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Land Selling Rules

There is two kind of Lands in Sri Lanka. divided and undivided. Undivided land can be presented only by Sri Lanka citizens. Not everybody know this rules and as a result some local cheaters sell this land to foreigners. The problem is simple - you can't build on this land, and it means that you simply waste your money. Divided land can be bought by any foreigner without any problems. On our web site we also publish this information. Of course there is som situation when you can also buy an undivided land, but in most cases we did not recommended to do that.

If a foreigner buy a land here in Sri lanka, he must pay a 100% tax. But there is still exist some kind of official backdoors how to avoid this huge tax. The most popular is simply to share a land with a locals. Anyway, we will always recommend you the best way to save your money.

Real Estate in Sri lanka