Wewurukannala Temple

Wewurukannala Temple

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A famous temple two kilometers from Dikwella town on the Matara Beliatta Road in the Dikwella Divisional Secretarial area in Matara District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.This temple is built on a beautiful hill with a large building complex in an extent of Eight acres land, This sacred place which is in a beautiful environment is a historical temple that contributes social, Religious and educational service.
The old image house that belongs to Kandyan period “Sujanakaththa Patimala” a unique large temple, 100 cubits tall Buddha Statue, large clock built by a Sinhalese The basement temple that depicts Hell, Two storied library which is an art gallery, a large “Dahamma sala” which is a wooden building and many other large buildings. This is a world famous art gallery that has stored the skills of the Sri Lanka.
The building on the bund is called Wewurukannala, In the past there was a large tank named “ Siyambalagaswewa” and a small tank known as “Kudu wewa” These tanks were filled by the waters of Dambagas Ara, Indigas Ara and Galahen Ara Streams. Today we canot see these streams. They have become the names of the villages.

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Recommended review time for sightseeing: 15 m

Tourist reviews about Wewurukannala Temple

Full moon ceremony was serene and beautifull
DerrekJan [TA], , Nieuwersluis, The Netherlands

We went to the temple on full moon day. The ceremony was beautifull and serene. Everyone sits outside, you are welcome to watch, you can walk around and you are permitted to make photo's. There are temples you can visit, it a place where you are very welcome.

Riesige Buddha Statue
crank122 [TA], , Chur, Switzerland

Die Tempelanlage ist sehr beeindruckend. Vorallem die riesige Buddhastatue welche man schon von Weitem sehen kann. Auch sonst hat es sehr schöne Figuren und Bauwerke. Leider wird man auch hier ständig zur Kasse gebeten obwohl man bereits am Anfang für den Eintritt bezahlt hat.

Beautiful and funny
MadBeer [TA], , Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a temple worth while the detour. Cost a little fee of 200 rupees to get in. I didnt have to pay extra, which is maybe due to my driver. 3 things are interesting. The first temple with depicts of the different Buddha stages, and all his reincarnations. The second is the funny one. Here you are shows what Will happen if you are Not a good girl or boy. We had a fun time trying to decipher the different paintings (2 adults and a boy of 9), and we all found it hillarios. Even the quite explicit torturemethods we found funny. The huge Buddha outside were very impressive. Nice place.

kopacekj [TA], , Prague, Czech Republic

One of the largest sitting Buddha statues in Asia
Great paintings series of Buddha's life in the tower behind Buddha's back.

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