Small Adams Peak

Small Adams Peak

Small Adam's Peak, which is also known as Punchi Sri Pada in Sinhala, is situated in Ella, Badulla. It is a short walk of 45 mins from Ella to the Little Adam's Peak. You will pass by a tea plantation on the way up there. Your climb awards you a spendid view of Ella Gap and the surrounding landscape.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 1 h

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Tourist reviews about Small Adams Peak

Go in the early morning
AmMoNZ [TA], , Hong Kong

My husband and I left our place around 530am when it was just light (no torch required) and walked the pleasant 45min from our accommodation to the top. Temperature was very comfortable compared to going later in the day and there were few people. We struck a handful of people coming down who had obviously gone earlier to see the first light but that would have meant walking in the dark which wasn't really us. Other than that we seemed to be alone bar a few tuk tuks who were ferrying the locals around and a couple of stray but friendly dogs who took it upon themselves to guide us to the top (It seems there are a couple of pairs of dogs who do this though and get a bit territorial when they cross paths). Beautiful scenery once you hit the dirt path through the tea plantation. Got to the top by climbing the steps (although the path that winds around to the left will get you to the top too as that's how we came down). We didn't make it in time for sunrise but the views were spectacular. Well worth it - especially if you get up early!

Nice and easy walk
KaterinaJ... [TA], , Prague

We didn´t go there for sun rice. It was nice walk with nice views. On the way back from the top we stopped in that fancy restaurant that has a sign at the peak for a beer and then in the green tea factory and by the famous bridge. Nice walk, we had great time.

idyllic despite the rain
4dchops [TA], , uk

A not too difficult hike will take you up to the peak which is centrsl to lots of valleys in the area and so commands some pretty spectacular views all around, once the clouds clear! Although we walked up in the rain and were initially surrounded by cloud, a gentle breeze did clear it away and we got a great experience of watching the hills around us appear from within the mist and the feeling of being above the cloud swirling in the valleys below. Fab.

nice view for not too much effort
Klára M [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

nice view for not too much effort ...nice walk among tea bushes ...view nothing astonishing but wort short stroll

what a view!
Lennyarou... [TA], , Oldenburg, Germany

The hike to the top of this mountain is absolutely worth the way. From both view points you have a magnificent lookout.

Short hike from the tuk tuk with rewarding views
sierratre... [TA], , Ottawa, Canada

We decided to pay the 300Rs to have the tuk tuk take us all the way to the end of the road, rather than walking through the resort from the main road. From there it was a 15 minute walk to the peak up a few stairs and the views were spectacular. My parents were both injured so it was a perfect hike for them!

great view for little effort really
margaretb... [TA], , keighley

only 30 mins up so lots reward for not too much effort not quite worlds end but a great view.Go fairly early as mists up later in the day

Very nice walk to a great view point. You got to do this while you are in Ella
PetervTNL [TA], , Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Ths is something you have to do while you are in Ella. It brings you very easy t a beautiful view point. On the way back you can stop on a nice restaurant with a great garden to enjoy coffee or some other drinks like great juices.

Hike or walk worth the effort
bon853 [TA], , Canada

Pleasant hike through a tea plantation, then a great view down the valley. There were other hikers, but it was not crowded, lots of private space for the number of people.

So beautiful
EdwizzleD... [TA], , Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

We came to Ella 2 days after climbing (the real) Adam's peak and to tell you the truth, the view from Little Adam's peak is a little more spectacular as you can see a lot more. And its no where near as treacherous. This is a MUST DO when you are in Ella.

Absolutely worth it to go there!
Donbam [TA], , Lisbon, Portugal

The view is great. Don´t think about the way to the top. But you will have on of the most amazing views you have ever had. It´s just great...

Very pleasant
Lieselott... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

The walk up to Little Adam's Peak was very pleasant, through tea plantations, nice scenery. It was a short and easy walk. A few steps, but nothing compared to the real Adam's Peak. Definitely a nice walk if you like mountain/valley scenery.

Climbing Little Adam's Peak
ayeletrob... [TA], , Nazareth, Israel

The climb was not too strenuous and the views from the top were beautiful. Even when clouds came in, the view was still great.

Great little hike
Mr_Pascar [TA], , London

Nothing like the real Adam's Peak - no where near as tough but really lovely little hike with great views

Easy hike and view is worth it!
seastream... [TA], , Helsinki, Finland

It's a very easy hike - more like a walk and sights on the way are amazing. We took the longer route up (road to the left) and stairs down to be able to see both sides.

Tea fields on the way are also beautiful - there are ladies who will ask you to take a picture of them and then demand money for it - We politely refused to take the picture.

View from the top is really nice and relaxing - there was also a cute dog sleeping :)

A lovely walk through a tea plantation
Irishdanc... [TA], , Kent

It was a thrill to find we were walking through a tea plantation whilst the packers were working. The route is easy enough, the view is stunning. Well worth the trip

Short, but nice walk from Ella
ClarkaTra... [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

The walk from Ella is about 45 minutes long to the peak. You will follow the main road out of town towards Passara and the trek begins at Ella Flower Garden Resort. Then it's pretty straight forward - you walk through tea plantations and once you see a gate on your right, follow that path. Then you can either take the stairs (quite steep) or walk around the mountain to the top.

The views are nice (though not as nice as from Ella Rock) and when heading back you can either stop in the 98 resort for a drink or visit the nearby tea factory (for both turn right once back at the gate).

nice walk, great view from the top
Christian... [TA], , Zurich, Switzerland

Nice half day excursion by foot from Ella. Great view from the top.
Very interesting nature to be experienced during this walk.

Breathtaking views
Varsovie... [TA], , Warsaw, Poland

Start climbing darcy in the morning as fogg covers everything within minutes.
We were climbing with our two yo in a Tula baby carrier, but the path is easily accessible for kids above 3. There are a lot of stairs to climb - but the rest is preety easy.

Fabulous view from the top
Terryh41 [TA], , Canterbury, United Kingdom

About an hour each way through tea plantations. A decent enough walk, reasonable fitness needed for last uphill stretch.

Good views. Nothing spectacular
Jesper S [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

Good walk. Not difficult nor time consuming. You can combine it with a drink or lunch at 98 acres resort before going to the nearby tea factory and then to the 9 arches bridge.

Breathtakingly enjoyable hike
ChinaFanN... [TA], , New York, NY

We had pluperfect weather for this gorgeous hike. At about 90 minutes round trip, it's not to be missed. And it's not arduous. The views of Ella Rock and Gap are stupendous.

Great walk and views
Renoir999 [TA], , Lincoln, United Kingdom

Great walk to the top of Little Adams Peak which starts with a walk through Tea plantation, tea pickers were happy to pose for photos which was another added bonus. Great views from the top then on the way down stopped at The 98 acres resort for a drink. Great morning.

Great views
donny15 [TA], , Melbourne

30 Min climb from 98 acres resort and spa. An easy comfortable walk with fantastic views amongst the tea bushes. Easy to follow signs and beautiful scenery along the way.

Pleasant morning walk
Creamy777... [TA], , Varna, Bulgaria

We didn't manage to wake up very early and somehow missed the sunrise. The path goes partly through a very beautiful tea plantation.

nice trekking
Rathnayak... [TA], ,

Adams peak is folk tale name but it was great value for nature trials.
we visit to times morning and evening too.

Well worth the hike
am102008 [TA], , Netherlands

A 20 minute short hike to the top and the views are amazing once you reach the summit ... well worth doing

Stunning views
mollyfox8... [TA], , Auckland Region, New Zealand

This was a great little walk and the views were amazing, really worth seeing. We were lucky because we had a clear day and only the very tip of Adam's peak was slightly covered. Most of the walk is easy with a small but steep incline to get to the very top and decline when you make your back down. You get to walk through the tea plantations and there are a couple of very nice places to stop and get a drink or snack if you need to. The view is definitely worth the walk.

A great viewpoint
Ann F [TA], , Birmingham, United Kingdom

Easy walk from town, a minor climb to reach the top and great views across to Ella Rock and 98 Acres. Nice way to spend a morning. The light on a clear day is beautiful

Nice Easy Hike, Great Views
Kennsingt... [TA], , Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Beautiful area of the country, great views when you get to the top. Don't forget to go for a massage after the hike and then lunch at Chill in Ella.

Nice little hike
bobbistur... [TA], , Bergen, Norway

A nice little hike with a great view. Takes about 2 hours. 98 Acres is close by the peak and is great if you want some lunch or just a smoothie after the hike.

Excellent little hike that has it all
Nici G [TA], ,

Great little trip up the hill. Mostly easy some steep stairs and only the last part is a bit steep and can be slippery but you can skip this one as there are two peaks and the view is not too much different on the second one.

Leisure walk with a great view!
Alex S [TA], , Utrecht, The Netherlands

The walk is easy and just the last 10 minutes are steep (steps), It takes you just 1 hour from the point where you leave the tarred road. There are few boys and women who will try to sell you some local stuff, but they are not persistant. The best view (360 degrees) is from the first (and highest) viewpoint. Most people (like us) go down and walk to the second viewpoint, but the view is less beautiful then from the first viewpoint.

Walk is more than worth the view
RohitGodi... [TA], , Mumbai (Bombay), India

Being only 2km away, it is easily approachable from Ella town by foot. The walk is relatively easy (around 40 minutes to the top at a leisurely pace). Takes you through beautiful tea estates.

View from the top is stunning. You get a 360 degree view of the entire area including a gorgeous view of Ella rock across the valley. Make sure you go before 2-3pm since it can get misty after that.

Raining but Great
jimali2 [TA], , Perth, Australia

Nice easy walk and when the clouds parted what wonderful views. Back down again and go to 98 Acres for a nice clod beer and a great lunch.

Magnificant view
Jonathan... [TA], ,

It's free, it's an easy walk from Ella town towards the hill. You can get drinks and food on the way if you want. If you walk up try to walk to the second, third and fourth peak. It's nicer than the first one. it's so nice and quiet up there :)

One of the rare things that are free in Sri Lanka
cedricloi [TA], , Hua Hin, Thailand

Few things are free in Sri Lanka, in fact this is the only activity we did during our 3 weeks that was free. So since it's free, go ahead and do it!

Money apart, it's actually quite a nice walk through the mountains! As you go up, you walk through tea plantations and get to witness tea picking ladies in action! It's very charming and the landscape is absolutely beautiful.

Make sure to go early before the clouds come. We went too late and had 0 view, just clouds. But the actual walk to the top is nice itself.

A must do in Ella. 100% recommended.

More than a gentle stroll, but not a major hike either
Greg W [TA], , Cape Town Central, South Africa

We loved this short hike! The bigger Adams Peak sounded too congested so this short hike was perfect for us. It's through the tea highlands with beautiful views of the valleys below. There's a tea factory to the left of the peak - a few minutes walk on your way down - and just behind that is the magnificent 9 arch bridge.

No major hiking skill required, this is a fun bit of exercise with beautiful views along the way.

Easy to climb from 98 acres resort great views
Prav123 [TA], ,

We were staying at the 98 acres resort and did this hike in about 30 minutes. Most of the hike is man made steps making it vey easy. The views at the top were amazing, lush greenery for miles, waterfalls and very peaceful.

A beautiful walk through the tea plantations
Belinda M [TA], , Sydney, Australia

This is a really beautiful hike through the tea plantations outside Ella, a great opportunity to take photos of the tea pluckers at work and the views at the top are stunning.

Easy hike worth the view!
travelaux [TA], , Jakarta, Indonesia

This was a great little hike that requires just basic fitness and balance. The roads and steps leading to the top are mostly paved except for a short strip toward the end. For those with poor balance, be careful as the steps get narrow and there are no railings. The hike each way takes about 30-45 minutes. At the top, the breeze feels fresh and wonderful, and the view is amazing. The scenery is hard to capture well on camera so just enjoy the moment! This peak was a highlight of our time in Ella with a little healthy workout to boot. (Note: Probably not a good idea to attempt the hike when it's raining or getting close to dark.)

Comfortable hike, and great views
Bikram27 [TA], , Gurgaon, India

A lovely walk, and one of the highlights of our stay in the sleepy little village that is Ella. The easy hike which meanders through some tea gardens and a lush private property, takes you fairly high for some amazing views on the other side of the famed Ella Gap, and on a good day can be a lovely spot to catch some sun and snooze. A great way to kickstart your day here!

Easy Hike
Neil L [TA], ,

We had a great walk today to Little Adam's Peak. I carried our 4 year old on my shoulders most of the way and enjoyed the hike which was very easy except for some steps at the end. The latter part of the hike was through tea plantations and had stunning views.

I'd recommend this walk to anyone who comes to Ella.

The veiw from the top on a clear sunny day is amazing!!!!
Evarts123 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

In order to get there the best way is to take a tuk-tuk or drive to the 98 acres hotel car park. From there its a concrete trek that takes 30 min to 1 hour to get to the top.

Do not attempt the trek on a rainy day or a day where it is extremely foggy and mist because the steps will be slippery and you wont be able to see anything.

On your way back down you can stop at the 98 acres hotel restaurant and have a hot cup of fresh tea or a cool glass of beer.

There are no leaches and the view from the top is simply amazing!! A trip to Ella is not complete without this.

Not too high, but great views
Wil H [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

Little Adam's Peak is not too far from Ella and it's not even too high , but it offers great views to surroundings. You can walk on the stairs or after first part of it turn left and enjoy walk between tea plantations

What a view!
FreyanPo [TA], ,

Easy walk, a few steep steps at the end but nothing too tiring. You walk through tea plantations, the otherwise quick walk takes longer because you just can't ignore the view. Friendly juice seller mid walk. Get here early morning so you can avoid the mist, once it sets in you really can't see anything.

Easy walk
MarieUshe... [TA], , Sohar, Oman

We did this in the rain but it was an easy walk and the glimpses of view we did get were lovely. There is a nice cafe at the bottom where you can get refreshments.

Worth the hike
tti2014 [TA], , Hella, Iceland

Great view. Easy hike up the hills. The sign leading to the gravel road says "Mini Adams Peak" or "Small Adams Peak" but it's the same place :)

Great views. No cost.
Chris M [TA], , Manchester

Little Adams peak is a very easy walk of about an hour from the main junction in Ella. You could hop in a tuk tuk and knock at least 30 min off to the track. I would recommend going as far along the ridge as you can for great views (although it does get steeper at the southern end of the ridge)

spectacular views over Ella
Glen F [TA], ,

A reasonably easy walk up although the last few hundred metres are steep stairs upwards. View from top of Ella Rock, the valley and waterfall all well worth coming for. Also recommend clambering across the 2nd and 3rd peaks. Not that easy to get down to 3rd peak but even better views of waterfall and down the valley.

Nice climb for an morning or afternoon
Stefanie... [TA], ,

Weather was good that they and it's a nice but not to heavy climb. The view is beautful and yuo can see Ella Rock and the Waterfalls

Very nice walk
aalinaa [TA], , Paris, France

We walked there easily from Ella. It's a nice walk and it's free ;-)
Just one thing: even though it's not cloudy and the sun is shining, don't go for this walk without rain equipment! Weather can change upthere in a matter of seconds and there's no proper shelter where you can stay until the rain stops :)

Amazing View
Gabriel B [TA], , Vina del Mar, Chile

The walk from town is not rough enough, the climbing is really easy, around 10 minutes. It's free entrance and you get to see whole Ella and on a clear day the ocean!

Stunning view
Danash201... [TA], , Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

Should be sign posted a little better. Other than that it offers very good views. Should also offer a little explanation of the ritual site at the top.

Nice and easy walk
MadBeer [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

We were a bit unlucky with the wheather, so the sight were Not optimal, but this is an absolut must see, when your in Ella. Short walk with High payback in epic scenery.

Short climb but very nice view
tim635 [TA], , belgium

A must do. It is a short climb but the view is 360. Very nice.
As most climbs in Sri Lanka, do it in the morning to have the highest change for clear views.

Stunning views
LKPAA25 [TA], , Manchester, United Kingdom

Steps to the top but not near as many as Adam's peak itself :-)
Stunning views from the top looking over Ella rock
Worth the walk.

Easy hike and beautiful view
kitwander... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

Our driver dropped us at the Start Point. Else walking along the main road in Ella would lead to the Start Point. An easy hike up to the peak and beautiful view awaits you.

Short trek with views
Malavika... [TA], , Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

It's a short, not so difficult trek through tea plantations and the woods. The views are good with the winding roads, few hillside hotels and the Ella Valley. I wouldn't say its anything spectacular but worth one visit while you're in Ella.

connor b [TA], , London, United Kingdom

The climb up to the top of little Adams peak itself was very impressive, stunning views from all angles, on the way up you can stop by a helipad what overlooks a set of pretty impressive apartments. The climb itself is quite easy and could be done by any fitness level. Once at the top it pretty much takes your breathe away, spent 30+ mins taking in all the views and still couldn't get enough of it. On the way back down there's a little shack hidden that sells the best fruit juice you can get in Sri Lanka, freshly picked off the trees in front of your own eyes and very welcoming family. A very good experience in Ella.

Easy Hike to a Beautiful Location
adeanae [TA], , Seoul, South Korea

The view was amazing and the hike was the gorgeous tea plantations. We accidentally timed it so that we were walking down as the tea workers were coming in for the evening. Be warned that if you accept the offer to take a picture, you will be asked for a tip.

Very nice hike
talinkear [TA], , Haifa, Israel

Took us about two hours. You can see the tea pickers on the way. You don't need a guide for this hike.

nice walk and view of the valley
Balderk [TA], , Denmark

A fairly simple hike up to a great viewpoint of the valley. The only tricky part is when to turn left leave the RR tracks, but there will be someone to ask for help.

Ariel K [TA], ,

just after the tea plantations Take the non-steps route that will take you about the same amount of time but will reveal a bit more scenery.
Nice 2 hours roundtrip from Ella.

I enjoyed as much as its' big brother
wiskeycha... [TA], , NYC

Great short hike. 30 mins up
you can see the whole valley
btw there is a fantastic green tea factory visible from here that you can walk to.

A short climb to a marvelous view
Andy C [TA], , Aarschot, Belgium

At the top the path gets narrow and there are no concrete stairs anymore, so be careful. The view is most definitely worth it but Bette not go if you're really afraid of heights.

Views,views and more views
Jill3032 [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Nice walk through the tea fields,hard work for the last 20minutes
But the views at the end are sensational, sit for a while and enjoy them

Steep climb but worth it
SiameseDu... [TA], , London, UK

Steep steps and a track to the very top. Looked up from the bottom and thought: "Good God! At my age?" but it's easier than it looks.

Great view!
ruunruun [TA], , Cologne, Germany

It's "only" a hill but you have a really marvelous view from it.
We also climbed up (there are stairs) a second time because we expected an additional bonus being there druing sunrise and we really weren't disappointed!

Beautiful walk and view to top it off
Rosieholi... [TA], ,

The walk to Adams peak is beautiful. You leave from the main town of Ella, go through the gates at the end of the road to start the walk.
It's a quiet walk through the tea plantations great chance for photos. A few steps to the peak but nothing to hard. Anyone of any fitness would manage.
We had a drink after at 98 arces (lots of signs to guide you there) it was beautiful to look onto little Adams peak and nice cool breeze and cold drink to take it all in.
We did it straight after breakfast good time as it was starting to heat up on the way back to town.
Definitely check it out.

This climb is not difficult
Vadym P [TA], , Kharkiv, Ukraine

There are amazing views on the way to peak. The climb is not hard because almost everywhere is good serpentine road, only enough steep climb on the end of route.

Beautiful views
Lani_B85 [TA], ,

Definitely recommended. Walk is quite easy, was really nice walking through the tea plantations & the view at the top is spectacular.

Short and easy walk
Uri P [TA], ,

Short and too easy walk for whom walked the adam's peak...
nice view on ella gap.Short and too easy walk for whom walked the adam's peak...
nice view on ella gap.

Easy walk, nice views
Lieven B [TA], ,

We walked up Little Adam's peak the evening we arrived in Ella. We reached the top by the time the sun was almost setting. This was really beautiful. The hike itself is quite easy and the views are really nice!

Short walk fantastic view
MichaelSr... [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

It takes only 45 minutes from centre of Ella and its totally worthy to go. Better to go early morning (around 7-9 am) because the weather is usually nice at morning. It getting worse around noon. Also it`s not so crowdy in the morning. Nice view around countryside at the top of Little Adam`s peak. P.S.: don`t be angry about local dogs, they are fine and just want to go on walk with you and lay down on the top :)

Don't miss this!
ejh100 [TA], , Bangalore, India

Amazing hike. Do it before breakfast, and before the clouds swoop in. It takes 1-1.5 hours round trip.

Easy walk and so lovely at the top
IamCaro07 [TA], , London, UK

This is an easy short walk, and the views at the top are stunning. You overlook Ella Rock (and vice versa from Ella Rock). It's pretty much a flat walk until the last tiny bit.

Great view
Madi-Loui... [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Little Adam's Peak wasn't too challenging, the view from the top was beautiful and on the way up you walk past a tea plantation. You must bring your camera!

One of the best hikes in SL
rellyad [TA], , Tel Aviv, Israel

not to rough but not to easy, hills of tea plantation (and even tea leafs pluckers if you pay attention), and amazing views along the way and the best panoramic view when you get to top.

Amaizing hike!!
Nayalia S [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

We loved this walk, it's not too challenging..It could be finished in 1 hr easily, its like your are top of bunch of mountain. Amazing view from the top!!

Beautiful views.
Luke H [TA], , Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

This is relatively short trek to the top of a peak, with absolutely breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. Worth going up early to avoid cloud cover, and I would suggest taking some food up for an picnic, why not! You don't need a tuk tuk either, it is an easy walk.

Beautiful views
Jonathan... [TA], , Hitchin, United Kingdom

Its was a hard climb for an unfit westerner but the views are beautiful. My wife climb to the end of the trail but i stayed at the top of the first peak. If you are in Ella and fancy a short climb then Little Adams Peak is a good option.

Beautiful scenic walk
Ally Geor... [TA], , Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Loved this walk, it's not too challenging (only about 20 minutes of steps, the rest is a gentle uphill). Allow a few hours to laze around at the top and take in the incredible views!

Great lookout spot with 360° views
Casey S [TA], , London, England, United Kingdom

Great place visit. A bit tiring if you walk from Ella but well worth it! Got some great pictures and spent time just taking it all in.

Definitely worth the walk
MJG30 [TA], , Canberra, Australia

Don't worry to much about the time of day this is a lovely walk through tea fields to a lovely. Jew over Ellas gap. We didn't bother to do Ellas rock after this as we figured the view would be the same. We also went to a tea factory on our way back which was agreat stop, just take the road to 98 acres resort and keep going. It's 300 rupees with a cup of tea after.

Nice view
Earthling... [TA], , Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

364 stairs to the top! The view is nice, but not exceptional. Certainly worth a look if you are in town though.

Very easy path with wow views !
OzOzAr [TA], ,

Could be finished in 1 hr easily, half of it is a gentle slope and the rest is taken by the top, the view is breathtaking..a must do..

Spectacular Views
Kim S [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

The walk to Little Adam's Peak is not too difficult and the views are amazing. Once you are at the top you have the choice of making a short hike to another peak just a little further across. This is a more strenuous climb and it would be very slippery in wet weather. The walk takes about half an hour each way. Most people sit up there for a while to admire the view so give yourself about 2 hours. There are a number of steps so it is best to avoid the hottest time of the day. A trip to 98 Acres for more views and refreshments would complete the trip.

Nice little hike with great views
KatyandBr... [TA], , Dublin, Ireland

This is worth the pit stop if you have time. Easy hike with amazing views. Takes about an hour and a half to complete.

Easy walk.
mpsmart [TA], , Brisbane, Australia

Too easy, so no excuses. Stop for a refreshment on the way down at the flash 98 Acres resort. You'll probably get stopped by the local tea pickers for a paid photo opportunity.

Amazing views!
Connie B [TA], , Hobart, Australia

What a lovely walk! Go earlier in the day to avoid the heat (and many tourists) and marvel at the views from the top. Words can't describe how spectacular they are.

Not little at all
InesMeloC [TA], , Doha, Qatar

I loved it. It was rough (maybe not that much, I'm a bit lazy), I spend the remaining day sleeping. Was great to climb and that feel that fresh air. Great!!

Nice walk
zkolex [TA], , Moscow, Russia

Beautiful scenery and pretty easy climb (compared to big Adam's Peak ^__^ ). Definitely a must if you are staying in Ella.

Amazing view
Brett N [TA], ,

It is not a long walk and the view is so nice and breathtaking from up there. Recommend to go there earlier to avoid the mist in late afternoon and evening. Highly recommend!!

Nice walk through a tea estate
jesterhou... [TA], ,

To avoid the hesat and haze it is worth getting up earlyish, maybe about 7.00-7.30 to do this walk up to the top of Little Adams peak although you could go anytime. The view from the top is great, out across the plains in one direction and back towards the hills and tea estates in the other. About 45 imnutes either way.

Definitely worth it
Derek M [TA], , San Francisco, California

Quick hour hike. Amazing views. A bit out of town, but definitely worth the short trip. Saw tea pickers close up. Unforgettable!

Great view
Sa H [TA], , Munich, Germany

Ella and it's surroundings are beautiful. Going up was a little tiring but the view was well worth it!

Short walk
Hunter K [TA], ,

I didn't bother to wear sunscreen because this was such a short hike. Don't make my mistake.There's a cafe close to the base (has a big sign with animal pics you can't miss it) with parrots and little fuzzy creatures. They'll let you hold the baby bunnies if you ask nicely.

Like world's end
Thibaut_L... [TA], , Antwerp Province, Belgium

360 degree view, as spectacular as horton plain's world's end. Definately worth a vist. You should count about 2h from Ella and back by foot. Easy road!

Breathtaking views
JackWG201... [TA], , Cambridge, United Kingdom

A short climb that richly rewards you when you get to the top. Reccomended to start climbing fairly early so that you don't have t"o do any climbing in the blazing sun. There is also a small "juice bar serving fresh juice that we found on the way down (no obvious name but quite easy to spot and when we climbed the only one visible) that is just a very sweet lady with a few chairs a load of fresh fruit and a juicer that made a lovely stop on our decent

A must see !
Travellin... [TA], , Edinburgh, United Kingdom

It is not a long walk and the view is so nice from up there. So if you don't want to walk too much but enjoy a great view, you should definitely go for it.

Good views...
KTKaty [TA], , Dorking, United Kingdom

Nice walk up to some good views..the walk starts from 98 acres resort and this is a good place to have a drink/lunch afterwards. Walk is fine for kids..we took a 5 and 8 year old up there no problems.

There's 3 viewpoints up there
Ildefonso... [TA], , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I have nothing but good things to say about the trek to Mini Adams peak. My top tip would be to leave super early. Like 6ish is perfect.

Nice place for a short hike
RoiA170 [TA], , Haifa, Israel

Nice place to hike in the afteroon, without any problem to see there the sunset and then had back to your guesthouse in Ella.

Lovely walk
Nicole C [TA], , Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Generally flat walk through beautiful tea plantations! With some stair for the last part to reach the top. Lots of cafés nearby to try some tea and enjoy the views

Perfect family walk, great views!
Wizhmazte... [TA], , Vasteras, Sweden

We walked with 2 kids aged 11 and 14, and it was a perfect walk for us and them. Great views, and nice feeling to get to the top. A nice young woman selling some homemade jewellery on the path up, don't avoid her. She's very nice and enjoy talking to tourists, and it's not expensive to buy from her. It's important to bring a lot of water on the walk, we drank our last bottle on the top, and were so thirsty on the way down in the heat. After a while we got to the Kashawi Restaurant on the way down. Well the sign said so, but the restaurant was probably on the downside. But we only stopped on the upper side, a nice little crib were Sasi made us the best fruit juices we ever had! (partly because of our thirst) He was very friendly and had a relaxed jamaican style. Very cool. A stop here on the way down is a must!

absolutely worth it!
MaryLou33... [TA], , Munich, Germany

aim for sunrise, it gets quite quite hot after 7am and the clouds kick in. it takes 45min from Ella to the top, it is sign posted.

Nice hike, not too hard.
TheSurfma... [TA], , Haifa District, Israel

We went up around 16:00. It took us 40 minutes to reach the peak.
The view is amazing and worth the effort. On the way down we stopped for tea in the 98 acers coffee and watched the sunset from the cafe. Very recommended!

fun, short hike
Corey K [TA], , Salinas, Manabi, Ecuador

We went in the morning (8 am) and it took us about 1.5 hrs round trip from our hostel (Freedom Guest House). View was nice but not spectacular or anything

Beautiful landscape
Ranith P [TA], , Catania, Italy

The little Adam's peak is really close to 98 acres resort, just 5 minutes walk and you can decide to climb the mountain through the stairs or the pathway. We choose the pathway and we walk through tea plantation, is not at all tiring. The climb is great for every age and it takes one hour and half to the top. The view is magnificent and you can breath fresh air. We really appreciate.

Good viewpoint
RC_Bris [TA], , Bristol, United Kingdom

If you don't have long in Ella or don't fancy the steep walk up Ella Rock then definitely visit Little Adam's Peak. The views from the top are still impressive and the walk itself is mainly just a relaxing stroll through tea plantations.

On the way down there are a number of signs to the 98 Acres Resort, where you can stop for a drink in luxurious surroundings before heading back to the town.

Excellent view!!!
AmranAtha... [TA], , Colombo

The hike is pretty much easy. There are several peaks among this mountain range and you can visit all of them. Most visitors hike only upto the 2nd peak. But there is this third peak with no visitors at all most of the time and if you seek some real quiet time, hike to the 3rd peak as well. While going back, you do not need to take the usual stair you came from, from the 3rd peak, there is a trail which takes you to the base of the mountain where the stairs start. :)

Great walk
Jen2635 [TA], , Auckland, New Zealand

Loved the walk through tea plantations and up the summit. Wonderful views from the top! Tropical downpour added to the experience.

Beautiful View at the Top
Naomikv [TA], ,

After climbing Ella Rock the day before the climb to Little Adam's Peak was much easier. After a walk along the path you get to a flight of steps with approx. over 300 hundred steps which we counted on our way down. The view at the top is lovely overlooking all the beautiful places in the area. The only disappointing thing was at the top of the peak we discovered a stray dog who was absolutely parched with thirst. I had to give it most of my water as I couldn't leave it in that condition. After that I learned to carry extra water with me for all the stray dogs.

Nice Walk
Sam B [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

Not as good as the walk to Ella Rock but easier and still a great view. Was very windy up the top and we got filthy but was fun.

Beautiful view and a lot of tea!
Anvnamnet [TA], , Kinna, Sweden

During our visit, little adams peak was dry and sandy (summertime and drought).
Still a beautiful place to visit!

Lucy_CB [TA], , Southampton

We were told it would take two hours to ascend and descent, but in reality it took just over an hour. Pretty gentle climb, following by breathtaking panoramic views - well worth it!

Pleasant stroll, probably best early evening
Kevin F [TA], , Nottingham

When you get to the top this is actually a very good viewpoint and the ascent is very straightforward. The approach is up the hill from Ella and along a wide and even track taking you through some pleasant tea plantations on the hillside. The final walk up to the summit is on a more uneven path but this is not difficult. The paths continue along the summit ridge if you want to head further. The view from the top is very pleasant over to Ella Rock and the very steep valley below.
We went early evening just as the sun was going down; it's cooler and the lower angled light brings out more of the landscape.
If you are in Ella this a recommendation for a pleasant couple of hours exercise and the bonus of splendid views.

Nice for a quick, quiet walk
Nouskie [TA], , London, United Kingdom

It was nice for a quick, quiet walk but do not expect too much. The views of the local area are great and it is an easy walk for those who do not like walking to much.

Beautiful views
Amanda Q [TA], ,

Worth the 5am wake up to walk to Little Adam's peak. Beautiful outlook at the top and gorgeous view of our resort 98 acres too.

Nice walk
mrsdutchb... [TA], , Utrecht, The Netherlands

It was a pleasant walk, not too difficult, even in the heat. Took about 2 hours in total, from our hotel ( with time taking photos etc. at the top and along the way).

It is a nice view from the top and you can see more tea plantations from there.

We didn't do the real Adam's peak (partly cos of our itinerary and partly because we are not into hardcore hiking or climbing!! ) so this was a good ( and less time consuming) alternative!!

Nice easy hike with great sunset views
Parttimeg... [TA], , Crete, Illinois

It's only a 40 min walk up to Adams peak and the views are very rewarding. Definitely go up for the sunset as it's a great time of daily and the views to Ella's gap are stunning.

Easy walk, nice view
Jean-Pier... [TA], , Deinze, Belgium

From the start it takes you one and a half hour to reach little Adams Peak and com back. The walk is easy with a few stairs. On the way and on the top you have some splendid views

great view, easy walk
Campbell... [TA], ,

About one hour return walk from town. Went up early for sunrise, great view, got some nice photos. Easy walk, did Ella Rock later in the day and it was very cloudy so can not compare the views, will recommend that you stay two days and do both walks early in the morning before it gets cloudy.

Easy Hike for a Breathtaking View
smellyoch... [TA], , Kuala Lumpur

I had the company of 2 new friends that I met at my hotel. Initially, I felt worried about hiking on my own but there were many tourists climbing as well. I would've been fine even on my own.

Getting to the foot of Little Adam's Peak can be a little unclear (about 15 minutes walk from town) but you can ask anyone along the way for directions. It's unlikely that you'd get lost though.

The walk up wasn't too tough. The slightly steep steps got to me a little because we were going pretty fast. We reached the peak in about 35 minutes. The view of the tea plantation going up was nice and the weather was pleasant. A tea leaf picker offered to let us take a photo of her but we politely declined (in case she wanted to be paid for taking her photo).

The peak gives you a perfect view down the Ella Gap and Ella Rock. It's the perfect spot for spectacular photos. You'd be tempted to sit on the rocks but please do be very very careful because it can be windy up there.

Overall, a great experience and Ella is truly one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka. I can't wait to go again! :)

Easy walk with rewarding stunning views
UkKirky [TA], , uk

We visited little Adams peak when staying at the nearby 98 acres resort. It was an hours round trip from the resort. We kind of fell on the path after breakfast so I was in flip flops as oppose to walking shoes and this wasn't a problem. The paths were good and an easy walk, followed by steps up to the peak. There were a fair few steps to the top plus a little uneven surface near the top, but manageable even in flip flops, and the views at the top when you reach the white flag were very rewarding. We could see valley and surrounding waterfalls. Stunning views.

We weren't sure we could be bothered to do the walk originally (being pulled by the pool and spa) but were glad we did when we saw the views on route and at the top, definitely worth taking out a few hours to complete it.

Great reward
Anne R [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

We climbed the mountain two days in a row because we were so excited about the place. The climbing is not difficult, but the reward you get on the top is great. One of my favourite walks in Ella.

surprisingly satisfying!
weave24 [TA], , Northampton, United Kingdom

A much easier hike than Ella rock and personally a more enjoyable one.

Not quite as high but I personally preferred the views from here.

Nice walk. Amazing views
ItsSuuS [TA], , Groningen, The Netherlands

The walk up there is very nice and the view over Ella Gap is amazing. After your hike stop at 98 acres resort for a refreshing drink or take your swim wear and have a dip in the pool there. Its an easy walk close to Ella town! Cool half day trip!

Nice, easy walk
Kyra21 [TA], , Trondheim, Norway

It's a nice walk, not too challenging and has great views. But would do Ella rock if you have time and in shape. Did enjoy a fruit juice and a friendly convrsation with some local tamils on the way, and they showed us their village, tempel and played volleyball with us.

Enjoyable visit
Danushka... [TA], ,

Climb is not the difficult. But a must visit palce if you go to Ella. Nature's beauty visible in front of eyes.

Nice walk.
sarah_cav... [TA], , Adelaide, Australia

It was a nice walk through a tea plantation. Not too vigorous until the last few stairs. I took a book and read from a perch on the peek for a while and enjoyed the relaxation time.

" Beautiful View "
Ruwan849 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

it is a must visit place if you are visiting Ella.
not a steep or difficult climb but you can enjoy it .
better you avoid heavy rainy season .

A fun walk
SteveKedd... [TA], , London, Canada

Not a steep or difficult hike, but an enjoyable one. An elderly lady kept asking us to take her picture as she picked tea leaves at the side of the trail (it runs through a tea plantation). We imagined a tip to be involved and declined her offer. We spotted a couple of places to stop for drinks or snacks on the way. The view is fantastic from the top. Quick tip for those as foolish as myself - when you're nearing the top, you'll come to a stone staircase. It is not anyone's private property. It leads to the top and will get you there in 5 minutes or less. If you do not take this staircase, you will zig-zag back and forth through a grassy wilderness for about 20 minutes until you reach the top the old fashioned way. Either way, it was a good way to spend the morning. Surprisingly, no guides offered their services to us at the bottom. If you are not so fortunate, be advised that this is not a complex labyrinth of trails that requires someone to lead you. You go up. And there are signs (but again, take the stairs near the top).

good scenery
Chanelwoo... [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

fresh air and worth it to be here with all tea farm all the way to the peak and the people there is friendly

Rewarding Climb
caljane17 [TA], , denver

This is no gentle stroll. Even though you see 70-80 year old Sri Lankan men and women, climbing barefoot, it is a difficult climb because of all the steeps. We did it just before Vesak Poya and it was lit but not too crowded because it was mid-week. Well worth the effort to arrive at the top and ring the bell even though the fog came in before sunrise

Nice easy climb with great views
jo_cpt [TA], , Cape Town Central, South Africa

winding path through the tea plantations is rewarded with spectacular views at the top. Nice to go at sunset with a small picnic or few beers just remember to take your rubbish back with you.

You can easily reach 98 acres resturant if you want a pricey sundowner on the way down it is a 5* hotel

Nice walk
Familyrei... [TA], ,

This is an easy walk to the peak, through tea plantations and at the end a wonderfull view at the top.

easy stroll
nele b [TA], , Aalst, Belgium

great views; walking amid the tea plantations; last part is a bit more difficult (lots of steps if you go the right way, no steps if you go the left way)

Nice hike
Lukc567 [TA], , Ljubljana, Slovenia

The view from the top is amazing if the weather is clear. The road from Ella has signs so you don't get lost. The hike is not difficult at all, we have done it in 30 minutes(one way), at the end there are stairs which are a bit steep, but still no problem!

Very worth it
RuiPaula [TA], ,

Awesome view early in the morning, it's very easy to get up to the peak and absolutely worth it.
Would recommend to go early before it gets hotter.

a pleasant hike
nworbd [TA], , Fresno, California

An easy track up this hill forks off the paved road at the Flower Garden Inn. It took us 45 minutes to the top, including plenty of dawdling to take photos, and the view was well worth the effort.

nice jog , super easy
Rafi T [TA], ,

very easy jogging , nice tea and mountain views , very short , suitable for every lazy bustard coming to explore ella

A gentle walk for the most part
AndreaHav... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

A lovely slope to the base of the peak, then some steps to the top. Great views. Nice cafe at the end of the track on your way back down.

Very nice short walk
Jeanine01 [TA], , Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

The walk is easy and takes you through beautiful scenery. Worthwhile!! The view at the top is beautiful and serene!

Worth every step of the way !
Kavz93 [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Little Adams peak has the most amazing, breath taking view I saw during my stay at ella! :) The walk is tiring, but it's a part of the fun and it's worth it! Only down side is that I feel like there could be more guidance to show the way to the tourists and visitors because we got lost a few times :D but definitely a must visit place in ella ! :)

A must at Ella
John A [TA], , Doha, Qatar

We started late around 5pm but the fresh air kept us wanting to reach the top of this place. Views are fabulous. An English lady said we could climb the side of the mountain instead of the steps that are built and it was helpful although it took a little longer I guess.
The route to the mountain has tea estates, Estate workers colony, and a fresh-juice stall.
The peak has fantastic view around.
Having loved the stroll, we climbed again on our second day too.

Good experience!
Sunnyside... [TA], , Ella

It does not seem like you would find anything like this on Ella, it's an interesting discovery minute by minute!

Nice and easy walk, beautiful scenery
jwdlvw_11 [TA], , Chiang Mai, Thailand

We walked from Ella town to the top of Little Adam's Peak. It takes about two to three hours up and down. There is little steep climbing, except the stairs towards the summit of the mountain. Highly recommended.

OK - but nothing to rave about
Ama201237... [TA], , Oxford, United Kingdom

The climb is easy provided you don't mind steps - it took us 15 minutes. The views are good, provided the weather is clear. But it's nothing exceptional...

Nice views and pleasant walk
Marcin M [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Great place for taking pictures and short walk around Ella. Most of the ppl will manage to climb without a problem.

Nice, easy hike; Great views
RTWtravel... [TA], , Bangkok

Treat yourself to a nice 360 view after completing this 1-mile walk from the trailhead. Not too difficult, but lots of stairs and a bit of elevation change. Beautiful mountains and colors in the surrounding valleys. Worth an hour of your time.

Stunning views, so peaceful, worth the climb
Jenkaroo [TA], , Truro, United Kingdom

If you got Ella and you can, definetly climb Little Adam's Peak. There was hardly anyone up there when we went and the views are incredible. It starts of gradually through tea plantations and then climbs steeply up to the top and there are a few steps. It isn't hard. There are a couple of cafes to stop off in for a drink on the way down.

nomad4838 [TA], , Fethiye, Turkey

it is a bit walk but it is wonderful place,when you srrive peak,you will see all ella and wonderful tea gardens

Objective... [TA], , Chengdu

considering how long is Adam;s peak, this is really a great alternative! people from any age could do the hike, the view is beautiful

Nice walk doable for anyone who can walk
Colomboye... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

All of it, the walk the view, the meetings on the way, and the lady that sells bracelets and necklaces made from small seeds and collects greetings in all languages in a small notebook she carries around.

Little Adam's peak
csyllag [TA], , Budapest, Hungary

Nice little trekking up to the hill. Gorgeous view, and nice to continue to nearby hills. Do not miss it. Not much effort is required and the view you get pays off the effort to climb.

Great view
SKT_2012 [TA], , Sydney, Australia

This was a great, before breakfast type of walk that wasn't to taxing but ultimately incredibly rewarding when you get to the top. Beautiful views.

We were on cloud nine at this location
Tankengin... [TA], , Robertsbridge, United Kingdom

You have to catch your breath here as the views are terrific once you have reached the top. I believe that you can see all the way to coast on a clear day. luckily our driver took us to the car park of the 98 Acre Retreat so we did not walk from our hotel which was close to the Ravenna Falls. The path is quite steep so sensible trekking shoes are very advisable. Apart from the views you are walking up through the tea gardens

Get more fab views of hill country
Threebert... [TA], , Brighton, United Kingdom

Extremely interesting walk through woodland and tea plantations, then a mid-strenuous walk to top of the peak, with the reward of more gorgeous and views.

Splendid view - easy walk
GregVG [TA], , Brussels, Belgium

Accessible for everybody. Approx. 1 hour go and back. The view is amazing and the colours (various shades of green) are magnificent.

Little Effort Great Reward
NevillePe... [TA], , Doha, Qatar

Very easy walk, about 20-30 mins. Our kids (6 & 7) even managed it. Be sure to take lunch at 98 Acres restaurant while you're there.

Too rainy to tell
Jackoids [TA], , London, United Kingdom

I am sure this is a lovely short walk, with great views. Unfortunately, it was too rainy to tell when we did it

Great easy little walk from town
Mark8888 [TA], , Singapore

Lovely views and an easy walk through the tea plantations suitable for small kids. A number of places to stop off for a drink.

Great walk, magnificent view
Mogeltoft [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

This 1-2 hour walk is for everyone, though a little straining, and the views over the other green mountains and valleys are incredible. If you visit Ella - and you should if you visit Sri Lanka - this experience is a must!

Something to do in sleepy Ella
krys_k [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Compared to its big brother, it's an easy stroll. Some great views and only about 20 minutes walk back to Ella.

great view and its free
Ecospanne... [TA], , Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

Easy walk from town in 30 mins. I did in less as I fancied a run. Great view and you don't have to share it with a guide like ella rock. Very enjoyable.

Good warm up for big Adams Peak
TanG68 [TA], , Queensland, Australia

Definitely worth doing for the gorgeous views. Not too hard and probably takes less than 1/2 hour from the base. Lovely surroundings. Visit the gorgeous 98 Acres Resort nearby while you're there for a cold drink, nice cuppa or lunch! Wow.

Short hike, beautiful views
Esther P [TA], , Brooklyn, New York

Really worth the hike, very short and well worth the views. Would highly recommend. Go a bit early to avoid the noon heat, but otherwise, its not too long anyway.

nice walk
Ginger-Ma... [TA], , Deggenhausertal, Germany

nice easy short walk through tea fields and the tea pickers homes, real life Sri Lanka, and good views in the morning!!!

Wow, what a view
Mario1547 [TA], , Pretoria

Take note that the last 200m or so is a very very steep climb to the top. Be fit and strong or admire the view from the bottom. I have seen many a traveler with small children having had to carry the child-rather leave the child with a caretaker. The walk will exhaust the child beyond measure.

Be careful, there are no safety rails. If you fall here you are dead! Do not attempt the peak when it is misty. You won't be able to see a thing in the mist.

Good walk
Andy R [TA], , Sheffield, United Kingdom

Good local walk which gives views of surrounding hills and valleys. Not very strenuous and can be combined with a visit to the tea factory.

Easy stroll to nice views
Tjasa L [TA], , Ljubljana, Slovenia

We went on Little Adam's Peak after climbing the real Adam's Peak, just to warm our muscles from the hike two nights before. The path takes you through tea plantations and last 20 minutes you are walking up the hill (there are some stairs, but not too much). When you are on the top, the view is breath taking, very green everywhere with great views on Ella Rock and all around. I also climb other tops of the Little Adam's Peak and it just gets better and better. So no matter your fitness, you can make it up there and enjoy the view!

Go if you were Ella
dandandan... [TA], , Hong Kong, China

We didn't plan to go Ella as I heard it is commercial. We went Ella before going to Haputale. We'd stay half day so it's good to go Little Adam's Peak because it's just a 2 hours hiking. I pretty like there because the view was good and don't need to spend too long.

The first Hiking trip you must try in Ella!
Nick T [TA], , London, England, United Kingdom

We went to Ella in September and stayed at the 98 Acres resort. We arrived around 6am, after the breakfast we took the short stroll from our resort to Little Adam's Peak. Best to do these hiking trips early and you climb down by 11am before hot sun.

This is also called "the small adam's peak" the climb is very easy to moderate, not a difficult one at all! We saw tourists of all ages from teenagers to retired. The views are breathtaking! There are few other peaks you can climb which my partner Chamal did. However as I was recovering from a shoulder dislocation I didn't try the other peaks. There is absolutely no need to take a guide with you. Can do it on your own.

On the way back, there is a shin for "beer" . This is the restaurant and bar at 98 Acres resort. Highly recommend a visit!!!! Breathtaking views and a true reward for the achievement of climbing Little Adam's Peak! Enjoy your visits and we highly recommend it!

Good short walk
andrewjoh... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

you can do the walk in flip-flops but trainers are needed really to go to the very end. There is a tea plantation called 98 acres which is on the way as well as a couple of little places to get a drink or a bite to eat.

Great walk, rewarded by amazing views from the top
sjc47 [TA], , Stroud

This is a manageable walk from Ella up through the tea plantation to a viewpoint at the top from where you can see down through the Ella Gap down to the plains of the south west. There's a small bar part of the way up if you need a cooling drink or why not take a detour on the way down to the 98 Acres hotel- we had a delicious lunch while we sheltered from a downpour.

Not to be missed!
KingofCar... [TA], , Hsipaw, Myanmar

A lovely morning walk for about an hour that passed by tea plantations, villages and lots of stunning views. I had a dog as a guide which was absolutely cute. He was with me at 6AM which was a bit chilly. The views on the top was great. However, the BEER sign on a tree was very upsetting. Shame on that beer pub!

Lovely walk
HarryS_9 [TA], , manchester, England

Really enjoyable and easy walk from the town. Views from the top wonderful as is the views of the tea plantations literally all around you. If you go mid afternoon you can ofter see black eagles skimming over the plantations, and towards late afternoon dozens of bee eaters lining the telegraph wires. Don't bother with the cafe on the left hand side about 100 metres or so before you tackle the last part of the climb - a bit overpriced. Much better to go to the hotel/restaurant on the left after the last bit of the climb for very reasonably priced drinks and snacks, and more wonderful views.

beautiful, and much easier than Ella Rock
Alice W [TA], , Oxford, United Kingdom

we did this walk on the first day and it was great, got out of breath but not as strenuous as other walks, and really well signposted. beautiful views of Ella and Ella rock as well as the road down the valley on the other side. we also went to the tea factory on the way down.

If you go to Ella do not miss this place
MilindaVe... [TA], , Kiribathgoda, Sri Lanka

With a 30-40 min walk you are able to go to the top which has amazing views. You should never miss this place if you visit Ella. Trek is not that difficult as you go across lush tea fields and amazing views around. You have the 360 degree view which is so beautiful and soothing on the eye. Great place to visit and do not forget your water bottle.

Easy hiking and just beautiful view!
Malmichal [TA], , Herzlia, Israel

The view is very beautiful and the hiking is very easy. everyone can do it - also families. so don't miss it! :)

Easy walk and great view
Susarope [TA], , Helsinki, Finland

Walk was very easy and everybody can make it. View was amazing. It's very nice little morning walk there and also easy to find. Recommend to that if you are in Ella.

climb litlle difficult in the end but good views on top
nits6285 [TA], , Hyderabad, India

it is a much easier trek compared to ella rock and offered good views..but the climb got difficult towards the end when we had to climb the steps..we did the trek in the morning when we had an afternoon train to catch,..took us 2 hours for the entire trek..locals willl guide you with the need to take a guide..nice tea plantations on the way..

Easy walk, spectacular views
Paul K [TA], , wellington

Peaceful easy walk through tea plantation and then a steep climb to the top of the hill. Amazing view out over to Ella Gap and the valley below. Good exercise and not to be missed views.

Little Adam's Peak is a Highly Doable Hike!
NadzaAbdu... [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It just took me 25 mins of leisurely hike to get to the summit. The views were adorable. You would be snapping photos left, right and centre, that's for sure. On the hike down, I stopped at the 98 Acres Resort & Spa. It's a very classy resort, smack in the middle of a working tea plantation. It's all very serene there. Suitable for honeymooning couples.

Adams Peak
Mac789 [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Restuarant at the top has breathtaking views and a relaxing place to sit and have a drink or a bite to eat.

a nice afternoon stroll/climb
Dani53 [TA], , Queensland Australia

an easy walk of 2-3 km through pleasant tea plantations. best done in the early morning or late afternoon.

Great easy walk, great view!
Julie H [TA], , London, United Kingdom

We went up little Adam's peak after spending the day on the train to Ella. The walk was very easy, with only a small incline (steps and a bit of hill) towards the end. And the view is spectacular over the valley and towards Ella rock.
On the route there are a couple of places to stop for refreshment which we didn't do, but if it has been hotter out then it is nice to know they are there!
I definitely recommend doing this!

Great views, easy walk
834Lynda [TA], , Mackenzie River,QLD

This is a good walk. Not too hard but hard enough to get satisfaction from it. The views up top are stunning and well worth the effort.

Wonderful walk
EnglandMo... [TA], , England

Looked this walk easier than Ella's Rock and great seeing the tea plantations. We stopped off at the factory when we came down. Only a ten minute tour but you get a nice cup of tea at the end.

A good walk and a good cafe.
Wizard77... [TA], , Poole, United Kingdom

A pleasant walk, not taxing, with great views from the top. The cafe at the start has good views and sells yummy 'Curd and Trickle'.

A must do at sunset!
bungangir... [TA], , Sydney

An easy climb with spectacular views from the top. Take the trail up and the steps down guide not required..

Great view!
Em J [TA], , Brighton, United Kingdom

A nice little walk up to the top of Little Adam's peak to give you a stunning view of the mountains and valleys around Ella. A nice breeze is also part of the reward for the climb.

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