To buy a house in Sri-Lanka and to feel oneself on the island «as at home» -what could be felt better? If you are ready for buying – the announcements in this section are at your disposal, in case you are more interested in house rental in Sri-Lanka – here you will be able to look about the offers.  Rent a house in Sri Lanka.
  Most often island buildings are thin-walled. This is quite reasonable: the annual average air temperature on the island is close to 25ºС, that is why such house practically do not need heating.
  Local legislation does not limit the rights of foreigners – everyone can buy a house in Sri-Lanka. In southern provinces houses cost more expensive, what is justified by better infrastructure, but northern areas are populated less, so there is much easier to find a house standing in untouched environment.
  As a rule all houses on sale have electricity and water supply systems. Optionally a house on sale may be equipped with conditioners and internet access systems. Cost of house is affected essentially by the distance to the airports and big “centres of civilization”, as well as by the distance to the ocean coast (the closer a house is to the ocean, the more expensive it is). Renting a house in Sri-Lanka is not a problem – everything happens practically “from hand to hand”. To avoid different kind of misunderstanding you need to clarify if cost of electricity and other facilities is included into rent.
  This section features comprehensive information about houses for rent, with such details as the distance to the beach and the number of bath-rooms. You just need to press the caption “View” at the picture of the house to view the detailed information”...   read more