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GuestHouses: Nature Villa

Reservation terms and conditions:
  • All requests are handled by managers Lanka-Houses in the order received
  • The site is always given the actual prices
  • In case of request of several different hotels/guesthouses, please list the priorities for each of the options
    • by default all the Guest House are available for booking
    • If you choose Guest House or the house is occupied on the dates indicated, we consider the following variant of accommodation
  • In most cases, the owners of the properties have rights to refuse returning the booking deposit in case of cancellation.
    The rest of the amount you must pay on arrival. In case if you refuse to pay on arrival the rest of the amount, owner have rights to cancel the booking, without returning the deposit fee.
  • Within 2 business days after deposit payment, you will receive a confirmation of booking hotel. If for reasons beyond our control, the reservation will not be possible, we will offer you an alternative. If the alternative is not suitable, money will be refunded to the card within 1 business day after the rejection of the reservation.

Please provide your working phone, which will be working in roaming during your stay in Sri Lanka
Minimal stay is 4 days ! In case of mixed reservation, for different dates, please describe everything in details in text message.
If you have problems filling registration form, please send your request by email to
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