A Small but beautiful fall!
Greshan [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Situated within the Horton Plains National Park this is a very beautiful sight. Any traveler would like to stay for a while near the Bakers falls just to observe the beauty of it. Amazing what nature could give us.

Small falls
WBin [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

This a not a big fall, but a nice break during your Horton Plains hike to admire the water and perhaps fuel up if you have not had the chance to do so before you continue the rest of the way. Keep your hands free to help you grip the branches as you climb up and down to get to the falls. Skip this part if it is raining and slippery. Don't attempt this carrying your child.

Not that exciting
TravelerR... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

The road leading to the fall is of a damp road specially if your’ going on a rainy day(which we went), and it best advice to go thier in the morning or afternoon and not in the evening , cause when you return from their if it’s dark you’ll have a difficult time getting back(which happened to us)
Visiting this place is not advisable if you’re travelling with small children other than that the “bakers fall” is not a very huge waterfall but a normal one

Huge body of water
1LifeStan... [TA], , Colombo

Baker's Falls is inside the Horton Plains National Park. The height of the waterfall is 20 metres (66 ft) and named after Sir Samuel Baker, the famous British explorer, officer, naturalist, big game hunter, engineer, writer and abolitionist.who discovered the falls in 1845. It is known for the tremendous noise created by the water pounding the large rock formation at its foot. Baker is also known for shooting 50 elephants, five deer and two buffalos nearby! The falls, and the 12m death trap of a plunge pool, has claimed numerous lives of reckless tourists.

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