Matara Big Buddha

Matara Big Buddha

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Veherahenna Temple is a cultural heritage temple by Matara. In 17th century local people built the underground temple to hide and pray away from Dutch. In 1990 the Big Buddha was built (39m), frescoes illustrating the highlights of Buddhas life.

Recommended review time for sightseeing: 20 m

Tourist reviews about Matara Big Buddha

Beautiful place.
Barbara M [TA], , Stafford, United Kingdom

As you walk across the suspension bridge you enter a peaceful haven. The views along the coast from here are wonderful. It'swell worth the effort to take a stroll around here.

debbyian [TA], , Kingston-upon-Hull, United Kingdom

what a place you enter through underground passages and then exit at the side of a 39m Buddha and all for a donation of your choice, for us it was a must see in this area

Popular among local Buddhists
Prasanna... [TA], , Panadura, Sri Lanka

Popular among local Buddhists ,temple is famous for its huge Buddha statue and wall painting in the Tunnel like lay out underneath the cavity of the statue.

Really good tourist attractions
loubees1 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Beautiful temple. The guide was very knowledgeable and patient while we took photos. The big buddha is amazing!

Underground temple
460kismet [TA], , Galle, Sri Lanka

Lot of things to see. we can learn about Buddhism also.15min drive away from matara city. Don't miss it. Interesting temple I have seen in sri lanka

a stop off on the way to yala.
Lewis W [TA], , Cardiff, United Kingdom

we stopped off here on the way to a yala safari,at the suggestion of our guide,it was interesting to wander round the underground corridors and look at a selection of the storylines painted in the wall panels, have visited many temples in thailand,and thought this is going to be a waste of time,but it was worth a walk round just to see so many so many paintings that have been done over the years the guide was saying parts of this date back to the 17th century as a lot of temples etc,were destroyed by the portuguese who then built churches on the site of the temples. Outside is the 39mt Buddha and other statues, which did not really compare to the temples of thailand,and unlike thailand no proper donation boxes that we noticed.

If you are a Buddhist this is a must see, if you are not it's worth the Visit
Ashy D [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Situated close to Matara town this Temple is famous for its iconic huge Buddha Statue. As the original history of the temple starts in ancient times, the newly built temple was founded in 19th century. The temple is more like a hub for Buddhism combine with the well known Matara Bo-Tree. The temple has lots of buddhist statues most created in the modern era. The place is calm and its a good place to learn and warship Buddhism. Traveller tip : Don't get along with guides and sellers around here, most of them are looking for easy money.

Very beautiful place
djuiceman [TA], , Киев, Украина

.Very beautiful place.... churches in the caves.... Buddha statues...images of the Buddhas disciples etc etc........ DO NOT give donations to nobody!!

Nice pand peaceful
Maria M [TA], , Paris, France

This is a nice place with a huge Buddha statue in it....

truly amazing place especially if you like to photograph ancient buddhist sculptures and incredibly old paintings of the
pugsleyBy... [TA], , byron bay

the ancient nature of the place and magnificent setting on a huge rock was right up my alley as were several lesser known buddhist monasteries also ancient and within Tuk Tuk range of Talalla.

Just a gigantic Buddha Statue!

Weherahena Buddhist Temple is a cultural attraction near Matara. During the 17th century the local people had built an underground temple, where they prayed secretly. They kept it hidden from the Portuguese rulers due to the fear of destruction The present temple was built in the 1990s. It's main pull is the 39 meters high Buddha statue, which sits in the samadhi or squatting position in front of the equally high temple . Overall there are no relics, frescos or artefacts of historical significance in this temple. Seeing the Buddha statue from outside is enough for Non-Buddhist visitors.

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