Group Tours Request - Choose your travel dates

Group Tour Nr. 361
Amount of days
3 days/2 nights
Count of peoples
Price without accommodation
140.00 $ / per 2 peoples
Start place
Finish place
  • Rate includes transportation to and from your hotel
  • Accommodation in a room with hot water and air conditioning, with breakfast NOT INCLUDED

Estimated travel dates

Please choose the date range when you are ready to start the trip.

  • If you are able to travel in multiple date ranges, please make separate requests for different dates. IMPORTANT to mention real dates when you will be free, otherwise it will cause other people to cancel their arrangements.
    At Example:
    10/04/2017 - 11/04/2017 — Your first convenient date range to start the tour.
    15/04/2017 - 20/04/2017 — Your second convenient date range to start the tour. Needs to be done separately from the first one.
  • If you have just one day available - please mention starting and ending of the tour on the same date.
    12/04/2017 - 12/04/2017 — Here, you chose only one day when you are ready to go to the tour.

Every single one of your requests is entered in our database together with other requests from people all over the world. We constantly keep our system up to date, keep track on all active requests and notify you on any potential tours in advance. Please note that you have a much greater chance to find travel partners when placing a request well in advance. In case if you refuse to travel on specified dates - your order will be terminated, however you can always make a new request. We do not encourage to make date requests on Arrival/Departure dates as it imposes a high risk on timing.

After all potential tour participants confirm their intent to participate in a tour - we send payment instructions.​

Start place

Your location during mentioned date range.

Finish place

Finish of the tour location is always the same as a Start of the tour. Only specific date requests (one day tours) are eligible for a different finish place.

Amount of passengers

How many people are going to participate in the tour. (qty of entrance tickets). Children of any age including toddlers are considered a passenger.

Payment methods