Beach land in Narigama, Hikkaduwa.
Location: Hikkaduwa, Galle
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Beach land in Narigama. About 3km from Hikkaduwa, 400meters to popular surf point. Flat land with old house and coconut trees. Great beach. Has water and eletricity. This is the last price of the owner. Located between Gall road and beach side.

Land square, m2
1265.0 m2 (50.0 perches 2)
Distance to the beach, m
Distance to the shop, m
Distaince to the airport, km
Distance to the bus stop, km
Distance to the train, km
  • Regular tourist complaints
  • Cheating tourists
  • Failure to comply with the conditions promised to stay
  • Resale of reserved rooms at a higher price
Payment methods