Rawana Falls

Rawana Falls

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The Ravana Falls (popularly known as Ravana Ella in Sinhala) is a popular sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka. It currently ranks as one of the widest falls in the country. This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in high and cascade from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the local wet season, the waterfall turns into what is said to resemble an areca flower with withering petals. But this is not the case in the dry season, where the flow of water reduces dramatically. The falls form part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, and is located 2 km (1 mi) away from the local railway station.

The falls have been named after the legendary hindu character Ravana, which is connected to the famous Indian epic, the Ramayana. According to legend, it is said that Ravana (who was the king of Sri Lanka at the time) had kidnapped princess Sita, and had hidden her in the caves behind this waterfall, now simply known as the Ravana Ella Cave. At the time, the cave was surrounded with thick forests in the midst of wilderness. It is also believed that Rama’s queen bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from this waterfall.

The famous Ravana Ella Cave lies 1,370 m (4,490 ft) above sea level on the foundation of a cliff. The cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, located 11 km (7 mi) away from Bandarawela.


Recommended review time for sightseeing: 30 m

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Tourist reviews about Rawana Falls

Helen W [TA], , Branxton, Australia

The falls are worth seeing and we particularly liked watching all the local kids playing in the water. Be aware of touts trying to sell rocks!!!! They can be very pushy. There are quit a lot of monkeys around as well and are a constant source of amusement.

Worth it
Chanelwoo... [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The waterfall is just nice and is near to the road. And can eaily take photos when you get of the bus.

Another great creation of mother nature
Danushka... [TA], ,

Waterfall is just next to the Ella - Wellawaya main road. Breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. It comes with lots of legendary stories related to King Ravana. Very dangerous to bath in the waterfall.

A trickle now but wait for the monsoon
AndreaHav... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

A beautiful fall with the road crossing it. Even when water levels are low it's worth a look as the rocks are lovely.

On our way
John A [TA], , Doha, Qatar

Stayed in Ella town and took a bus to this place. One way bus ticket Rs 27 and takes about 25-30 minutes to reach. Buses are generally crowded but it was a good experience.
Named after myth Ravana - villain of the story Ramayana. Lovely dip, back massage by water fall and eat a salted boiled corn.

Nice view
chameecdn [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Beautiful waterfall and the view. There is a place to bath. But be careful when bathing. The place is not very good place to bath.

Sunnyside... [TA], , Ella

Beautiful natural waterfall, can be seen from a distance either from Ella side or coming up from Wellawaya. Great place for admiring the beauty of creation.

Beautiful falls
mgprabhu [TA], , Mangalore, India

The falls is picturesque. Also you can play in the water. Spent a good time here after the hike to Ravana caves. Even if you dont like to take a dip in the water, its a good place to stop and take a photo.

Beware of the monkeys, though !

Short stop, nice waterfall by the road!
AdamCW92 [TA], , Horsham, United Kingdom

Not too much to say about this place really. On the road from Ella in the mountains southwards towards the coast, around 20 minutes outside Ella you come across a this waterfall. Not too many people around it when we passed. Loads of Brown Macaques running around the fall was nice to see although one eating a plastic bag reminded me of how destructive we are!

Theres a slight drought at the moment so it wasn't overly picturesque but i enjoyed climbing over the rocks and getting up close to the monkeys.

Wouldn't take time out of my day in Ella to specifically see this as there are much better walks around Ella but definitely worth a stop if your heading south.

15 minute stop to stretch your legs
cultergol... [TA], , Scotland

Took a trip down the hill from Ella to view this site. As waterfalls go, I'm not sure what everyone gets excited about. They are mentioned in all the tour guides, so I guess that's why they get visited. Lots of touts trying to sell you stones and stuff.

Beauty of Nature
Joe P [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

One could view this gorgeous waterfall at the bottom, when travelling on the Ella-Wellawaya Road,
in Srilanka.The pure crystal like water gushing down the mountain side is a spectacular site.The best time to view it is during the rainy season.Not advisable to bathe.

history lived out
Jaydeep S [TA], , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This place is a pretty good side stop. For Hindus across the world however, it is like living through the great legends.
One can even splash about in the falls and the local street stall offers trinkets, souvenirs and even snacks.
The water itself is clean, though the surrounding is litered with plastic wrappers and the like.

On way to this place, you will pass through some spectacular views.

PoidaK [TA], , Brisbane, Australia

We saw the falls from the bottom and the top.

The bottom view is about 6 km out of town on the road south (towards Tissa) - so, if you're heading that way have your driver stop for a picture. Otherwise, tuk tuks can take you there for a visit.

We also walked along the train tracks to a spot that overlooks the falls. That's a nice way to spend an hour or two.

nice view on the road side
Nichell3 [TA], , Bali, Indonesia

i thought i have to walk a bit to find this Ravana Falls in the middle of misty forest. it is just on the road side ... the falls itself is nice though ... a bit turn down that we could not feel the freshness of the water

Ravana Ella Falls
MumbaiRid... [TA], , Mumbai

A beautiful gushing waterfalls. A person can have a bathe in the clean gushing waters of this waterfall.Its a bit far from Ella town and requires private vehicle transport.

Spectacular views
Bigbrudda [TA], , Manchester

Incredible view of this waterfall. We visited the day after a torrential rainstorm meaning the water was even faster. Beware of the hawkers asking for English coins for there 'children' and selling gem stones which are not local as you would think.

Ejidy [TA], , Hobart, Australia

The falls were spectacular when we visited in November after heavy rains. It's a shame about the litter left lying around by the locals though.

one of most beautiful water fall in sri lanka
Uditha W [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

one of best waterfall in sri lanka,but if you plan to have a bath be careful because it is water level changes suddenly.just feel the attraction.that is better.

Good walk
Helen R [TA], , Sitrah, Bahrain

We walk down to the waterfalls .its 6 kms.
Nice walking. And the fall was not so rich due to dry season. many locals there. can catch the bus back.

Fantastic falls!
bigmeads2... [TA], , Sheffield

Make sure you visit this falls on your visit to Ella. Jump in a tuk tuk or get your driver to take you their. This is a popular site with both tourists and locals. Take spare clothes so you can dive in!

Get to the top!
Julie P [TA], , Aylesbury, United Kingdom

A lovely place, make sure you get someone to take you up to the secret swimming hole at the top though as it's quiet and peaceful and not full of locals washing themselves and their clothes!

I love the tea shop up the hill
sherodean... [TA], , London

It's all a bit touristy, but if you go out of season, it's just lovely. I have a fantasy of one day buying that tea shop up the hill and selling home-made Victoria sponges.

Beautiful waterfall can be seen from the main road.
Tharaka A [TA], , Muscat, Masqat, Oman

The Ravana Ella falls is a quite beauty which can be easily be seen from the main road. This also can be seen from the peak of the Ella rock when there's no mist.

Nice place to swim
nathaliev... [TA], , Antwerp, Belgium

It's a nice place to spend an afternoon in Ella. The waterfall is very beautiful. During the weekend it's a place where the locals come to wash them. You can walk to the top from the waterfall and swim there. There is a steep road right from the waterfall. It's really worth to go upstairs and see the amazing view!

Nice slice of local life
DavidOg [TA], , Bangkok, Thailand

Teh falls themselves are pleasant enough, but it was the local culture surrounding it that was more interesting. Mid to late afternoon is probably the best time to visit.

Fabulous place to swim in a waterfall
Malby [TA], , UK

Lovely safe shallow pool at the bottom of a waterfall.


Worth a visit
Abdurrahm... [TA], , Kabul, Kabol, Afghanistan

The place worth an hour or two if you want to swim 100 meters high from the ground in natural water pool.

Lovely waterfall in a hillcountry of Sri Lanka
vika_h121... [TA], , Kharkiv, Ukraine

On the road from Tissamaharama to Haputale we made a short stop near the Ravana Waterfalls. An interesting place with a fairly high waterfall. As there were not many tourists present, we were able to climb over the rocks easily and made some good pictures. A beautiful view of the mountains can be seen from the bridge opposite the falls. We saw how the locals used a smaller part of the falls for a shower and brush their teeth. Other residents near the waterfall sell all kinds of gifts and souveniers, but you do not have to buy. The main thing is not to offend people who offer their wares.

Lovely waterfall
missy88sy... [TA], , Sydney

During rain the water really belts down. It is an amazing sight. Don't be afraid of the quartz sellers, just offer a small amount of money and help them out, they are very poor and 100 rupees means a lot to them. Don't be rude.... Just buy the quartz and out it in your pocket for luck. The falls are a great stop and make for a good photo

mikekwd [TA], , Lisburn, United Kingdom

Go on a weekday, locals fill the place on weekends. Very pretty falls

not in weekends
Alina_Mts [TA], , cyprus

Its beautiful too. many people during the weekends. difficult to swim during weekends.

swim with many locals
fatima P [TA], , Sylt, Germany

Its beautiful
kids had nice swim but wuth many locals.

Nice place for a picnik
Gondolier [TA], , Winsford, United Kingdom

Walk to the falls along the railway lien then enjoy a picnik whilst danglng your feet in the water.

Even good for swimming
Sabeena D [TA], , singapore

we had a nice walk down to the water fall and had a nice time there.
when we come back we came by bus.

Lovely Swim
jlostatha... [TA], , Brighton UK

Fabulous - water was cold though. It's a good idea to wear more modest clothes if you go in on a Saturday or Sunday.

nothing special
Alfie88 [TA], , Hong Kong

just as the title says. the waterfalls are nothing special and are crowded with monkeys

xixili [TA], , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

beautiful sight but could not go down to the falls as i had sprained my ankle. please take extra clothes as noted alot of people down at the pool.

Great waterfall
Travller1... [TA], , London, United Kingdom

Quite a big drop, lovely to see. Well worth visiting the caves at the same time about 2 miles away. Long walk and steep steps.

Ewingston [TA], , Humbie,Scotland

Despite being the dry season, the falls are still amazing

Great for photo opportunities
joroma80 [TA], , Surrey, England

Be sure to enjoy the facing view too, the falls are set opposite some magnificent scenery.

Amazingly Beautiful but seems to be a bit dried out
Christoph... [TA], , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's an amazing Falls but as it was the dry season (Lack of rain) the falls seems to have dried out a little. It’s in a beautiful location with beautiful surroundings. I do believe it’s worth a stopover for about half hour and enjoy the scenic beauty.

nice..... but dangeras
sithara w [TA], , Elba Island, Italy

i am going in tuk tuk. good price and i will enjoy it"s

Worth the death defying descent
adamnewto... [TA], , The Hague, The Netherlands

Walk along the railway from Ella station heading north until you reach a bridge that looks like it won't take your weight, let alone a train.

Thenn look for a local to point (or ideally guide) you the right way down the the falls.

Baby monkies play in the water and for the adventurous you can just about reach pools to cool off in the waters tumbling over the rocks 50m above.

Beautiful natural waterfall
Angie2009... [TA], , London

Lots of beggars that pestered us throughout giving us some sort of crystal as soon as we got off the vehicle and asking for money in return.

Nice Waterfall
TharinduG [TA], , Birmingham

Its just 8Km from Ella town, you can take a bus( to Vallawaya Rs.19) to Ravana Falls from Ella.

a nice walking trip
hadas1 [TA], , tel aviv

it was really nice walking although we had a rainy day.
we met nice local people on the way and it was pleasure.

One of the famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka
TravelerR... [TA], , Colombo, Sri Lanka

You can get a very good view of this water fall on your way to Ella ,the view is spectacular from the road and when you go near the water fall ,lot of people bath here for fun ,but It’s not recommend since the place where you have to go to bath is very slippery and it could be dangerous . Don’t forget to see the famous caves also in Ella town, have to walk some distance by foot and the foot path is not that good, but it’s worth it.

Nice Place on the way to Ella
Moshe47 [TA], , Israel

On the way to Ella we stopped at the Ravana falls. Don't stop at the bottom on the first fall. Go up 10 min/ and you'll get to the beautifull fall and pool, there you can swimm and enjoy the water and a massage from the falls.
It's not hard, and you can also take a local guide to help you for a few ruppies.

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