A guest-house is practically «a house for guests» or mini-hotel. Most commonly, guest-houses offer only accommodation, i.e. bed-night, all the rest is in hands of a guest.
  Guest-houses in Sri-Lanka have their specifics – often price of accommodation includes catering, security and even transfer services. Naturally all this affects cost of accommodation: if you mean to stay on the island for one-two weeks, then guest-house is an excellent option, but if you wish to stay longer, then you need to think about renting a house.
  Guest-house does not necessarily mean variety of rooms; there are guest-houses looking like stand-alone bungalows, or rooms with separate entrance. Cost of accommodation, daily, depends on conveniences installed: hot water, air-conditioning and so on, as well as on the distance from a guest-house to the beach and the city centre. Cost may vary depending on these parameters.
  If you would like to save up, then choose a guest-house of the lowest price category. But take it easy if you do not find any conveniences, except a bed with mosquito net. If you appreciate comfort, you would be interested more in the guest-houses of middle and higher price categories, where you will be able not merely live, but order meals also, right into your room, use excursion services and etc. By the way, after settling down in guest-houses it is most advisable to look around first, not to snatch first sightseeing tours offered to you: very often the cost of excursions offered at guest-houses is next-higher order, than in travel agencies.
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from 20 $/night
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