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Taprobane Island was originally built in the 1920's by the romantically named but self styled Count de Mauny-Talvande. The island with its neo palladian mansion has played host to kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, aristocracy, writers and eccentrics, giving it a very colorful history, which guests can now share.

The Island comprises 2 ½ acres of sheer tropical fantasy with nothing between it and the South Pole. Accommodation is provided for in 5 en-suite bedrooms, with spacious living areas, balconies, verandahs, tropical gardens and a stunning infinity pool. A staff of 5 cater for your every need; in fact after arrival, guests frequently never leave the Island until their departure.

Sri Lanka’s only privately owned island. The No.1 address in the Indian Ocean.

Private Island
5 en-suite bedrooms
(4 doubles, 1 twin)
Infinity Pool
Beautiful rambling tropical garden
5 staff to look after your every need

The sprawling octagonal house, with its cool white terrazzo floors and high wooden ceilings has 5 spacious en-suite bedrooms each with sea views. Light and airy living areas and shaded terraces & verandahs provide many a secluded spot to sunbathe, paint or read.

The Bedrooms
There are 4 double rooms and 1 twin room in the villa allowing up to 10 people to live in complete comfort. Each bedroom is filled with colonial style furniture, mosquito net draped four poster beds, overhead fans and spacious en-suite bathrooms.
All double rooms open onto their own private terraces with panoramic views out to the Indian Ocean and beyond.

With its pavilion style house and wrap around verandahs and terraces, Taprobane Island provides many open & airy living areas, with views across the Indian ocean. These are spacious enough to retain your privacy yet perfect for celebrations and gatherings.

Swimming Pool
A stunning infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean provides the perfect place to cool off under the shade of swaying palms or simply to relax and sunbathe watching the world go by.

Tropical Garden
The house is surrounded by 2 acres of exquisite tropical garden with cascading terraces filled with frangipanis, palms, flame trees, fuchsias, hibiscus, bougainvillea, heliconia, bromeliads, monkey tail, orchids and white sandy paths that create many a secluded spot to wander aimlessly around the island.

At Taprobane Island you have your own private chef to provide you with delicious tropical cuisine with a focus on the freshest of local ingredients.

Meals are predominantly seafood with an Asian influence. Our chef is equally at home making the most delicious Sri Lankan curries.

Staff will purchase produce daily from the market after discussing your menu requirements.

A highlight of living on Taprobane is being able to experience sunset cocktails or dining in so many amazing locations overlooking the Indian Ocean. Whether it's cocktail hour, lunch time or dinner time, our staff will ensure that each location is memorable & unique.

A 50% deposit is required on confirmation of booking. Deposits are non refundable.
The balance must be paid 60 days prior to arrival.
It must be noted that both villas are for a maximum of 10 persons .
If extra beds are required there will be a charge and we must have permission from the owner.
If dinners or gatherings for more than ten people occur we must know this in advance and have permission from the owner

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Ocean view


Prices from May 1, 2016 are available on request

Room rates include all taxes and service charges (VAT, City Tax, Bed Tax)

Lanka-Houses working directly with the «TAPROBANE ISLAND» management! If you find better offer for «TAPROBANE ISLAND» somewhere else, please let us know, and we will gi ve you even better price! Just make a standart booking request throw our web site and provide the link to the web site with the competitive offer in comments.

IMPORTANT: You have to compare the prices with all taxes and service fees.


Completely magical
Eliesha C [TA], , Melbourne, Australia

As long as you're not going into this expecting "western" style levels of luxury, you will not be disappointed.

You will, however, be entranced from the first moment you glimpse the island from the road. It's an amazing experience to walk through the door marked "Taprobane Island (Private)" and get used to the fact that you are currently (temporarily) in possession of your very own private island.

The staff were fantastic and went out of their way to make our experience magical, and the food was consistently spectacular (go for the Sri Lankan options - if you order western style food in Sri Lanka and find it disappointing, that's your own fault).

There is no air conditioning, but it wouldn't work anyway, as the buildings are all quite open to the sea breezes. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks is soothing (and to be expected - you're on a small island after all).

The beach is fine to swim in if you want to be gawked at by locals, but why would you want to when you have your own infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean?

You will get wet walking to and from the island through the surf. If you don't want to brave it the local fisherman will ferry you back and forth for a fairly extortionate fee, but it's just kind of all part of the fun.

Great open communal areas to play cards with the family, plenty of island to explore - still regretting we didn't quite get around to playing hide & seek.

Наш остров
IANAIANA [TA], , Moscow, Russia

Останавливались на острове на 8 дней большой компанией. Остров - это здорово, а свой остров тем более. НО, все, так или иначе, имеет свойство стареть, трухлеть, ломаться и рваться...Ведь, чтобы оправдать цену за ночь, а она больше 2000 долларов за сутки, надо поддерживать состояние виллы, ведь она была построена в 1920 году..., а это не делается.
Все, конечно, очень аутентично, НО в номерах нет кондиционеров, нет телевизоров (а, мы, простите, там были с 31-го декабря, хотелось речь Президента послушать), wi-fi не тянет вообще. С горячей водой тоже были проблемы. Номера интересные, но все старооое, не шторы, а старые тряпки, балдахины рваные, стекол на окнах нет, все летит в номера.
В холле стоит маленький старый холодильник и все, соответственно, наши напитки стояли в коробках на полу весь отдых.
Бассейн находится уровнем ниже в тени, и надо обходить весь остров, чтобы до него дойти. Я за 8 дней ни разу не купалась в нем, т.к. вода ледяная, солнце там вообще не появляется.
Еда: персонал старался, ребята делали все, что от них зависит. Хотели заказать морепродукты и мясо на гриле, а гриля нет, нет барбекю, только духовка и сковородка)))
До острова нельзя дойти по суше, вход через океан по мостику, соответственно, туристы снуют везде, так и норовят зайти, посмотреть внутрь, благо практически всегда на входе дежурили, и не давали пройти туристам к нам в "дом".
Остров - это здорово, но все требует вложений, а сейчас, к сожалению, вилла находится в очень запущенном состоянии.

We didn't get it
Anna V [TA], ,

Actually we didn't even get it. You can't understand for sure what it is. First (from the road) we thought it might be some temple so we came to check it. But that we just saw that its private property and no more information. So we have done a few photos and went away.
By the way there were some weird and annoying fishermen there that tried to become money from us for photos - I would be scared and disappointed if I lived on this island and knew that this guys are around that place all the time.

A very unique place
Frederic... [TA], , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We stayed on Taprobane from the 23rd to the 26th of September 2015, right after 5 months of refurbishment.
The first feeling when seeing Taprobane from the beach is one of pure excitement, imagining yourself on your own private tropical island is just pure magic. And indeed it is.
Though there is still some work to be done (one of the bedroom was not finished) the place is just incredible, with so many hideaways, colonial style furnishing, a great staff who provide all the care in the world at any time of the day or the night.
No air con but fans, which was more than enough at this time of the year, no electrical shock as reported by others, and the sound of the crashing waves? Well you are on an island!!!
I highly recommend it, but do not expect European or middle eastern comfort, if you head to Taprobane, you must keep in mind that you are one of the lucky few, and forget the minor things that could make the place better.

V282014 [TA], , London, United Kingdom

I went there with some of my family and I had a fantastic time. Being on your own private island is an absolutely fantastic feeling. The staff were extraordinarily attentive and kind. The food they produced was the best I have tried in Sri Lanka (and I've been travelling around Sri Lanka for two months now). Some of the fruit such as the papaya was actually grown on the island. The sound of the sea crashing on the rocks around the island is such a soothing sound and it lulled me to sleep every night. The staff were amazing and (without being asked) set about putting on anti mosquito incense in the evening throughout the property. None of us ended up getting bitten which was extremely lucky. However, bringing some anti-mosquito repellent is always advised as it is the tropics! I've read some previous reviews which have complained about the lack of Tv's and wifi !Whilst my family and I were on the Island there was not one moment when we wanted to use those things - it's a magical little island, why would you want to watch tv?! The house itself is such an interesting place as it has a lot of history behind it. When you are there you feel as though it is your own house. It is not decorated like all these characterless hotels. It is a home. Furthermore, as a result of it still being monsoon season when we went, we paid the fishermen some money to ferry us from the house back to the beach. This worked very well and the fishermen were very nice to us. However, wading to the house through the sea has its own charm and excitement to it. All in all it is a little paradise which for a little while can feel like your own.

Criticism overdone
Moose1968... [TA], , Singapore, Singapore

I think that some of the critical reviews of this property are completely overdone.
Yes, it is not Aman or Alila standard, but then you are not paying those prices.
We had an outstanding stay, the island is glorious, it feels like walking back into the 1920's (which yes does mean mean no TV, no Wi-FI, slightly "shabby chic" feel) which to me was the whole point.
Relaxing in an amazing environment, with outstanding staff who were attentive without being obtrusive and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was heaven. Wading to get on/off the island never got old and the whole experience was outstanding.
A feeling of adventure, with most of the comforts of home, with great food...a beach to yourself, activities galore nearby, safari 2 hours away (Yala National park).....really, what more could you ask for.
Oh, I almost forgot, yes there are some mosquitoes....in the tropics, who would have thought!!

Holiday from Hell
Carole L [TA], , London, England, United Kingdom

Holiday from hell - this was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime with my family having spent 9 months organising a secret birthday surprise. Never in my life have we spent 10 more miserable days in this so called 'very luxury' house. It wasn't even ready when we arrived after a gruelling 24 hour journey with a 7 month old baby. There was no cot or high chair as pre-ordered. The house was so run down, dirty, unwelcoming and generally on a scale not fit to rent let alone pay a fortune for misrepresented luxury. The so called infinity pool was so dirty is was unfit to swim in and after unknown quantities of chlorine had been thrown in, one of our guests jumped in and instantly felt his skin burning which went bright red. We all were bitten by bed bugs and mosquitoes. Sadly it rained for our duration but the house leaked in most areas including the ceiling above our daughters bed. Mattresses were unfit to sleep on - damp, dirty and badly stained. The furniture was mostly broken or stained and totally inadequate for a family of nine. The water was dangerously boiling when showering only to go very cold within minutes. There was no Wi-fi or laundry service expect to sent out the laundry which took 2 days to return. The main road was meters away and the beach was filthy and covered in human excrement. The sea was equally polluted and dirty so we had nowhere to swim. Two of our family were badly electrocuted from light switches which must have been 50 years old - most of the wiring was in a dangerous state and mostly taped in areas to stop further shocks. The surfaces were so worn by age that when it rained you could not walk safety and consequently my husband had a very nasty fall. The steps to the sea which must have been knocked down during the Tsunami were still lying in the sea. I could go on and on but all we can say is it was the most disappointing holiday we have ever experienced. My family and best friends had flown from all parts of the world, at great expense, to surprise me for my birthday and collectively we have never ever had an experience like it and never want to visit this place again.

Paradise - your private island and a privilege to stay on
finewine6... [TA], , London

This private island of five bed rooms, endless terraces, a pool, niches in a tropical garden of great luxury and all staffed by a team that are well trained, patient and provide perfect service.

Arriving at any hotel by wading through the sea, with the staff carrying your bags on their heads, is unusual and an indication that you are in for a different experience. The house on Taprobane Island is wonderfully designed and decorated - it is a home not a hotel where comfort is on offer everywhere. If you want a quite moment on a terrace overlooking the ocean, by the infinity pool or having tea on one of the many niches in the tropical garden it is all perfect. The staff are present yet discrete and make the most of the house - breakfast in one area, lunch somewhere else. The cook serves up great fish and other food.

Once you are here you will not wish to leave and there is nothing else around worth visiting if it means leaving the island.

Yes, it is expensive but it delivers extraordinary value.

Wow! What an experience to stay on your own private island
Trisand [TA], , Sydney, Australia

Staying on Taprobane Island is truly an incredible experience. We celebrated a hens party on the island complete with massages, pedicures, high tea and seafood BBQ dinner which was all beautifully organised by the manager based in Galle.

The house spills across multiple levels, each room unique with simple yet impressive decor. The island is a jungle paradise ensuring that there is always a shady lounge or day bed to relax on. The plunge pool is divine and refreshing. Definitely something to experience once in your life!

Lovely lunch, amazing location
pandagirl... [TA], , Perth, Australia

No time to stay, so organised bbq Birthday lunch through Sun House for 20 people: $40 US pp BYO - expensive but worth 'being there'. Sublime, location, rooms look beautiful - simple but lovely, as was the food and service - your own private island!! Fantastic infinity pool, small but divine. Perfect spot for event/small group stay (5 rooms, but all private). Stay if you can. Walking across the sandbar is part of the experience - fun! You will get wet - so dress appropriately - no 'Sunday Best' unless staying overnight - or more (just dreaming . . . )

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